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Ex-Obama General Defects, Reveals Sick Obama Plan for America’s Future

Saturday, March 26, 2016 18:49
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One of the many former Generals to come out against Obama in recent years and accuse him of outright treason is at it again, this time levying some heavy criticism on O’Bummer’s worthless foreign policy, and he’s not the only one with a lot to say. In an earlier post this week titled, Congressman Calls Out Defense Secretary: “You Are In Violation of the Law,” Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, hammered a stammering Defense Secretary Carter over the Obama administration’s failure to provide a strategy for dealing with the Middle East and countering violent extremism that should have been turned in no later than February 15, 2016. Congressman Thornberry had the following to say:

“Failing to comply with the report deadline represents more than a failure of strategic vision for the White House…” 

As Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) says below, Obama is not just breaking the law by not complying with the NDAA report that’s weeks past due, and Obama hasn’t just committed multiple acts of material treason, but rather General Flynn states, “[W]e have to go back into that region, in a bigger way…” In other words, the state of the Middle East has deteriorated so bad under Barack Obama’s abysmal failure, more blood and treasure the United States can’t spare will be lost as a result. 




Being the raging narcissistic sociopath that he is, Obama is the only person in the country other than low information voters that doesn’t realize he’s surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst President in 100 years, yet he somehow ACTUALLY thinks he’s protecting a legacy of some kind. The reality is, the only legacy Obama leaves behind will be a larger body count than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He may not be the Commander in Chief in office when it happens, but the dead will bear HIS name. 

If Obama had been 1/100th as concerned with the future men and women who will be sent off and die because of his incompetence as he is with being able to say he did the opposite of George W. Bush, think of all the lives that would have been saved. Barack Hussein Obama is an embarrassment to the United States of America, the Presidency, the Democrat Party, real men in general, himself, and his family.

Ex-Obama General Defects, Reveals Sick Obama Plan for the Future




Breitbart Reports:

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.), who served as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama, and has advised Republican presidential candidates Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Donald Trump argued that President Obama’s reaction to the attack in Brussels was “a pretty sad day for US leadership” and “countries are going to have to get off this dime of this multiculturalism appeasement that we are seeing…we apologize too often in this country for going after a political ideology that is hiding and masking itself behind a religion” on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Flynn said, “I think it’s a pretty sad day for US leadership. I think while President Obama wants to bury the Cold War, from Havana, Cuba, we’re in the middle of a very, very hot war. … I mean, we are watching an Islamic State, that is unfolding their campaign plan in front of our eyes, and we’re — we see the president doing waves down at a baseball stadium in Havana. I mean, it’s — come on, let’s get real with what we’re facing, and we need to do far more about it than what we’re seeing.”

He added, “[W]e have to go back into that region, in a bigger way, and we have to take out and these places like Mosul, where they continue to have a stronghold, Raqqa. And in the meantime, we’re going to have to do far more across the board globally, and it’s more than just sharing — you know, everybody says we have to share more intelligence. Yeah, that’s fine. What we actually have to do, Brian, is we have to take action. Intelligence enables what it is that we have to do. But countries are going to have to get off this dime of this multiculturalism appeasement that we are seeing, particularly in Europe, and frankly, we apologize too often in this country for going after a political ideology that is hiding and masking itself behind a religion.”

Flynn further stated, “We are not winning right now. I mean, if the president feels good about a tactical victory, about you know, we capture some guy in Iraq or Syria, or we blow up some target, I mean those are — make him feel good. They don’t make me feel good, because all that is doing is it’s exacerbating a problem that is continuing to fester, and until we take a bigger role.”



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  • Just more of satan’s handy deception work! Focus on Jesus with all your heart and HE and ONLY HE will get you out this matrix ran by satan!

    Make everyday a great day by sharing The Gospel and saving a soul for GOD! That is what life is about on this earth until Jesus returns!

    Be a Servant to Jesus; because serving yourself, never satisfies you!

    Smile! Sincerely, 4TRUTH

    • don’t be so childish.

      there is and never has been a scrap of evidence for jesus,god,allah,mohammed and all of the rest of the deities people prostrate themselves to. period.

