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Soldier Breaks 44-Year Silence Over Roswell: 500 Military Men Saw the UFOs

Friday, January 8, 2016 16:35
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Most people who follow Ufology are familiar with at least one story that has to do with Edgar Mitchell, the very outspoken former NASA astronaut who was also the Sixth Man to Walk on Moon.

One of the more well known stories about Mr. Mitchell, is that he claims it was aliens who actually stepped in during the Cold War and prevented us from blowing ourselves and the planet to pieces.

A much lesser known story about the former astronaut is how he grew up right around Roswell, New Mexico at the time of the alleged crash. He even knew many of the direct participants, even though he says he never personally saw any other worldly technology or beings. 

The crash occurred just before Mitchell left to go to college, so his understanding of events would not be skewed, perhaps like that of a child. To hear him tell the story, many years after walking on the moon, he would go to Roswell to give speeches.

He’d even run into the descendants of many of the people he knew when he was younger. Of those people, he got confirmation from an Air Force Major, a Navy Admiral, and even the son of an undertaker who provided “coffins for the alien bodies,” and the son of a sheriff who “kept traffic away from the crash site”.

Mr Mitchell also claims the US government found dead and alive aliens on board the crashed craft, but does not know what happened to them. You can listen to an interview with Edgar Mitchell below, but as for the 500 men, is that really so hard to believe?

Virtually anything that crashed during the Cold War likely required a U.S. military response… so someone had to be there… right? 

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Astronaut Edgar Mitchell – Witness Testimony



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John Austin at Humans Are Free Writes:

An ex-soldier has spoken for the first time about what he describes as a mass UFO sighting in the desert near Roswell – the scene of the world’s most famous flying saucer case. 

The witness, who has yet to be named, has reported unidentified flying objects he claims up to 500 other military personal saw in the New Mexico desert.

His report has been made to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world’s officially-recognised body for recording sightings.

The man, who must be at least in his 60s now, broke a 44-year silence over the incident by reporting it to MUFON.

In claims made last week he said the mysterious five hour-long event will haunt him until he dies.

The veteran said in July 1971 he was in the US Army Air Defence Unit, stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, when they were sent on “military manouvres” in the New Mexico desert, west of Roswell.

Roswell has been at the heart of the UFO scene since in July 1947 the military sensationally announced in a press release it had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the desert nearby.

But the following day it retracted the statement, saying it was in fact a damaged US Air Force air balloon.




Witnesses later came forward to say there had been alien bodies within the “crashed craft”, which along with the wreckage were then taken to the mysterious top-secret Area 51 military base in Nevada.

The veteran behind the latest claims said it concerned events 24 years after the Roswell incident.

He said there were 500 personal on the operation in New Mexico when the unit had a nocturnal double UFO encounter.

He said: 

“The first object was spotted coming from the north and stopped. Another object approached from the west. For the next five hours, the objects made erratic moves remaining in a close area.”




He described them as circular, but that it was not possible to tell the size because the altitude was unclear.

He said: 

“At daylight we were ordered to a location in the desert for chow (food). The whole unit was discussing the UFOs. My unit had 500 plus soldiers, we were a vulcan/chaparral air defence unit and were trained to recognise all foreign and domestic air craft flying at that time. The UFOs remained visible until the sun became too bright.”

He did not explain why only now he came forward, but added: 

“This event will remain etched in my mind until I pass. Thanks for allowing me to share this experience.”

It has not been possible to confirm if he was a genuine veteran, but MUFON is investigating the case and has listed it as “unresolved”.

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Soldier Breaks 44-Year Silence Over Roswell 500 Military Men(1)


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  • NONE of those who say they have been on the moon NEVER been there in fact. The Van Allen belt would have killed them a few weeks after receiving a large radiation burden. They have no shame in the face and courage to admit the lie even after old. How long the sheep will continue to be deceived by wolves? :cool:

    • Of the over 7,000 so-called moon landing photos not even one face of an astronaut appears in any photo. There’s a good reason for that. The ‘moon astronauts’ were never in those space suits. Only their name badge is on the suit. The astronauts were always in low earth orbit and actors in the space suits were on a sound stage somewhere. The second greatest hoax in human history. [The number one hoax in human history is the fraud with a fake birth certificate illegally occupying the White House.]

      • Cute theory, hadn’t heard that one. Why not just cut to pre-recorded footage with transparent visors?

    • A commercial pilot with over 55,000 hours experience, Mark, and this is how you write?

      • Well said Mayhem! He reminds me of Mick West of METABUNK. The article is about Roswell & he has immediately changed the topic to fake moon landings……

        The biggest anomaly about Roswell in July 1947, is how in Dec 1947, the govt physicists working at Bell Labs suddenly “invented” the TRANSISTOR !!!! These scientists & their handful of students within the space of 22yrs had made it possible to get to the moon.
        This was the start of the “Technology Revolution” where the Silicon Chip,Micro Processors,Circuit Boards,Fibre Optics & Lasers & Night Vision all suddenly appeared.
        No, I have not read Corso’s books, just followed the whole progression on Wikipedia. A handful of Physicists working at G.E. & Bell Labs etc, invented all these incredible advances within 20yrs. Most receiving “Nobel Prizes” & then setting up companys like Texas Instruments or other Silicon Valley icons.
        How about “Reverse Engineering” & they needed “Physicists” to explain how they actually worked?
        Phil KLASS (UFO Debunker) left G.E. to write about all these advances & coined the term Avionics.

        P.S. If you were a commercial pilot Mark, can you please explain to us all about CIRVIS reports.(UFO sightings midflight). No wonder pilots keep their mouths shut…….

        • Because he also understood the purpose of all these lies, which is not your case. :roll:

          All their masquerades aims to make us believe in aliens from outer space.

  • i THINK they are demons not ufos. I dont think we ever went to the moon, as we cannot get beyond the Van Allen Belt. If you read Genesis it talks bout a dome over the seas and the sky above the firmament which has the sun, moon and stars in it, but the Bible speaks of no other planets. It may be that the Space Program is just a ponzi money scheme to enrich the Illuminati because they know we will never travel out in space to know what our planet really is and I think, it is not what we were taught in school or as described in The Bible. There is a firmament above the earth and a firmament below the earth. Why is it we are forbidden to go wherever we want in The Antartica and only the outer edge of it? I think its because there is something there they do not want us to see and I think that is The Handprint of God. We , our planet, is probably the Center of our Universe, the only Universe, and the stars, sun and moon travel around US!! Do you feel that 1000 mile per hour wind we are supposed to be traveling at to travel around the sun? I dont feel ANYTHING most of the time. I can see the horizon for miles away sometimes and saw the skyline of Denver from 500 miles away in Green Bay Wisconsin when my husband was stationed there. I;m beginning to think almost everything we have been taught about earth is a lie!!

  • I cant edit but there in the Bible it says God put a dome above the sea so the earth could rise, and above the firmament is the sky, which is water.

  • Lets catch one of those suckers and eat it to see if they taste like Chicken! :wink:

  • We get it

  • Weather balloons, dummies, speaking of dummies……

  • Obama’s real name is revealed:

    Google this
    Meet Barry Parks (Son Of Jim T Parks) US President Formerly Known As Barack Obama. KKK Assassinated His Dad (Video)

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