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Ancient Degeneracy I Through IV PizzaGate

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 17:58
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(Before It's News)

[I published a version of this article on this website before, on this account, using the false identity/pen name of George Grigori de Saint Germain. I have returned from deep cover, infiltration, and subversion operations and been under constant attack since originally publishing this. I have even been listed on a news aggregate which is funded by George Soros where I'm being equated with being a official Russian/Kremlin propagandist under the employ of Vladimir Putin. I am now writing as Beowulf Heidenrod [with the username Faust Harlequin]. My new blog can be found here: ]


Jimmy Savile is now the most prolific abuser of children to appear out of the United Kingdom in recent modern history but his true identity and crimes are still yet to be exposed; the so-called exposure of his sick life following his death should be revealed for what it truly is: a massive cover up of monstrous, criminally insane activities with stories of lesser crimes. As horrible as the crimes are that the mainstream media reported on in the aftermath of his passing they pale in comparison to the crimes he actually committed. Jimmy Savile did not just rape hundreds of young children over a period of several decades but he also ritualistically murdered them. If the people of the Islands knew of the full spectrum of psychopathic insanity that their media elite, Monarchy, politicians, and clergy were involved in then there would be an overnight Revolution against the autocracy that would make the BREXIT look like a tea party.

The author of this article intends to risk his life in an attempt to learn the ultimate truth about the sickness that has taken up roost in the City of London. This compilation [I-IV] will merely be an introduction in what will be a long series of journalistic fact-finding endeavors. I am, as I write this, resolved to begin raising the funds necessary to personally travel to the UK in order to try to discover still unknown facts. I will need the help of a resolute and vigilant readership insofar as making sure my articles are shared around the internet and also insofar as being able to help me dig into the truth.

I have researched serial killers since my earliest teenage years. If there is one thing that I understand about them then it is this: they want to be caught. Though I cannot claim to know the full truth of anything as far as it concerns Jimmy Savile what I can tell you about my research into him thus far is that it appears he was part of an entire network of elite, sadistic serial killers. Most likely what we’re looking at is a sex-killer cult among the kingmakers of the world. It seems clear to me that this murder-sex cult includes individuals such as former Prime Minister Ted Heath, many within the BBC, and members of the British royal family as well as the nobility.

I firmly believe that the Savile case is connected to the so-called PizzaGate phenomenon and the Podesta e-mails.

Was Jimmy Savile a “666 ripper”?

Whether he was or not what we do know is this: Jimmy Savile had been having sex with hundreds of corpses for decades while being a regular visit to orphanages, nursing homes, hospitals, and charity events. We know that he stood by his mother’s coffin for five days to have his way with her corpse.

We also know that he was a frequent visitor to the nursery wards of hospitals where he would reportedly rape infants in the company of his sadistic associates.

There are a number of well-known cases and suspects throughout the UK which are known to involve serial murderers and rapists—all who appear to be directly connected to Savile. 

There are a great number of evidences and coincidences which suggest that Jimmy Savile was part of a ripper crew of politically and royally connected sex-murder networks; it appears that one of the main agents in this sex-death cult which Savile was assigned to was no other than “Yorkshire Ripper” perpetrator Peter Sutcliffe who killed at least thirteen victims during the period of 1975-1980. These were occultic murders done very much in the tradition of Britain’s long lineage of ripper-obsessed “satanic” killings.

But are there really hard evidences to suggest that Savile was indeed Sutcliffe’s accomplice in these killings? 

That remains to be discovered.


The reason Jimmy Savile was able to get away with several hundred crimes against children over so many decades is because he was doing it on behalf of the British and international elites. In fact Jimmy Savile seems to have become a media mogul and celebrity only because he was scouted out by the elites as being psychopathic and sadistic enough to be right for the job. The show Jim’ll Fix It seems to have been nothing more than a publicity event to facilitate the transfer of children over to various British autocrats. By doing it in public as a light-hearted family entertainment affair by having children supposedly pen letters about how they wanted to meet government bureaucrats they were able to create enough cognitive dissonance within the public to get away with as much rape and murder as they desired so long as they threw in some charity fundraising which they also put Savile in charge of.

