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Epic Response to the Liberals Parading Across America Whining Like Babies

Sunday, November 15, 2015 12:29
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(Before It's News)


In the first video below, and then in the epic rant that follows by Suzanne Hamner, you get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the idiocy that has become so pervasive in today’s youth, that hardly anyone even thinks twice about it anymore. Personally, I’d like to thank Keeli Mullins, organizer of the “Million Student March,” for providing inspiration and hope to anyone with an IQ over 6 that may be struggling with personal issues. No matter what issues a person might be dealing with, they can take solace in knowing that unlike Keeli Mullins, they probably will not make the top 10 list of the biggest galactic imbeciles of the 21st century. The only reason the other “activists” in this nonsensical movement won’t make the list, is because at least they have enough sense not to immortalize their stupidity on national television. THIS is what academia is producing today? Here’s an idea for something liberal arts colleges need to begin to produce:




In the second video, Greg Gutfeld from “The Five” on Fox News goes on a goofy rant about socialism and America’s favorite Socialist, Bernie Sanders. If Keeli Mullins and the rest of the boobs partaking in these ridiculous demonstrations spent 1/10th the amount of time they are exerting trying to get “free stuff” on reading a history book, they’d know how their story ends, but after all, they attend liberal colleges where how they “feel” is more important than actual facts, so I wouldn’t expect them to start reading anything any time soon. Then, hold on to your hat, because Suzanne Hamner goes bonkers on these young fools.



Freedom Outpost writes:

Experts report Mt. (Suzanne) Hamner has erupted once again. In what they are calling, an almost continual eruption “rant,” advisory warnings are being issued to the oversensitive, entitle minded, progressive leftist “ding dongs” and “Twinkies” to stay out of the flow pathway. Experts state the “eruption” might have occurred sooner had not precipitating events such as the hairdresser, dentist and visit from a sister occurred. Here is a sample of the rant taking place.

College students across the nation are protesting, demanding the resignation of professors and deans (which were granted by capitulation of said professors and deans), and, of all things, have the audacity to demand “free” tuition and relief of loan repayments. Seriously? Parents where are you? Do you honestly believe that your children are “entitled” to a college education free of charge? Don’t even come back with “that’s just little Johnny and Jane flexing their adult wings.” Your little Johnny and Jane are acting like spoiled brats that need to go back to the playpen or crib to learn some hard life lessons before their oversensitive, overbearing attitude of entitlement and smart-alec mouths get them into a pile of dung when they cross the wrong individual as an “adult.”

Somewhere these Hostess reject “ding dongs” got it into their heads they were above everyone else, have the “right” to trample others’ rights, and control the entire university system in every State. Where they got this idea, who knows; but, parents, who are charged by God with teaching their children, failed to teach manners, etiquette, and a few facts of life to these cretins. If your child is not one of these Hostess “ding dongs,” this isn’t about you or them.

However, if your children are attending one of these universities, you are wasting your money and your child is receiving indoctrination into the “ding dong” mentality. Case in point is the charming, getting a college indoctrination Keeli Mullins, organizer of the “Million Student March.” Amazing she can count that high. If she’s so happy about being taxed at 90%, maybe she should get an early start after finishing college and paying on her student loans by offering 90% of her salary, if she can even find a job, to the government to help others get an education. If her parents are footing the bill, she should seriously consider reimbursing them their money, since it was wasted.

Evidently, this “ding dong” has zero clue about how the federal government operates. Keeli, listen up and take those earphones out of your ears. The “Bieber” will still be heard as “pause” is an option. When the government takes tax money, it is spent on what the government wants. They will take your money, gladly; then, turn around and proclaim there is not enough money to pay universities to provide “free” education to students. It’s difficult to understand with that bottle in your mouth and making those sucking sounds while your ears are filled with “The Beeb” but do try to keep up for once.

No one will get a “free” education if the government takes over. You’re going to pay for it in one way or another. Better it be you spend your money, or your parent’s money, than working as a slave to the federal government. Grow a few brain cells and figure that out as there is not enough internet pages, keystroke abilities on a keyboard (some are good for 60 million strokes), or hours in a lifetime to try and explain it to you.

What parent wouldn’t like to have their children attend college without paying tuition? Every parent would love to save tens of thousands of dollars each year their child attends a secondary education, oops, indoctrination institution. But, how will the university be funded? Granted, tuition costs are astronomical; however, the taxpayers should not be burdened with the cost of secondary education, which is optional. With the atmosphere at universities and colleges this day and age, parents would do well to forego the expense since students are getting indoctrination instead of education. If you want and plan to send your children to a secondary education institution, check out the institution thoroughly before putting your hard earned money into an indoctrination center intent on condoning and promoting “ding dong” behavior and marginalizing your child for their beliefs and rights.

