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Dr. Jim Willie: We Are on the Brink of World War; Americans Totally Clueless (Audio) – Pt. 1

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 17:57
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In the article following the interview below with Dr. Jim Willie, Michael Snyder sums up what is happening in the world right now geopolitically absolutely perfect in his opening line where he says, War is coming, but unfortunately most Americans are completely oblivious to what is about to happen.” 

Truthfully, an argument could very easily be made that the world has never been in as much danger from World War III, or from nuclear annihilation as it is right now, and that includes during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Don’t expect to hear that anytime soon coming from the woefully dishonest Obama administration, or from their lackeys in the mainstream media though. If you listen to their lies long enough, you might even start believing that world peace is imminent, or that the economy is in what they refer to as a “robust” recovery.  

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While ignorant Americans allow themselves to be lied to, other nations are bracing themselves for what’s coming. It was reported today that the German government is preparing to issue a mandatory directive to all citizens of Germany to begin immediately stockpiling enough food and emergency supplies for their families to survive a catastrophic event that could be so awful that it threatens the Germany’s very existence. Further adding to concern in Germany, is that officials are contemplating the re-institution of compulsory military service in the German Army.

In the interview below, “End Time Newsman, Rick Wiles” interviews Dr. Jim Willie, and much of what I just mentioned is brought up in the opening minutes of the interview. When asked if the news coming out of Germany is in response to the imminent implosion of the Western banking system (and our entire civilization with it), Dr. Willie answers in the affirmative. As crazy as it sounds, the only people totally shocked by that news are Americans, an that’s because of how absurdly corrupt our media has become. The following comes from a post of mine on August 7th titled, The Real Reason Putin Hates Obama and Clinton, and Wants Trump to Win:

It’s time for the American people to WAKE UP! Obama and Hillary are both puppets of their globalist masters including the Rothschild’s and George Soros, both of whom hate Putin, and whom Putin equally despises. Our own CIA has said George Soros is the largest donor to the Hillary campaign, and Hillary’s email investigation revealed that she has close personal ties to various members of the Rothschild family as well, the same Rothschild family that happens to be the wealthiest family on the planet, and the same Rothschild family that has funded both sides of every war since before the American Revolution. 

The writing is on the wall, and unlike the American people, Putin actually sees it. If Hillary Clinton gets elected President there is going to be a war, and it’s a war Putin wants no part of.

In the interview below, Dr. Willie begins by explaining how we’re very likely in the early stages of World War III right now. Unlike Michael Snyder in the article afterward, Dr. Willie explains the unfolding events from a “non-western” perspective. Snyder’s article below makes it sound as if Russia is the aggressor, but that’s only because Snyder never goes within a country mile of discussing the very real tension that exists between New World Order elites like the Rothschild’s, and Vladimir Putin, who hasn’t sold his soul to the “global banksters” the way the U.S. already has. 

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There are numerous reasons the world is on the brink right now, but regardless of which vantage point you look from, “War is coming, and unfortunately most Americans are completely oblivious to what is about to happen.” As I’ve been saying for months, the time to begin preparing for your families is NOW. As a great starting point for where to begin, I suggest: Be Ready For Any Emergency – The Crucial Guide For Any Family’s Safety. Personally, I’ve practically worn out the screen on my iPad reading it.




Michael Snyder reported:

War is coming, but unfortunately most Americans are completely oblivious to what is about to happen. In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been massing at eight staging areas along Russia’s border with Ukraine, and some Pentagon officials believe that this could represent preparations for a full-scale invasion. But ultimately Russia has much bigger concerns than just Ukraine. At this point, the Russian people view the United States more negatively than they did even during the height of the Cold War, and their leading thinkers openly talk about the inevitability of a future conflict between the two superpowers. The Russians have been feverishly upgrading and modernizing their strategic nuclear forces in anticipation of that conflict, but unfortunately the U.S. military has not made similar strides under the Obama administration. As a result, the balance of power has shifted dramatically in favor of the Russians.

Things have been relatively calm in Ukraine for a while, but that may be about to change in a major way. According to Business Insider, Russian forces are “encircling Ukraine from the north, east, and south”…

Something big may be about to go down in Ukraine.

For the Ukrainian soldiers that are stationed on the eastern border with Russia, however, things have already escalated to a conventional conflict — for example in Shyrokyne, on the Azov Sea coast east of the port city of Mariupol, Ukrainian forces have reported being the target of over 200 rounds of mortars and artillery fire in the middle of the night from separatist forces.

