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Surreal Video Of Special Ops Tossing Firecrackers During Paris Massacre

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 12:25
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(Before It's News)

False Flag

Warning: For the newcomer, what you are about to see in the video is going to be disturbing. It’s more than likely going to disrupt your world view quite a bit, or at the very LEAST cause you to start questioning what governments and their media partners are dishing out as alleged “news” these days. Not EVERY major catastrophic event is a false flag orchestrated by a secret cabal for a larger purpose, but at the same time, false flags are not the concocted concept of crazed tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorists” either. Those who are quick to point and cry, “Conspiracy Theorist,” are often the LEAST informed among us, and wouldn’t know how to spell critical thinking, much less do any of it. According to Wikipedia:

Historically the term “false flag” has its origins in naval warfare where the use of a flag other than the belligerent’s true battle flag as a ruse de guerre, before engaging the enemy, has long been accepted but the contemporary term False flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, may (by extension) be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation.

One of the more well known “False Flags,” is the 1962 Operation Northwoods plot by the U.S. Department of Defense for a war with Cuba involved scenarios such as fabricating the hijacking or shooting down of passenger and military planes, sinking a U.S. ship in the vicinity of Cuba, burning crops, sinking a boat filled with Cuban refugees, attacks by alleged Cuban infiltrators inside the United States, and harassment of U.S. aircraft and shipping and the destruction of aerial drones by aircraft disguised as Cuban MiGs.[16] These actions would be blamed on Cuba, and would be a pretext for an invasion of Cuba and the overthrow of Fidel Castro‘s communist government. 

NEVER underestimate what the powerful will do to remain in power. At the same time, never underestimate the stupidity, laziness, or ineptness of those attempting to pull off a false flag with the intent of serving a larger agenda either. Remember these are often people severely out of touch with us “little people.” For more examples that will rock you to your core of what you “thought” was reality, be sure to check out the Top 25 Most Popular False Flags Caught on Video. For more background on the reality that the Paris attacks were a flag, be sure to check out the wildly popular post titled: 9 Reasons the Terrorist Attacks in Paris Could Be a False Flag Event.

In the video below, YouTuber HowISeeIt starts off by casting doubt as to how many people were truly even injured, since we are learning that the Paris attacks could easily be a lesson in how to botch a false flag attack, however, for the record, false flag is not synonymous with no injuries or no deaths. Recall that they are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. No more, no less. Next, HowISeeIt gives a side by demonstration of gunfire vs. fireworks with the video from the Paris club where so many allegedly died. Anyone who has experience with firearms, will be able to determine INSTANTLY that the sounds caught on film were NOT gunfire. It’s not even close. 

Proof of Paris False Flag



At about the 3:45 mark, you will actually be able to witness video of a person lighting a fuse, a puff of smoke, and then the person tosses something that was later reported to make the all too familiar sound, which in the chaos of everything, could easily be mistaken for gunfire: pop, pop… pop pop! Let there be no mistake either, it is captured from THREE different angles on film. If what you find in the video above is your first exposure to the Paris attacks, or to false flags in general, be sure to check out 9 Reasons the Terrorist Attacks in Paris Could Be a False Flag Event, and then How the Elite Use False Flag Ops in the War on Terror to Achieve Their Goals. Then, ask yourself who is the real organization behind the attacks and what could their motive be? There is no shortage of possible answers, but one thing is certain: The “Official Story” with passports “accidentally” left behind (again) is utter NONSENSE!

False Flag 2


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ALERT: Craigslist Ad Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4th 

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Pt. 16: Still Believe the New World Order Is Just a Conspiracy Theory? Not After This! 

Pt. 17: How Do the Illuminati Control Politics, Music, the Media, and Hollywood? (Videos) 

Pt. 18: The Illuminati’s #1 Tool Used To Keep The Masses In Line 








The Last Great Stand

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Total 18 comments
  • More delusional rantings of a giggling nut…this is another video of people trying not to die, nothing more.

  • Great job catching that you can plainly see her toss it and the puffs of smoke.

    • And if a bullet hit concrete what do you think would happen that’s right dust wow your very smart at this, what do you think if a bullet hit metal wow your right again it would spark flash, only a numb nut would be thinking of lighting a firecracker when real bullets are flying around and people are getting killed

    • godspell your a moron

  • You would not here firecrackers that well in a loud concert. You would hear gun fire from several shooters. They had semi-auto AKs, multiple shooters would most certainly resemble the sound pattern of firecrackers. Firecrackers, not so loud. Gun fire, very loud!



  • What a numb nut am sure he will be one of the idiotic moons that will say its not a real nuke that’s gone off and just stand there just like a wet fart while others run for cover maybe he tells his kids to steal TVs if there was a EMP

    Or better still get a black and white TV to pick up ET signal, so they can pick him up and get probed up the arse again

  • how do you explain all the flying glass from the bullets

    • The flying glass is all high up. The videomaker states that reality and fantasy are always mixed together in these false flag events; it makes things so much easier to fool people when the lies come flying soon after the glass.

      • Incidentally, where do you think the puffs of smoke appearing next to the woman are coming from, if not from her?
        Puffs of smoke in this context are clearly either from weapon discharges, or from firecrackers.
        She doesn’t have a weapon.
        So that leaves only one other explanation; and if you think really hard, you may be able to discern it.

  • I’m watcing a Youtube video of someone watching a Youtube video. Really? Couldn’t they just maximize or rip the video? Do we really need the website subset context? Maybe now I should make a Youtube video of this person’s Youtube video of someone else’s Youtube video. Then the original video would be even smaller! DOH.

  • Nice catch dude!

  • All camera’s seem to show shattered glass at exact same time from all angles….?
    How is that possible?

  • Not sure but lots of people did get killed by real AK-47 rounds from home grown terrorists who may or may not be members of ISIS but it was a false flag attack because it was a put up job so France would help Israel to steel land from Syria.

    Not only does Isreal want building land but it wants all the oil if found in the golan heights and if it takes an all out nuclear war to stop the bankers then let the cards fall as they will.

    I would talk to my local politician about this, he does not have time because he’s seeing someone who’s got a big fat bribe for his back pocket, i won’t get a look in.

    • Your mad as a hatter put up job so France would help Israel to steel land from Syria. :lol: its a joke or your stupid

  • This is idiotic – you can clearly see a flash of bullet flying from left to right, and taking with it the dust of what was the window – not smoke. delusional

  • OK, after repeatedly watching the video, that woman DID NOT throw a fire cracker through the window. She put her hand up by the window, probably to push open the door, who knows, but there was no “tossing” motion of her hand unless the firecrackers self-propel at high velocity from someone’s open palm of their hand. What there was, and is clearly visible, was a bullet wizzing by her hand and shattering the window of the door. For this idiot to then refer to this woman as a “bitch” is pretty low and serves no good in the cause of finding the truth. Was it a false flag? Yes, probably. Was she tossing firecrackers? No.

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