These college students are so sensitive, “free speech zones” cropped up on university campuses nationwide. Now, those are in jeopardy, as well as the exchange of ideas, because their “sensitivities” prevent them from walking away or not going in that direction. Oh, yes, they have rights and shouldn’t have to walk away or change their route, all the while attempting to deny others’ their rights. Who died and put the “ding dongs” in charge? And, of course, let’s not forget the “trigger warnings” issue. Heaven forbid, the student associate “MacBeth,” “Hamlet,” or “The Odyssey” with a past trauma. Oh, the nerve of teaching classics in college. It doesn’t matter these students can choose not to take a course or have to suffer through such if it is a required core curriculum. Just think, these oversensitive, overbearing, Hostess rejects will be governing this country one day. Wait, that’s not going to happen since these brats are contributing to the downfall of this nation. They’ll never be in charge but be subjects of the dictator they help place in power. “Hoorah.”

Anyone who has attended college, let’s say about 30 -40 years ago, knows the rigorous curriculum each professor developed for their students. It left little time to “protest” anything and no one dared to stifle someone else’s ideas or speech. Everyone was on an even keel — stupid as a rock and had no idea about life. Well, that’s what one history professor used to tell his students. Another professor, endeared by all students, rendered a harsh tongue-lashing to those pushing out a LGBT agenda or “superior” attitude. One favorite expression of this professor was, “I’m not here to teach that. I’m teaching an advanced biology class. If you don’t like that, go get your money back and remove yourself from my class.” There was yet another professor who continually reminded students that life wasn’t fair, especially when it came to the grading system. He refused to use a “bell curve” or other system to alter grades; what you earned is what you got. There were no free rides in his classroom. As he often told the class, “The real world doesn’t give a hoot about where you came from, who your parents are or how much money you have. If you don’t earn it, you don’t get it. That’s a fact of life you need to get acquainted with on a personal level.”

Back in the day, professors had cajones! And, administrators and deans backed their professors. These people didn’t resign their positions over what a few students said or did. They stood their ground and, most likely, were backed by alumni and the university board. Times have changed and not for the better.

Speaking of changing times, where in the world did illegal alien invaders get the notion they are “entitled” to “demand” concessions from a nation whose laws they broke? It boggles the mind. Look at what happened to the Marine Sergeant who unknowingly, inadvertently crossed the border into Mexico. Mexico “rewarded” the good Sergeant, a uS citizen, with a stay in the hellhole dubbed a prison there. The “compassionate” Mexican government would not allow someone considered “breaking their immigration laws” to slide unpunished. Not one iota of consideration was given. To add insult to injury, the “good” government of Mexico has the audacity to complain about how the uS treats citizens from their nation who cross illegally. If that isn’t enough of a kick in the teeth, this same nation allowed tens of thousands of illegal aliens from Central American nations to cross into their country, move through it unimpeded and wait to cross the southern border of the united States. Why were they not imprisoned or turned back or treated in the same manner as an American Marine? No American gets a “free pass” crossing into Mexico. Yet, their government “goons” and police force frequently violate our sovereignty by crossing our border with impunity. Anyone have a barf bag? [Cut to tranquil picture of Old Faithful]

But, getting back to the illegal alien invader problem. And, yes, it is a problem. When individuals who break the law can “demand” concessions from Congress and State lawmakers and receive what they want, it is a problem. Technically, it is a problem with Congress and State lawmakers. However, when these illegal alien invaders get the message a nation’s population will give an inch, these lawbreakers take more than the proverbial mile — they want the moon and will push citizens aside to get it. And, lawmakers are complicit in aiding them. If you need to look further than the US backyard, focus on what is happening in Europe.




With what is going on in Europe, where is the lamestream enemedia in nailing down experts who are specific instead of speaking vaguely? Nowhere to be found. But, they get really specific in investigating Dr. Carson’s past while ignoring Hussein Obama’s and Hillary’s connection to the Clinton cabal of criminalism. Look at what just happened in Paris. Expert after expert appeared on FoxNews talking about what happened and how citizen vigilance coupled with alert law enforcement prevented something of that nature here. Oh, and they are quick to identify when a “terrorist” has weapons in a country that disallows weapons, along with describing in great detail that “satanic” gun.

Each of these experts fail to credit gun owning, legal gun carrying, law-abiding uS citizens as a deterrent to any type of crime or attack. However, these “experts” talk about “trying” to engage in intelligence and counter-intelligence activities, along with working with local law enforcement, while “trying” to balance civil liberty preservation. Seriously? Are you absolutely kidding me? We are now the nation of the spied upon and fondled when traveling. No one in the “media” even touched on the deterrent that armed citizens are in this nation. Neither has anyone pointed out that all the spying and fondling has failed to prevent one, one mind you, incident in this nation; yet, these clowns still hint at the idea that trying to balance civil liberties with security is a problem. It’s time for Charlotta ChaCha Chihuahua to take care of some “light” work by biting some ankles. Unfortunately, she’s too short to reach anything critical.

