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9/11: Why I Am Committed to the Truth -Captain Dave Bertrand (Ret.)

Sunday, September 11, 2016 9:48
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By Captain Dave Bertrand (Ret.)

September 10th, 2016

When we think about 9/11 and what happened 15 years ago, the reality of what America has become outweighs what we felt on the day it happened.
I was off that day and saw the second jetliner, a United 767 strike the WTC on LIVE TV from my home in Tennessee. My very first thought about the first jet hitting the building was that a very stupid pilot made a terrible mistake by taking passengers on a low level view of Manhattan, but how was that approved? I knew of special requests to fly a lower altitude over the Grand Canyon, but that practice ended years before 9/11.
Then came the second jet, slamming into the building with a fiery explosion….my next thought was, “holy crap! What in the world is going-on, another stupid pilot?”
I guess I was in a mild shock and began making phone calls when the media quickly determined the United States was under attack. Little did I know, it was our own government committing a terrorist attack. 
Just hours later, the media began showing the 19 hijacker’s pictures and I did not even begin to doubt how rapidly and efficient the government was by identifying the terrorists. Note: Nearly half of the 19 are still living.
Then the most outrageous began to happen as each building began to collapse, and I knew America was not going to be the same again. 
As I watched MSNBC that afternoon, the reporter casually indicated a third building had collapsed “due to office fires and debris” falling on WTC 7 from the two collapsed towers. A 47 story building that housed FEMA and a branch of the CIA, fell at “free fall speed” into it’s own footprint in less than 7 seconds, characteristic of a controlled demolition.
Again….I was believing media that al Qaida had launched a successful attack on America…but why was there a full blown military exercise happening that morning with the scenario of hijacked airliners flying into buildings, causing most of the military jet fighters to be concentrated near the Canadian border, while at the same time four airliners were supposedly hijacked and to add to the confusion for the FAA….several computer generated radar targets of hijacked airliners were on their screens. Air traffic controllers had trouble believing calls from NORAD that certain airliners were in-fact hijacked….or were they?
Like millions of Americans that pulled-out their American flags and dusted them off to show unity, many of us got involved as patriots. I volunteered to become a counter-terrorism instructor, trained by Homeland Security…I trained commercial drivers and various First Responders and law enforcement about the newest threat to America and how to interact with suspicious activities by terrorists.. 
A few years later, I began hearing different information about what happened that dreadful day that killed over 3,000 people. 
I saw videos that showed the first two towers hit by jets, showing “squibs” emitting from each floor as the upper floor fell upon the next one. The “squibs” were explained by professional architect and engineers of being timed explosions, but the “official” story maintains those squibs are just visible pressure from the descending floor above….the “pancake theory.”
But what was it that caused me to say…”hey wait a minute, something doesn’t smell right.”
The third building (WTC 7) not hit by a plane, was reported by a LIVE BBC crew that “building number 7 has collapsed” but directly behind the reporter showed WTC 7 still standing at 5pm EDT. Twenty minutes later…the building in-fact fell.
In various videos that surfaced after 9/11, there is unedited footage showing fire fighters running from WTC 7 and yelling at people to “get back…the building is coming down.” In another scene, a count-down can be heard on someone’s radio. Fire fighters interviewed later said they could hear explosions before the collapse.
Other witnesses that lived through WTC 1 & 2 buildings collapsing reported explosions heard before the jets hit the buildings. Explosions in the basement, causing large glass windows on the main floor to blow-out ! Media was told to not interview those people….
But what makes demolition as the main reason for the two buildings coming down is the third building, WTC 7 that was NOT hit by a jet.
Note: There were periods of time, weeks before 9/11, when maintenance types worked on each floor, supposedly repairing elevators. The offices were empty during certain periods and guess who was in-charge of WTC security, including security at Boston Logan Airport and Dulles from which the hijacked planes departed? Marvin Bush, a cousin of the Bush family. His contract ended on 9/11. (Is that “inside” enough for you?)
The new lease of WTC 7, Mr. Silverstein, is seen in a video, talking to someone on the phone, stating the need to “pull it”, a demolition term. 
Larry Silverstein a few weeks earlier had taken-out a very expensive insurance policy for a “terrorist act,” of which his $100,000 plus premium investment netted him approximately $1.6 Billion dollars. 
Note: Silverstein was under pressure to have all the asbestos removed from the towers and requested demolition as the solution, but was denied by the NY Port Authority months earlier. How convenient to have them demolition by corrupt treasonous bastards. Today, most of the First Responders are either dead or dying from breathing the dust. (Most every single family member attending the memorial services know the true story behind 9/11, and last year…they were not permitted in the zone, but had a special service).