      • b4

        serve Jesus eh–you make the guy sound like a control freak–i would think he would want you to be free of all those insane thoughts rolling thru your little brain–because your life experiences are so limited you see things in a very immature way–as if Jesus is going to save you from yourself–or he is the daddy you never had–lets pretend all your nonsense is true–
        ok–go ahead and act like your 5 years old if you think that is “serving God”..grow up child.

        • YOU show YOUR own ignorance more than anyone. Like the old saying says, There are NO unbelievers in Fox Holes and everyone is a hopeful believer on their death bed.

          We ALL have a judgement day, including YOU. For your sake, I pray you will wake up before that time comes because, as someone whom has had an out of body experience and as someone whom survived a near death experience, I can tell you with first hand knowledge and with all sincerity ……. There IS more to this life than meets the naked eye. Prepare to be mind blown when your time comes.

          You WILL get right with GOD one day or another. It isn’t a matter of IF… It is a matter of WHEN.

          • if you wish to swallow all the nonsense,then do so, but stop trying to persuade others.

            play with your idol at home,and keep it to yourself.

            i have known quite a few guys who have been in foxholes. most of them were intelligent enough to not be taken in by this ultimate stupidity.

            the damage done by religious people both now and in the past is enormous. we have to be a better species than this.

      • mmm yeah there is. Priests in egypt wrote about Jesus in there journals talking about his exploits. thats a fact. The whole story about Jesus is bs though. Documentation was discovered in europe but has since been swept under the rug. Its what the knights of Templar had on the church.

    • Yes! But this Lt. General waited until after retirement to say these truths. What a warrior. Who is the real human coward here. We believe it is all of the Generals and Flag Officers who retired instead of taking action against tyranny and treason only to save their pensions which they would never have lost to begin with. These Generals all have their practiced “mean” faces but really are just clowns in their clown uniforms with all of their cabbage on their left breast. Leaders of the humans? No wondering now why all humans are on the borderline of extinction.

  • But Obama hasn’t failed. He’s achieved every Crime he intended to do. Obama for the electric chair 2016

  • This general is as big an idiot as Obama. He knows full well that Brussels is a false flag Operation Gladio B style attack perpetrated and funded by the usual banker cabal utilizing their trained terrorists. The war against this terror should take place in the City of London and DC.

    • General should have refused to do Obama’s bidding BEFORE he resigned. Sick of the fake patriots who go along and carry out tremendous damage- which they then repudiate AFTER doing it- to absolve themselves. Not buying it anymore. goes for the MSM media “reporters” who get fired or leave after inciting wars all over the globe, only to later say “oops”! Fukk all of them.
      DIA was THE AGENCY who was PRIMARY in creating ISIS. They allowed ISIS to call in airstrikes w/ USAF PILOTS ! This fake is no better than the legions of crocodile killers who later “get religion” to get themselves off the hook.

  • What’s with these stupid new BIN videos? You have to download the whole thing before you can start watching them.

    • ? Haven’t had any problem just hitting play? Other than a lot are garbage production’s :smile:

  • All US presidents are a curse, Obama is just glaring proof of it.

  • The “Voice of Reason” huh?
    Sounds more like the voice of the war-mongering neocon hawks to me…
    The voice of the State Department!
    Guys it’s all pure BS…
    They have a trillion dollar industry they’re trying to keep going. The Fake War industry.
    And they act all shocked and surprised when, after invading then pillaging and destroying middle-eastern countries, some of those people have the gall and audacity to fight back!
    They hold them up as a supposed huge threat to the USA, when in fact rather the inverse is true.
    It’s all theater and the insouciant American public sucks it up like television or something…
    Men like this General Flynn are the problem – definitely not the solution!

  • The Clucker

    ALL GENERALS AND ADMIRALS NEED TO BE HANGED FOR TREASON! Where was this deadbeat whip while he wore the uniform? Yeah – complying with all orders, and not once refused a single order. So you call him honorable and trustworthy? He is just another lowlife scumbag traitor to america and refused to follow his oath he swore, WHILE IN UNIFORM! COWARD! Your self interest was your rank, power and how much money you could retire with rather then what was best for our nation. Lets be 100% honest.