And the conflict in Ukraine looks like it could be on the verge of boiling over as Russian and Russian-backed forces are encircling Ukraine from the north, east, and south.

Needless to say, these developments are deeply alarming U.S. officials. In fact, Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon says that up to 40,000 Russian soldiers stand poised to launch a full-scale invasion at this moment…

The Pentagon has identified eight staging areas in Russia where large numbers of military forces appear to be preparing for incursions into Ukraine, according to U.S. defense officials.

As many as 40,000 Russian troops, including tanks, armored vehicles, and air force units, are now arrayed along Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia.

Additionally, large numbers of Russian military forces will conduct exercises in the coming days that Pentagon officials say could be used as cover for an attack on Ukraine.

August 24th is Independence Day in Ukraine, and some analysts are pointing to that date as a time when a potential attack could occur.




Hopefully that will not be the case, and we should remember that Russian President Vladimir Putin tends to do the unexpected. Just look at what happened in Crimea. He was able to annex the entire region without a shot hardly being fired.

When it comes to geopolitics, way too often the Russians are playing chess while the Obama administration is playing checkers.

And as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, the Russians are very much preparing for the day when there will be a military showdown between the United States and Russia.

For example, the newly developed Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (also known as the “Satan 2″) has the capability of destroying an entire region the size of Texas. Each missile has 12 independently targetable warheads, and essentially what that means is that one missile goes up and 12 nuclear warheads come down. It is a weapon of exceedingly great power, and we have no way of stopping it

Russia is preparing to test-fire a nuclear weapon which is so powerful it could reportedly destroy a whole country in seconds.

The “Satan 2″ missile is rumoured to be the most powerful ever designed and is equipped with stealth technology to help it dodge enemy radar systems .

This terrifying doomsday weapon is likely to strike fear into the hearts of Western military chiefs, as current missile defence technology is totally incapable of stopping it.

But to me, what is even more frightening is the fleet of strategic nuclear submarines that the Russians are putting together. The following comes from a major British news source

Vladimir Putin is assembling a secret fleet of super submarines which could topple NATO and plunge the world into war.

A report by naval experts warns that Russia already has a small but sophisticated army of subs which are capable of launching missile strikes across the globe.

These submarines can dive extremely deep and they are incredibly quiet. The advanced stealth capabilities that they possess make them an enormously powerful weapon

Andrew Metrick, who co-wrote the report for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said: “Russia operates a small number of very small, nuclear powered submarines that are capable of diving in excess of several thousand meters.

“You can imagine what a clandestine deployable deep submergence vehicle could be used for.”




Yes, it doesn’t take much imagination to see what these ultra-quiet subs could be used for.

Someday, a fleet of Russian nuclear submarines could come right up to our coastlines without us ever knowing that they were there. In the middle of the night they could surface, launch their missiles, and strategic targets would start being destroyed within just a couple of minutes.

And if the U.S. was even able to muster much of a response, the Russian anti-ballistic missile systems are able to destroy just about anything that we can throw at them.

To say that the balance of power has shifted from the days of the Cold War would be a massive understatement.

Meanwhile, the Russians have also been creating a “cloak” which can reportedly make units “invisible” to enemy radar

A Russian defense company has created a “cloak,” which it says can make electronic objects invisible to enemy radar. The aim of the fiber technology, which is used in the cloak, is to make weapons invisible to prying eyes and detection systems.

The St. Petersburg-based company Roselectronics has come up with the invention and says it can make weapons that use thermal, infrared, and electromagnetic radar in targeting invisible.

“The main idea of the development is to create coverage that reduces radar visibility of the object both on the visible and microwave spectrums,” Georgy Medovnikov from Roselectronics told Ruptly, RT’s video agency.

Roselectronics believes the lightweight and flexible material can be used to protect armored vehicles, missile systems and warplanes. According to its creators, the material is unique in its ability to absorb radio-electronic signals and interfere with the distribution of electronic traces.

Here in the United States, the Obama administration has had much different priorities, and so our strategic nuclear forces are hopelessly outdated. 60 Minutes has shown that our strategic nuclear forces are still using rotary phones and the kind of eight inch floppy disks that you could literally flop around in your hand that they were using back in the 1970s.

If you follow my writing regularly, you already know that I have written extensively about a future conflict with Russia.

At one time the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction” applied, but at this point things have changed dramatically.

Russian military theorists have spent a lot of time studying how to fight and win a nuclear war, and now they have the technological edge to potentially be able to do it.