Neither has any lamestream enemedia “talking head” or “silicone Barbie” talked about the vulnerability of people in Europe to attack by terrorists because of being unarmed. Not one mention of the possibility of deterrence with law-abiding citizens owning and bearing arms. How different might the atmosphere in Europe be if the various nations’ citizens were armed? All of this lamestream enemedia garbage is enough to make one bulimic or give you “news” poisoning.

And, what politician or member of Congress doesn’t use the term “radical Islamic terrorism?” Every single one of them use that term; well, except Hussein Obama. None will state the actual problem as Islam and no “journalist” will call them out on it. These politicians, members of Congress and presidential candidates need to start truly identifying the problem. The problem is Islam, period. End of story. It’s difficult to call out others when you are unwilling to state the obvious yourself, which is the problem with lamestream enemedia.

For the life of Riley, these supposed reporters and journalists, who spent tens of thousands of dollars on their “journalism” degree, engage more in entertainment-like, fear-mongering reporting of national news and events ; they report up to a point and then cut off any mention of what could make a difference — gun owning, gun carrying law abiding citizens. Reporters and journalists cast lawbreaking protestors, rioters, looters and illegal alien invaders as some type of “heroes” against the establishment, or more appropriately the imagined “white privilege supremacists.” When it comes to Islam, these “talking heads” and “silicone Barbies” refuse to call a spade a spade. Instead, these “Twinkies” keep referring to “radical” Islam, like it’s some fringe element when it’s the entire ideology of Islam that is the issue.

And how long have those in the alternative media been calling the area controlled by ISIS as “the caliphate?” How long has the alternative media reported about the 37 terrorist camps operating in the uS with the full knowledge of the federal government? Quite some time, but lamestream enemedia “talking heads” and “silicone Barbies” finally got around to calling the territory occupied by ISIS as a “caliphate.” Better late than never? Hardly. These “college educated” reporters still refer to the Islamic invasion of Europe as a “migration” or “asylum seeking refugees” or “Syrians fleeing a war zone.” And, they continue to ignore jihadi training camps throughout the nation.

And let’s not even get started on the “boot-licking,” “brown-nosing,” “head up Hussein Obama and Kerry’s backside” behavior the lamestream enemedia engages just to get interviews and coverage. Many citizens know only lies come out of the mouths of those two anyways. Mel Brooks couldn’t produce a better “comedy” than watching these news clowns fall over themselves with Hussein and Kerry. [Insert commercial here]

Sometimes, one is compelled to say, “journalism please!” Well, journalism that relays both sides of the story, showing both good and bad, and calling a spade a spade. Instead, they skew the story to tug at the heartstrings of liberal whiny do-gooders, individuals like Sappy Boehner, formulating out and out fabrications that promote falsehoods around issue and events, and skirt around elephants in the room or even refuse to discuss certain issues. Maybe it is better said, “truth in journalism and information, please!”

And someone please tell these alphabet news desk jockeys to shut their pie holes about any candidates’ past. Unless, they are willing to look into the same with one Hussein Obama, the biggest fraud, criminal and traitor in our nation’s history, and Hillary Clinton — who the DNC is still pushing knowing the woman is complicit in Benghazi, espionage and a host of criminal actions that should bar her from even running, these people need to hush. Benedict Arnold looked like a patriot compared to these two bags of camel feces. Even Richard Nixon couldn’t hold a candle to this 90 mile-a-minute, hair on fire, liar, cheat and crook Hussein and definitely comes in way behind Hillary.

And, pastors need to either start preaching God’s true word, give up the church 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status since it is not needed or step down from the pulpit. Now is not the time to be a “hunkered-down” pastor. Pastors, who have criticized the alternative media and those who confront them about their “inaction,” have little room to talk. Christians are being murdered to extinction in the Middle East. Where are the pastors and churches standing up, hollering long and loud against bringing the murderers to this country, and leading God’s army to action? Somewhere in the proverbial “bunker” trying to “ride out the storm.” Where are the pastors defending God’s Word and His laws on marriage? Going along to get along in violation of God’s divine law, leading their congregation to disregard His law to appease secular society. Unbelievable! Many pastors are speaking up, have been speaking out, and trying to mobilize the Christian community. However, too many Christians would rather engage in apathy and “ride the fence” than take a risk. What happens to those pastors who speak out? They are marginalized by their own, called “radical” and unChristian-like. Disgraceful!

Doesn’t look as though Mt. Hamner shows any signs of slowing down on the eruption. Experts contend the amount of bull manure being shoveled into the atmosphere caused the increased pressure resulting in the “rant.” They predict periodic “rants” will continue until the amount of bull manure in the atmosphere abates to an acceptable level. Unfortunately, experts don’t see any leveling off of bull manure in the near future.




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