Sheep refuse to believe that there are predators at work in the world and when Crown & Church become your stockades of domestication then you’re not likely to make waves. After all the entire history of the Islands is one of revolutions and intermittent societal collapses. Perhaps it is often better to pull the wool over your own eyes than risk starving when the royals yank away your fish and chips for not playing along with their program. The Savile case makes even the most cursory investigator so sick to his stomach that he wonders if the Union Jack should be replaced with the face of Jimmy Savile—perhaps only an act as sacrilegious as that could transform the sheep into sheepdogs. If the Savile case cannot snap a person out of the hypnosis of the psychopathic transmission then what else can? This is probably why the Savile revelations got next to zero play in the United States where we’re not used to being lulled by fancy titles like Duke and Her Majesty.

The political elite and the royals of Europe have been arranging marriages and relationships between adults and children for thousands of years. We must not forget the lessons that past historical figures teach us. Countess Elizabeth Báthory of Hungary in the 16th century was responsible for killing dozens of children that she abducted from the homes of local peasants surrounding her castle. This historical event is one of the most verifiable, highly documented, and absolutely authentic examples of the royal and political elite doing what appears to be a genetic necessity for them: killing children and using their torture and deaths as part of occult rituals meant to somehow empower them psychologically and/or spiritually.

Báthory did not just kill these peasant children but she also reportedly mutiliated them physically and sexually and used their blood in occult rejuvenation rites that would put her acts on equal footing as those of the mythological and folkloric vampires of Eastern Europe. It is not hard to imagine it to be true that Báthory indeed used the blood of her young female victims to bathe in so that she could somehow absorb their youthful energies in a attempt to stay forever beautiful. Here we can see the unmistakable similarities between Báthory and another infamous character from the historical chronicles of Eastern European royalty: that of the Romanian Prince known as Vlad the Impaler which Bram Stoker’s character Dracula was based on. Vlad too was said to participate in tremendous blood lust and also said to consume the flesh and blood of his victims in order to subsume their energies.

This phenomena is well known in the annals of sadistic serial killers and psychopaths. American serial murderer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was known to consume the bodies of his victims in order to allow them to become part of him; Dahmer also constructed a altar made of the flesh & bones of his victims that he intended to use as a center of energetic and synergetic occult forces that he wished to wield for himself so that he could enthrone his own personality as a god over life and death. This was why Dahmer was obsessed with the mythology of Star Wars and in particular the character of the evil Emperor. Dahmner admitted to often wearing special contact lenses that would give him the yellowed, cat eyes of the Sith Emperor.

The French nobleman Gilles de Rais, one of the most powerful and key companions of Joan of Arc, still holds the record as being the most deranged and prolific serial murderer of children and sadistic sexual perverts in the known history of the world. Gilles de Rais and his inner circle of initiates had formed a occultic sex-murder network across Europe that was responsible for the abductions and murders of hundreds if not thousands of children across France and Central Europe—many of their victims were little boys. The descriptions of these harrowing and insane murder rituals remain some of the most shocking accounts ever left for modern historians to gloss over. 

Gilles de Rais and his inner circle would take their victims and subject them to various versions of sadism which included but was not limited to slitting their throats, decapitations, dismemberments, breaking their necks with sticks, and even sexually debauching them. According to historians and professional biographers of Gille de Rais he and his associates would often first win the trust of their victims and raise them to great levels of happiness and feelings of contented attention or love before they would then out of the blue turn on them and begin reducing them to abused, insane, and frightened little “animals.”

One such event is described by a Gilles de Rais biographer by the name of Jean Benedetti:

“[The boy] was pampered and dressed in better clothes than he had ever known. The evening began with a large meal and heavy drinking, particularly hippocras, which acted as a stimulant. The boy was then taken to an upper room to which only Gilles and his immediate circle were admitted. There he was confronted with the true nature of his situation. The shock thus produced on the boy was an initial source of pleasure for Gilles.”


