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Tucker Carlson Chews Up, and Spits Out Privileged Liberal Student On Live TV (Video)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 5:58
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(Before It's News)

Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.


I wonder how many of you out there know exactly who Tucker Carlson is, from Fox News of course, but never really knew what his official role or “title” was at Fox, at least not until recently when he took over the 7pm slot after Gretta Van Susteren’s hasty departure.I seem to remember him stopping by Fox and Friends a lot pn the weekends, but besides that, I can’t seem to put my finger on what his former role was.

Why do I bring it up then? Because in his new role, with his own show, he can be outright ruthless. If nothing else, Bill O’Reilly would be rather intimidating in person because of his enormous height and build, not to mention his constant interrupting, but after watching Tucker twice this week, I’d take my chances going toe to toe with O’Reilly any day. If Tucker was on much earlier than 7pm, there might need to be a special rating not to scare small children. 

Earlier this week, I posted: Tucker Carlson Ruthlessly Annihilates Liberal Reporter on Live TV because I couldn’t help but notice after watching the interview live, after Tucker was finished eviscerating his guest live, within 2-3 minutes of cutting to commercial, Fox already had the clip up on YouTube. They must have known it was going to be a crowd pleaser. In the article and the video below, this time Tucker chews up and spits out an over privileged, whining, safe-spacer, and his performance is brilliant. Enjoy!

Liberal or Stupid

Chicks on the Right writes:

Hampshire College in Massachusetts has removed all flags from campus. Why? Because some lilac-scented snowflake burned the American flag after the presidential election. 

Members of the campus community originally lowered the flag to half-staff after the election.


That move offended a lot of people, and the flag was found burned on Veterans Day.

“It is a disrespect. That shouldn’t have happened in the first place,” Hampshire College President Johnathan Lash said.

Officials replaced the flag, which they also flew at half-staff over claims that the flag represents “racism and hatred.”  Military veterans and their families were completely outraged, so the school decided to remove the flags completely.

School officials are expected to talk to the college community about “properly utilizing flags in the future.”

Tucker Carlson interviewed one of the students who supports the removal of the American flag. Everyone, meet Daniel Vogel.


I kinda want his picture on my punching bag. I feel like it would really help me reach my full potential in my workouts.

Vogel supports the complete removal of the flag, because it’s used by oppressive forces– like police officers and the U.S. Army.

Carlson had the best response EVER.

“You said, ‘Think about the groups who use the flag– from police officers to the U.S. Army. These are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen.’ Now the obvious point is– obviously– if the police and the army were to go away, sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive,” Carlson said.

Oh, it gets better. Carlson asked Vogel why it’s always the rich liberal kids who are burning American flags, and he didn’t have an answer. But Vogel did say that he’s super privileged to go to that college, and he recognizes that his parents were only able to accumulate their wealth and pay his way because of slaves, so there’s that.

That’s the problem with my generation. Self-loathing, wealthy students like Vogel waste all of their time “standing up” for the laborers in this country by burning flags and holding cry-ins. They actually think they’re making a difference. They actually think they’re fighting for the “greater good” by crying and burning things. Their parents are spending thousands of dollars a year so these students can sit around and pretend to care about minorities and the middle class. Then these social justice warriors graduate and become history teachers. (That’s what Vogel wants to do. If that doesn’t make you weep for the future, I don’t know what will.)

Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.



Hey Vogel– don’t you have some new artisanal bread recipe you need to try out or something?


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  • The Real Scary point here is; this Douche Bag want’s to teach your children History. Another Liberal Wanna-be Teacher. YIKES! :eek:

  • raburgeson

    My answer Norway. Of course I would never burn the American flag.

  • Uncle_Scam

    Notice that flag does not have the gold fringe and gold tassel on it. There are 2 flags here in this land. One for the sheeple/tenants and the other for the US INC corpor-nation. Go to any court room here in the corpor-nation and you have the Corporate US Inc gold fringed and tasseled flag. All servants of the US Inc. that use and stand in front of this gold fringed and tasseled version- including military all owned servants of the US Inc, including all electorally appointed presidential puppets of the Corpor-nation including donald. Can’t wait until he gives his New World Order speech, just like all of the others which you can watch them all on Youtube- barry, georgie, billy, georgie sr, joey biden- all NWO puppets- period.

  • This kid wants to be a History teacher? God save our children from this misguided miscreant. He has no clue about the real world, where wealth actually comes from, that middle class Americans actually work for a living, and that this country is the greatest in the history of the world. The USA is the first on the scene of any disaster to provide supplies and money; we give money to countries all over the world; yet idiots like this kid think we are oppressive. Our education system is failing our younger generations and must be reformed, taken our of control of the Federal Government.

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