Sadly, these kinds of articles tend to get less attention than many of my other articles because people simply do not understand the threat we are facing, and by the time they do it will likely be way too late.






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  • Jesus said that there would be wars and rumors of wars but I don’t see anything that says they will turn into WW3, or a major battle. This won’t happen until the 6th trumpet when 1/3 of mankind will be killed by that war (an army of 200 million). This of course happens after the resurrection/rapture which happens at the 6th seal. We are at the 3rd seal now (economic collapse) so it’s still a few years away. The Book of Revelation give us the timeline of how events will unfold. The 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 bowl judgments happen In Sequence, so we can’t take them out of that context. More at

    • What if the teachings of Jesus got corrupted over time by the priests of Vatican’t. Religions always get corrupted over time, the older it is the more corrupt it is. Don’t blame God though. Instead blame it on the people who are/were in charge of protecting it. Lust for power and worldly gain motivates those people in charge to change their religions to suit their personal and collective interests. You can agree to disagree with me all you want, but don’t come to say that your bible is virgin. If you go to Church and worship the statue of Jesus, you are not a Christian, you are just another idol worshiping Pagan/Hindu. This kind of idol worshiping pagan shit is dominant in western Christianity. It is good to take the head out of the sand and put it on your shoulder instead of blindly following any particular religion. If I were a Christian, the only type of Christianity I would go along with would be eastern orthodox Christianity found in eastern Europe and Russia. At least they don’t worship the statue of Jesus and Mary. People need to wake up from their collective foolishness.

      • You are right about worshiping statues and some of your other views about organized religion. I am not that. I believe the Bible to be the absolute true word of God and this is what I believe. If it was not, then it would be a useless book which we cannot depend on. I am sure that God preserved his Word exactly as he wanted us to know it. When Jesus said “I am the way, the life, and the truth and no one comes to God but through me” he was telling the truth, there is no other way. This is why he died on the cross. Buddha didn’t, Mohammed didn’t and neither did any other. Only Jesus did. So if you want to be with God for eternity, you need to turn your life over to Jesus and you will see what a great friend he will be, and how much he will help you. Then you don’t have to worship statues, you can talk with Jesus every day directly. God Bless…

        • Buttcrack Obama and I have done everything we can to destabilize the Middle East and Russia…(Hell, we created ISIS you stupid idiots!) What do you expect from narcissistic psychopaths? What difference at this point does it make! I own you Americans, you are my slaves!!!

    • When the Mystery of Iniquity is revealed (that is when Satan and his compeers get finally kicked out of heaven). Until then Satan still has the legal right to be in the Throne Room of YEHOVAH. When he is kicked out finally, he possesses the Destroyer who will sit on the seat of YEHOVAH and claim he is YEHOVAH. That’s probably at Purim, you know the story of Esther, Mordacai and Haman right. Even more and greater tribulation follows.

      Finally, when the 7th seal is opened, we see the 7 angels blowing 7 trumpets in order. 6 angels blow their trumpets on after another, then the 7 thunders follow. After the 7 thunders, the 7th and final trumpet sounds on Yom Teruah. At that point the saints are delivered from the wrath to come (1 Thessalonians1:10) when they are gathered on the sea of fire and glass. then 7 angels pour out 7 bowls of wrath. When that wrath is finished 10 days later on Yom Kippur there is the 7 day Marriage Supper of the Lamb – Sukkot. Then at the end of that on Hoshana Rabbah YESHUA returns on the Last Great Day.

      There is NO pre-tribulation rapture. The resurrecction doesn’t take place until the 7th trumpet sounds. You should read a little closer.

      • You are close, but what you missed is this. The Bible clearly teaches that no one goes to heaven until the resurrection/rapture. If you don’t believe this you can check out the scriptures that support this at . Therefore, when John saw the huge multitude standing around the throne from all over the world, guess what??? The resurrection/rapture has just happened otherwise they would not be there. And this is at the 6th seal. I will be kind to you and not tell you to read a little closer, because I already have, this is why I know this and you don’t.

        • Oh really, this is why you know and I don’t. Well good luck with that. Nobody will escape tribulation, but YEHOVAH’s people will not taste HIS bowls of wrath.