It was also strange that “pull options” on both United and American stocks, the day before, was evident that insider information about something was about to happen caused a run-on selling stocks.
That same afternoon on 9/11, as I watched intently, other events taking place felt threatening. All air traffic being grounded, a 757 slams into the Pentagon and United 93 shot down, but reported as plowing nose first into the ground and disappearing into a hole, but what I saw on TV was a news helicopter showing an approximate 8 mile long debris area and witnesses reporting a small grey jet pursuing the jetliner. That video was never seen again…
Once I began to see oddities in the “official” story, I kept an open mind, but also talked with fellow airline pilots, and acquired more investigative videos. Myself and a couple other pilots, set-up a DC-8 jet simulator (visual display) to see if we could strike the tallest Miami building at full speed. The best we could do is swipe the building with the wing, since hydraulic controls on all jets, can cause a rocking motion as the pilot attempts to line-up with what appears to be a tooth pick in the distance. There is conceivably not one airline pilot that believes the “official” 9/11 story, but none working still, will reveal that ! 
Two prominent websites emerged and continue to detail investigative work by many professionals. Architect and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Pilots For 9/11 Truth dominate the 9/11 conspiracy websites. Others are self proclaimed as their evidence, of which the dis-information campaign is extremely important to this day. To divide the citizen investigators with strange and unusual oddities, to create in-fighting, is the government’s last hope to keep the “official” narrative on everyone’s mind. 
Today….there are conflicting investigative sources with very professional backgrounds submitting their version of how the buildings came down. 
Everything from nano-thermite, directed energy weapons, and small nuclear devices that can be loaded in a rifle, but can be placed in strategic positions through-out the building and ignited. The “official” story still remains bogus that jet fuel burning caused the metal beams to weaken. Jet A-1 fuel is 1500 to 1800F degrees when burning. The metal beams require over 2,000 plus degrees to bend.  
Then we have the theory that both planes that hit the towers were re-painted (leased) 757 and 767 jets with American and United colors, remotely controlled by the white 747 military jet flying in circles above New York, seen by many.
The other theory that has the backing of some very intelligent scientists and physicists is the hologram theory.
Without going into detail on both these theories, the overwhelming evidence of supposed cellphone calls from high altitudes (impossible in 2001), loved ones reporting they have been hijacked, to Olson’s assertion that his (CNN) wife called him from AA77, that supposedly hit the pentagon, has proven to be false on all counts. Mr. Olson later recanted his statement after it was discovered, the call did not come from the skyphone on AA77 as alleged, because American did not have shyphones on their 757′s. 
One particular call from a wife onboard one of the jets, tells her husband about a scene she is watching on her flight, (in an obvious scripted manner), no background noise of being in a jet, and at the very end…she whispers to her husband, “this is a frame-up.” And of course, that piece of evidence will NOT be discussed Sunday by mainstream media. 
No doubt, all the passengers on all flights are dead…but NOT from crashing into buildings. Where they were gassed in mass is the missing link. None have been identified in any wreckage.
I am convinced a hundred times over….9/11 was a very elaborate “inside job” that has changed the course of history.
We know beyond a doubt that thermite was a source of the collapse, but what is not clear…what was the ignition source, if not a small nuclear device? Several vehicles parked 3 to 4 blocks away from “ground zero” had burned-out engines and tires, but the rest of the vehicle untouched. Some say…radiation caused that, others say energy weapons.
The second jetliner, a United 767 is pictured from below (just before hitting the building) with a long radome extended between the fuselage and right wing. Often seen on military aircraft, the radome is evident of remote control systems. There is also speculation from viewing in slow motion, explosives on that 767, a fraction of a second before hitting the building…a flash can be seen.
Note: Months before 9/11, a major lease of 767 jetliners by a remote systems company (Pensacola FL) were testing their drone operations with large airliners. One of the board directors on the Pensacola company just happened to be the finance accounting man at the Pentagon that lost the $2.3 Trillion dollars. 
Note: Back in the 70′s, the FAA remotely flew a B-720 jet and purposely crashed it for fire training.
Holograms?? I know the technology is out there and is also used as deception for certain UFO sightings created by the U.S. government. (See Project Blue Beam).
I doubt the hologram theory because, why create a hologram of a 767 with a drone/remote radome under the right wing? The French video shows the 767 and is clearly heard. I knew John Lear and his assertion that there were no planes that hit the towers, is unworthy of his reputation as the most highly rated pilot in the world with ratings on hundreds of aircraft. I might be wrong, but prefer to concentrate on how we as a society, bring to justice the treasonous perpetrators of 9/11. (There is a plan to get the ICC World Court involved).
