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In just 10 days, the radical left will attempt to overthrow the U.S. government… Here’s why they will fail

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 11:32
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by: Mike Adams



(NaturalNews) According to multiple sources that have reached out to me — including an individual who has infiltrated left-wing “revolutionary” groups in California — the radical left has convinced itself it has a significant chance of pulling off some variation of an uprising / occupy / revolution / coup operation on Inauguration Day (January 20).

It’s supposed to start as “protests,” then morph into “riots,” then crescendo in a kind of “mad rush” to occupy federal buildings and then somehow declare some left-wing commie nut job to be the “legitimate” President of the United States. Another source told me during a recent interview that some elements of the radical left are even planning on setting off bombs to maximize chaos, occupy emergency responders and even send some federal officers home in body bags. (Weather Underground style, get it?)

Mentally ill leftists — a term that now seems increasingly redundant — are even fantasizing over an Inauguration Day “purge” inspired by the low-budget Hollywood film The Purge. The film proposes that for one day a year, every act is legal and can be carried out without consequence, including murder, rape, looting, arson and assault. A recent installment of the film series called The Purge: Election Day is serving as a template for violent leftards who are so detached from reality, they actually believe January 20 is a “Purge” day where a person can commit any violence they want.

I’m here to tell you that, in my analysis, they are going to fail miserably. It doesn’t mean they won’t harm or even kill some people along the way, but they won’t succeed in overthrowing the government or stopping the swearing in of President Trump. Why? Because there will be roughly 10,000 total “troops” on the scene that day, encompassing roughly 1,000 U.S. Marines, 5,000 National Guard troops, 3,000 federal officers and at least 1,000+ D.C. police officers. (My estimate of 10,000 is quite conservative. Realistically, it’s probably more like 15,000 in all, including thousands of undercover agents from various law enforcement departments and agencies, both state and federal, including the FBI, US Secret Service, Treasury Dept., DHS, etc.)

Communist uprisings don’t work when the rest of the citizenry is armed

The massive mistake the deranged left is making in all this is failing to remember that in nearly every successful communist uprising in the history of the world, the communists had most of the guns. But America’s radical leftist are afraid of guns. And the real firepower, it turns out, is in the hands of the military, the feds, the police officers and all the millions of pro-Second Amendment citizens who are ready and willing to do their part to defend the Republic if necessary.

To explain all this — including the hilarity of the deranged left — I’ve recorded a 40 minute podcast that covers my full analysis, what my sources have told me is going to happen, why the uprising will fail and why I believe 1,000 U.S. Marines all on their own could easily defeat 100,000 zombie leftards bull rushing the Capitol building.

This podcast is a bit tongue-in-cheek because I can’t stop laughing at the mental derangement and psychological fragility of the left, so don’t take every word of this podcast seriously. But it does give you my overall take on why I think January 20, 2017 will be a day of defeat for the desperate, deranged left.

Click here for the full podcast at Health Ranger Report.

Or listen here:

Or watch the YouTube video here:

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  • mitch51

    Dear Brother Hoggs,

    Thank you for this information. Now we know there is absolutly no chance at all of this happening. It makes planning and prepping a little easier.

  • I think the OP is missing a very important point about the revolution being planned. We may be well armed, but if they blanket the country with gun free zone signs……egads, they’ve bested us. :lol:

  • Dave is it not true that the Almighty does not want any such thing to succeed. HE has HIS own timing this is it, the Old World Order is not going to achieve their goals now. The New World Order will achieve their goals later. Dave what should you do to prepare for that day in the near future when the bad guys do succeed.

  • one more thing I believe Trump is divinely inspired and protected

  • I think the left will try to cause some kind of “disruption”. How big or small, for that matter, remains to be seen. Rush explained that the left cannot accept “our” reality. They do not think it is real.

    That is why they came up with the Russian “prostitute” story that they think HAS TO BE TRUE about the Donald. To their mind it just HAS TO BE TRUE!!! Even though they made it up with queues in nicely with Rush’s analysis of the left thinking.

    But here is two scenarios I think the left will try and it will only be for disruption. God forbid they should try to shoot the Donald .

    They will either cause several maniacs or maybe even dozens to go “wild” (lots of noise and commotion) or they will BLOW UP something. :cool:

  • Has anyone seen London is fallen ? An official died . The nations of tge works showed up to remember his death . A bomb is set under a car to signal the start of the over throw . Suddenly armed policemen and guards within the units standing guard began shotting everyone . The police and guards did not know who was on how’s side . I felt the concussion myself . Obama has done a evil job of infiltrating Muslims into our guards , police and even our nuke button pushers . It ended up really who could you trust . This goes back to their Koran . It tills them to lie and do what ever is nessesary to deceive the infidel ( you) . Then it tells them once you have gain their trust kill the infidel ( you ) . Nastradomus even agrees with you , but their is a fight first to destroy the opposing factions . Durning the time we are fighting here Europe will also be under attack . Once we win , after awhile he says we will gather and go help our kin in Europe and force the muslims back towards the middle east . They will finally meet their destruction . We must be careful not to underestimate these guys . They ( NWO ) has been planning this war since 1871 when they began the shadow government in America . Then they stole the gold and changed our money to paper , now they are going with marks in the computer . This system can easily be wiped out with a push of a button . Then China has put their chips into everything we have , so with a push of a button all chip running devises can be shut off like cars , planes , computers , cell phones , defense systems , power grids , home devices and the list goes on . You said 15,000 possible troops , police and guards to guard Trump on that day . Well in May 2012 Obama ordered 15,000 special force Russian troops into America with Treasonist executive orders to guard him should the America people rise up against him . And these troops are in region 3 . Region 3 of America is states that surround DC . Our people don’t know much of this . So they could be dressed as civilians and could begin the same thing as London has fallen . Or even be apart of the guard or police . We live in perilous times . Here again GODs children need to pray with strong prayers for Trumps and their protection against this evil Satan or adversary . I saw myself a Russian nuke bomber in South Carolina 3 years ago . The news confirmed it that night . Obama said we were doing it as a friendly jester . Well upon returning the next year Russian were all over Myrtle Beach . This passed year they were in restraint , stores and hotel , motels . Even making a trip to Gattlinburg Tenn , Just before the fire I saw Russians in places of businesses there . It was said that these nuke bombers were landing in our closed army bases that our nut in our White house had closed . And that they were bringing in troops and nukes to plant in certain cities . These russian were in plain clothes . Their accents gave them away . I even ask several of them where they were from , they said Russia . And when ready these nukes could be set to go off at the same time . Talk about mass histeryia . The cargo containers tgey say have had nukes planted in them . Then we have the UN troops and then the Isis troops that the nut has brought into America under refugee status . We have the drug cartels brought in by the Bushes and the Clintons . Then the gangs that they have allowed to happen and given them more rights to than the law abiding tax paying citizens , who now are running cities like wild idiots . Please don’t underestimate these evil factions . It’s going to take GODs intervention if they start up their evil . Because they have had a century and a half to plan their evils and we only days to try and figure out what they have set up to come against us . I hope the factions on our side are ready for their fight . If so we can make it short lived . If not , it will be long and hard battle ! Evil must be destroyed !

    • Got any pictures? Cameras are cheap now and in every Smartphone.

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