The international PizzaGate cult is merely the latest manifestation of an elite sex-murder club that has existed since ancient Babylon. What we’re looking at with its existence is pure, unadulterated psychopathy of the highest magnitude. The cult cloaks itself with what to outsiders seems to be the atmosphere of some sinister sort of religion but this is not actually the case. We’re dealing with people that are devoid of consciousness or spirit. The reason they so often associate themselves with symbols of evil or magic is because they totally lack connections with life or nature and must try to defraud the masses around them by making it seem demonic powers are at work. But it is impossible to have a legitimate connection with magic or the occult without also having a connection to soul and consciousness. The only demonic or magical powers such people are able to wield are of the most debased and weakened kind. They practice the crudest form of lesser magic known to man; their form of magic is actually at a lower threshold of operation than common street magic or stage magic. Their routine relies on convincing the masses that they are either really, really evil or very, very good. Most of the masses that think these self-appointed elites are evil incarnate will not actually oppose them in any meaningful way. The gimmick is to convince you that the evil conspiracy is so large and so in control that it must be supernatural and predestined. This is exactly why you must not engage them by the rules which they have tried to set up for you.

Instead you must disregard their game entirely and establish that they, their ideas, and their actions have no power over you. The more you give in to the idea that these people have a super-force behind them such as a fallen Archangel named Satan you will only be helping them with the accumulation of more power and energy. Instead you must think of these people as complete garbage who are powerless, nameless, and without form. They’re not supported by any super-human forces whatsoever. The cult holds its members in bondage with such psycho-spiritual programming. By convincing each other that their cult is privy to the Mysteries they merely feed each other with the food that psychopaths desire most of all: a feeling of power. Psychopaths are attracted to religions and occult rituals because they are inherently powerless and incompetent. By throwing themselves in with a so-called supernatural force and believing the powers of darkness have somehow indwelt within them they are able to falsely convince themselves that they’ve finally transcended the worthless golem which is their true self.

It is not the wearer of Sauron’s One Ring that has the power nor is it Sauron himself that has the power. The One Ring is what contains the power. Once you throw it into Mount Doom it will all be over.

IV. Unraveling the Centuries Old Occultic Network of PizzaGate

Did Lucifer fall from Heaven only 6,000 years ago?

Among the most important beliefs in Freemasonry is a particular one which is of central importance: the saga of the cosmic personality known as Lucifer. Freemasons believe that Lucifer fell from Heaven precisely 6,000 years ago and mark that date as the Year of Light. Allegorically the Freemasons consider the Year of Light to mark the first day of God’s Creation; this is considered the first day of creation not because the earth or universe was literally first created then but rather it is the case that this is viewed as the exact moment when Lucifer bestowed the Gift of self-consciousness upon humanity. If it had not been for this act then to this very day humans would still be mere golems in the Garden of Eden.

For them Lucifer is seen as the first cosmic revolutionary who was able to stand up to an unjust system and win his own kingdom based upon self-rule, natural laws, and personal creativity & freedom whereas the kingdom of YHVH had become stagnant, needlessly overly tyrannical, and essentially without purpose.

Through infiltration of Jews into the Freemasonic lodges the originally positive, Aryan-originated theme of Lucifer’s rebellion against a Semitic godlet would become corrupted and perverted to serve a agenda concentrated upon Talmudic-Rabbinical evil.


At the heart of this Freemasonic elitism, in Ireland for example, is a mysterious organization known as the Apollo Lodge that even Oscar Wilde had been a member of before he was muscled out. Dublin and this same Apollo Lodge, though much less well known by those outside Ireland, are actually the centers of the most elite cabal of controllers in the game of international conspiracies.

There is testimony that the once notorious Hellfire Club of England was not just a rowdy gentleman’s club for political power brokers but was also a underground murder-sex cult involved in various criminal enterprises ranging from sex trafficking, drugs, to blackmail but also that it was involved in the sale of human body parts or even the consumption thereof (aka cannibalism).

There are even accounts that members of the Hellfire Club were involved in the abduction of children and that these victims would be sexually assaulted, murdered, and then summarily dismembered & devoured at Hellfire banquets.

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