One powerful assertion by a recent scholar/physicist on the Joyce Riley Show, states that all aircraft involved were never airborne on 9/11. That I reject, since many of the passengers made phone calls, likely from a remote hangar, but they definitely boarded those flights. What and where those flights ended-up is still a mystery, but I would venture to say, out-of-the-country, or to a remote military base.
I saw the FAA transcript for AA77 that left Dulles Airport westbound from Washington. After I talked about it on a radio show (RBN), the portion of that transcript was promptly removed from the website posting by “Pilots For 9/11 Truth.” Following that…I got a military visit for 3 days straight, as many others did between 2001 and about 2007, plus my website “Traffic Alert USA” was shutdown without my authority.
From the FAA transcript, at approximately 0840:16 local time, the air traffic controller asked AA77 to change his transponder squawk code to a new code of “3743.” At 0856 the radar target code stopped. That is when the actual AA77 dropped-off radar and supposedly turned-around, not seen on radar…headed towards the Pentagon, according to the “official” story.
Note: The reason for the transponder code change request is usually because there is another aircraft in the ATC system with the same code. Do you see the connection with a drone 757 airborne at the same time, or a bogus computer generated target?
A 757 with American colors, possibly the actual flight….went into a shallow dive towards the Pentagon side where all the records were kept for the missing $2.3 Trillion Dollars reported by Rumsfeld the day before on 9/10.
The 757 at top speed at a low level CANNOT do what was told to us, because of “ground effect”…but what actually happened and reported, the 757 flew very low, but did not strike the building….over flew the Pentagon and did an incredible maneuver back towards the west. Dis-association from the jetliner observed and then the explosion. VP Dick Cheney watched from the bunker in real time, knowing that AA77 was within range for being shot-down by Pentagon missiles on the roof, but refused to give the shoot-down order, but had no problem ordering the shoot-down of UA93 at Shanksville.
The FBI confiscated every single security VHS tape from nearby businesses near the Pentagon and did not release any of them, because we would see the missile, of which there is one frame given to us showing a white blurred object, compared to a 757 as much smaller in comparison. 
What is likely, a missile was fired from a Global Predator Drone (latest theory) struck the building, creating the obvious damage seen on the outside. A 16 foot wide hole that consumed a 757 jetliner with no trace? 
Absolutely no evidence found of two titanium metal jet engines laying on either side of the 16 foot hole, or anything else resembling an airliner, except the small parts of metal with American Airline colors, placed in the lawn immediately after (or before) the attack. One source believes, the pieces came from the American 757 that crashed in Cali Colombia, BECAUSE a piece of vine found on or near the wreckage piece is not found in North America, but grows in Colombia.
Note: Also found in the lawn of the Pentagon was a turbine jet engine (JT-8) used on small military jets and was reported to be that of the 757. Boeing officials reported to private investigators that no JT-8 is part of the 757, including the APU auxiliary unit in the tail section of the 757.
We have been bamboozled into thinking that America was attacked by orders from Osama bin Laden in a cave.
That fairy tale is told over and over again and we will hear it this entire weekend.
Regardless if certain media types understand the truth that Mossad, CIA, and Saudi Arabia…together with a handful of murderers in high positions, committed a terrific act of treason on the American people, if not the world…they will continue to carry the bogus narrative of what they want most Americans (and the world) to believe.
The Bush Administration (somehow) found themselves caught-up in an elaborate plan to justify taking down 7 Middle Eastern countries, while at the same time…slamming us with the “Patriot Act” and the revision of the “National Defense Authorization Act” (NDAA). 
Both have language that can eventually lock-up dissenters and political opponents. Obama has already used NDAA to drone kill U.S. citizens overseas. Political dissenters that oppose the land grab in the west were arrested and jailed without bond, another murdered by the FBI, an NDAA action brought to us by 9/11.
The top players committing treason and murder were George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and General Myers. Compartmentalization was carefully executed at all levels.
Just before 9/11, a handful of conspirators attempted to stifle the FBI from what they were seeing on their scope, months before 9/11, and today, several whistle blowers are dead. 
Pilot training for Atta and a couple others were conducted mostly at a bogus CIA facility at Marana Airport near Tucson. Their very limited flight experience and training was far from their ability to successfully drive a 767 or 757 precisely into the WTC towers without a guidance system, but possibly were involved with the actual flights with passengers (that did not hit the buildings), posing themselves as “terrorist actors,” the passengers being told, they themselves were part of an elaborate military training film or something and later murdered. 