    So Mr Dishonorable scumbag General, what did you do while you had the uniform on to confront the Domestic Enemy? Just like every other high treasonous dishonorable General NOTHING! You didn’t want to make waves, or be a man of your oath and say NO SIR, while you wore the unform correct? So you are a dishonorable coward right in from the gutter pretending you did all you could while in uniform. You spineless dishonorable scumbag waited until you early retired and removed your uniform before you stood up? You call that a honorable man? I call you a dishonorable lowlife high treasonous coward of the highest order, and if it was up to me, I would put you on trial for your life! I’m sure you would be found guilty and be hung right next to all the 100s of other dishonorable officers who refused to follow their oath to protect our nation, and our laws from domestic enemies.

    You had the power while in uniform to say No Sir, and fight the criminal element, but you cowardly turned and tembled like a little baby girl. No wonder you now allow guys to wear pink panties under their uniform. You are the perfect example of a high treasonous traitor, who refused to give up a rank, or thrown in the brig to say no Sir while in uniform. Yet you want to pretend to be a honorable soldier, like those who are not afraid to give their very life for our nation? And you can’t even lose a rank, or removed from you position, or thrown in the brig? You are a dirtbag that needs to be tried. I would let each of your families sit in the front row as they walk you and all the other traitor officers to the gallows, and watch what we do to traitors against our nation.

    As a war vet, I would gladly pee on your grave so I look forward to it. I lost rank several times and stood up like a man, but I always did what was right. And you, you were a traitor while you wore the uniform. Only after you take it off, are you brave enough to talk, not while you wear it…

    • The Clucker

      :idea: :arrow: General Flynn. Are you man enough to stand trial of the facts what you can prove that you did all you could while you wore the uniform? Lets make a date/time and we’ll gather whatever community members are present at that time, and let them decide your honesty or guiltiness. If found guilty, I will gladly pull the level for the 10s of millions of soldiers that lost their lives protecting our nation, while you couldn’t even lose a rank or get fired. Early retiring is not honorable but the cowardly way out of confronting our domestic enemy. Are you man enough? Didn’t think so. When will you be standing and marching infront of the White House, holding a sign and rallying the people? Yeah – hide away. You spineless lowlife traitor to America. Bring it on…

  • Man

    so he didn’t defect, he just quite his job because he didn’t agree with obama policy.

    well i guess i finds trump’s foreign military policy even worse

  • likes rank

  • For the 1st time I have to side with Obama. This general is nothing but another warmonger the middle east is not own by the United States. Like all General when you business is war, what else would he want but more conflict.

  • Where are the generals that are MEN? Where is the Patton among you??

    If Patton heard what the scrawny sodomite was doing he would of gone straight to the White House and PULL HIM OFF REGGIE and PUNCHED THE NEGRO in the mouth!!! :twisted:

  • I am not sure what you are all expecting in the past seven years he has not done one thing to benefit the citizens of the United States or the nation of the United States he has cut our military to shreds assuring decades of attempts to right this ship that he has sunk with great pride.

  • How is it possible that both Rep. Mac Thornberry and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret. are unaware of Barack Obama & The Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan to take over and destroy America? Obama has been flying in hundreds of thousands of illegals in UPS planes. Others just cross the border unimpeded. All are given new fake IDs and fake Social Security numbers, free money, housing, medical care. Obama has weakened the Military by defunding it and by firing top Military Commanders in every branch of the Armed forces that could pose a threat to him and replaced them with Shills that have sworn allegiance to Obama. Obama has financed and trained a Civilian Military at least a million strong. Is Congress and the Military truly oblivious to any of this? The whole Birth Certificate controversy was a carefully crafted Deception to hide Obama’s real background. He was raised & trained in Socialism/Communism/Marxism which he is now bringing to America. He’s anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Capitalism, anti-America. has lots more on the treacherous criminal known as Barack Hussein Obama.

  • BO’ Rock who’s Insane Obama !!!! If Obama actually believes that he really HAS done ANY good or affected ANY positive change in this country and the world in general during his presidency then he should move somewhere north of Boise “cause he’s ” Livin’ in his own private Idaho” mentally !!!!

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