        • I wasn’t going to bother, but I decided to look at your site, Interesting. Nowhere under what is sin, did it bother to say that “Sin is transgression of the Torah (the law, the instructions).” 1 John 3:4
          So you think that the old covenant was done away with? And it was replaced with the new covenant? No. It is the renewed (blood) covenant. I’m guessing you don’t keep the Sabbath, because it’s been done away with! Tell me is your day of worship on Sun day, the venerable day of the sun (as Constantine put it)?
          Because you know so much, let me tell you that maybe you should read a little closer. YESHUA dying on the tree was the fulfillment of the Spring Feast of YEHOVAH, Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.
          “For verily I say unto you, Till. heaven and earth pass, one jot or one. tittle shall in no wise pass from. the law, till all be fulfilled.” Matthew 5:18
          And there is no pre-tribulation rapture.

    • 6th trumpet war happens before any rapture.

    • HO2

      I believe you are right .I hope!

    • HO2

      No wonder the guys a false prophet he’s on ricks show the the paster that more patriot then servant of God. Rick is so out their from the cross Jesus commanded him to carry . Don’t listen to rick he is a false prophet to . That uses todays events to pry money from your hands.

    • “This of course happens after the resurrection/rapture”

      Well of course but would that be WWI or WWII or maybe in 3045 after world war eight and why would anyone today amass ar army of 200 million men when we have nukes that would be used long before even a million men were needed to go hand to hand.

      Does your book talk about machines of war and not just the sling shots used in greece but as in machines thinking for themselves or will some scaolar have to spend years looking for something that could be twisted to mean war robots made of steel.

      China is showing of it’s new airport security and they are darlic like robots from Dr Who that go around zapping people that don’t do as they are told but i am sure they also have a military version of the killing machines comeing soon.

      Jango you will obay the machine won’t you :)

  • I think this is going to end up being more than a rumor, in fact its the last days for the cowboys and Indians,
    The bankers don’t care:
    The people don’t care:

    I think it will be a good thing, as it will wipe a lot of crap of the earth, :wink:

  • Really Americans are clueless?

    • Look at the people they keep voting into office and tell me, are they clueless?

      • Americans believe their votes count, but the Council of Foreign Relations that decides, based on how rich their ancestral royal ties are. This is how Bush beat out Gore, even though Gore had millions more voters than Bush! This is why Barak Obama was chose over Hilary Clinton. Not because they are good people, intelligent, possess high moral character and integrity, honorable. Not in the least of these values apply.

  • The majority in America are not clueless . They are merely helpless to stop it.

    • Neo

      Indeed, their leaders are not “voted into office”. However we have not yet reached ‘critical mass’ so to speak, I doubt that even 10 percent would have a clue.

  • Jay

    Why would the very rich push for a war that would destroy their wealth and power./ Not going to happen unless Hag Hillary has a fit and sends the missiles flying because she couldn’t fine her adult diapers.

    • It is in time of great crisis that great hero comes…
      oups sorry, I meant to say:
      It is in time of great crisis that the biggest fortunes are made.

  • Yes, WW3 is here already. The degrees have not yet reache 212f, or boiling point, but they will!

  • Peace is easy, a no brainer, just destroy the USA.

  • It is a dangerous election year. Perfect time to attack with a silly mahoo sodomite negro in control. One step that will delay critical decisions for the US.

  • HO2

    So a 10 day supply of food and water to ” survive a catastrophic event that could be so awful that it threatens the Germany’s very existence “? Hahahahah This guy is VERY off. Well we know now, what he says, Lol, is not prophetic.

  • B. Obama and Hillary Clinton are facing the threat of death due to brain cancer
    Aug.24, 2016
    According to a notice from the Creators,
    B. Obama and Hillary Clinton have been taken illness of brain cancer.
    They are restraining acute headache barely by morphine injections.
    That can’t solve their cancer.
    They will face death at the end of August, 2016 due to intensified brain cancer.

    • I liked your post….I don’t know if anything can take out Teflon Crooked Hillary and the Devil Jinn Obama and all their clones…but it would be nice to think so………….and George Soros too – clearly one of the top 3 most evil men on earth…

  • damn talking about being clueless, has this golden jackass been right about anything

  • I found a new alternative news forum

  • I hate to tell you but it seems that Putin has sold out by giving Turkey a green light to invade Syria who’s also a member of NATO and is fully under the control of the Yanks and Putin has been trying to give the US an amber light to invade Syria too under this bullshit “Partner” deal and Syria has said that the cease fire is over but Putin says it’s not.

    This war is a phony war to fool the masses just like in the book 1984 but if you think I am wrong then name me one day in WWII where less than 200 people died each day

    If they did as much shooting as they did talking then this war would be over by now

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