Note: It’s very possible, the flight training of the hijackers was a ruse for (our) consumption later, and/or for the FBI…and maybe they had no contact with any of the flights involved on 9/11. At least 6 of the hijackers listed were not even in the U.S. at the time and are very much alive, of whom one is a pilot for Saudi Airlines. The ONLY video of Atta going through security at an airport, was NOT Logan Airport.
The clean passport of one of the alleged hijackers, found 3 blocks away from the WTC towers, on the sidewalk….is total bullshit. Yes…it was there, but was placed there, and did not fly out of the pocket of the hijacker as he supposedly smashed into the building, turning into dust at the same time. 
The landing gear assembly found years later, between two buildings, still had the rope attached to it for those that lowered the landing gear into position…for (our) consumption.
Those actually flying the planes, could have been CIA or military pilots. The cell phone calls (transcripts and recordings) reveal background sound as nil, plus cell phones had less than a .001% chance of connecting in flight above 3,000 feet.
We noticed after Bush left office, the entire group involved with the 9/11 event, stayed out-of-sight and only recently began to show their faces in hopes of getting Jeb Bush into the presidency, of whom did his part to grab all the flight records at the Sarasota Florida flight training school, hand carry them aboard a C-130 for the flight to Washington….while also assisting his brother (G.W.) to help remove a bin Laden family in Sarasota out of the country.
Then Obama enters the scene and both him and Hillary Clinton decide to use Osama bin Laden as a perfect plan to gather support and “credibility” for the unwise destabilization of the Middle East. George W. Bush was beside himself on that one, according to sources.
From Obama and Hillary’s staged viewing (inside the situation/war room) of the Seal Team Six going-in and killing bin Laden, to an immediate disposal over the side of the aircraft carrier, of his body, without pictures….those same Seal Team Six (36) ended up dead after being crammed in a military Chinook helicopter mysteriously blown-up. Certainly NOT a mode of operation by the Seals when going into a situation. 
Some believe there were several on the team that wanted to come forward and were influencing other Seals that their Osama bin Laden target was actually someone else. One Seal decided to take the credit for being the killer and did the media circus routine. Obviously encouraged by his handlers….and still alive.
Note: A CIA author (in his book) reported that Osama bin Laden was killed in the Tora Bora raid during late 2001. Other reports say, bin Laden could never survive his kidney condition during that time period. Osama bin Laden had been a CIA operative ever since the creation of the mujahedeen / al Qaida terrorist group that fought the Russians in Afghanistan for the CIA.
There are many theories, some very credible, but what is certain….9/11 was an inside job and continues to shape our country and world into what the globalist elites around the world want for their New World Order…world dominance and eugenics.
In the meanwhile….more Americans and others around the world, know that 9/11 was an elaborate scam to start wars in the Middle East and to destroy our liberty and freedoms while keeping selected terrorist groups active. Without them….the flow of money and weapons would diminish. 
The “coalition of countries” is a New World Order pre-requisite for the “Military Industrial Complex” to thrive as the leader of all wars, of which President Eisenhower warned us about. Communist infiltration of the U.S. began decades ago and is the catalyst for a One World Order…the take-down of countries that refuse to participate in and with the globalist world banking scheme(s). Maneuver the population into a socialist means of production, ruled by a communist regime, and then exterminate a majority through wars, disease, famines, and created disasters. (Eugenics)
The NEXT big one, I believe…will be much larger than 9/11 and will allow for the original 9/11 “official” story to revitalize as true and will cause a divide….not only will affect the citizen investigators/professionals from further attempts to re-open the 9/11 investigation, but just might cause bogus legislation to go after anyone that challenges the 15 year old 9/11 fairy tale and the up-coming new 9/11 type event.
There are criminals past, present and future that want to continue the big lie….a club that has no morals, no soul, and no empathy for life. All THEY care about is money and power.
And because WE are correct, WE will NOT see Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfeld address the 9/11 memorial on Sunday.

From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int’l Freight Captain with military and law enforcement background. Director of the Intelligence Support Agency Inc (I.S.A.) during the early 80′s, international aircraft repossession and government contractor. Following 9/11…trained DHS (counter-terrorism instructor), Border Security Specialist. Media Relations Director for MCDC, and Political Activist. 
After 9/11, it became apparent that American freedoms and liberties were under attack and those responsible are still dictating policies while undermining our constitution. My mission is to slice through the propaganda  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources. We are the pulse of America and we can win the battle against tyranny.
Opinions and discussion of today’s hard hitting topics. If you wish to be removed….reply within, or please forward. Email news will still be around after the U.N. censors news websites after October 1st.

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