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While Everyone’s Focusing on Fake Trump News Cruz Just Slipped an Unbelievable Bill Through! Time for Victory Dance? (Video)

Thursday, January 12, 2017 13:31
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(Before It's News)


January 12 2017


This time the distraction served a very good cause!

If anything good came from the fake news stories about Donald Trump this weekend, it provided the perfect distraction from Ted Cruz getting an incredible bill through congress that will INFURIATE the Democrats.

The lying Liberal media just provided the perfect distraction for all of the far lefties out there that would freak out over the bill that makes perfect logical sense.

In the bill, The Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic extremist groups would be considered terrorists and be watched more carefully.

Hmmmm… That’s a tough one to decide on right? Well the far left Democrats definitely would put up a fight over it but TOO late.

From MLordandGod


Hopefully the Democrats won’t realize this bill exists until it’s already passed. Because somehow they will try to defend the actions of Radical Islamic Terrorist groups.

Ted Cruz is trying to redeem himself after his actions during the election and is making a good start on doing so.

This bill should be a no brainer. If they mean the United States harm, no matter who they are, we should be actively working to stop them from doing that. This shouldn’t even take a bill in Congress to happen, but let’s hope that they are successful.

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  • Man

    right, how often were there terrorist of the Iranian Guard bombing the USA? My recollection, All of the attacks are claimed by ISIS

  • God Bless the awesome Ted Cruz. Eventually Trump will have to humble himself to Cruz and apologize for his lies about Cruz. It will happen…. Cruz is a very good man….a man of very high integrity. The crap the web sites said about him are all false.

  • I had business dealings as far back as the late 1970′s with middle eastern muslim men. This long before all the terror attacks. I can tell you that my experience has left me firmly believing that there is not a single one of them that could possibly benefit the USA. From what I learned of their culture as well as the mentality as individuals is that they are fundamentally incompatible with the laws, customs and people of the US. They are incapable of compassion, tolerance or compromising. The notion that the left liberals keep trying to ram down America’s throat that they good people, like us that just wants peace is blatantly false. Those that are not actively engaged in acts to harm the US are at the least unsympathetic and complicit in harming the United States and it’s established peoples and culture. It is our culture, especially things tied to Christianity that want more than anything to take from us. In place of the predominantly Christian based beliefs in our American society that cherishes above all else, life and freedom the muslims want to replace it with their core beliefs of hate, deception, lying, death and slavery. Those that are sane, that excludes liberal democrats, have realized that there is no, and never will be a place for muslims in the USA as long as we retain or long standing customs, religions and freedom. The left has been working dligently for years to undermine the teaching of our youth so that they will more easily relinquish the world of their parents and become subjugated by the muslims. A whole lot of us recognized this and that’s how Donald Trump came to be president. They liberal left globalist democrats went too far.

    • b4

      the japanese were not very “pliable” before ww2 either…..

    • Totally agree.

      There is a fine line between a muslim and an islamic terrorist, the only diffrence is which verse of the Koran they hold dear.

      Is unfortunate that innocent people get included in almost all sterotypes, but sterotypes certainly exist for a reason. Its definition means the behaviors, beliefs and way of life that is practiced by a particular group of people. This could be ANY group and still have measurable stereotypical behaviors. For example a group of 5 And 6 year olds, sterotypically are not responsible enough to be left alone, they may not have any malicious intent, they only want to play games. Out of this group , one child is obviously diffrent than the others. This child can manage the whole day unsupervised, she is aware of dangers and is capable of caring for the other children as well, but this doesn’t mean that they all SHOULD be left alone simply because Suzy acts older than her peers.

      Stereotypes are real, everyone should grow up and stop being such pansies because your feelings are hurt. If you are part of a group, but do not fit the sterotypical mold of it….. Congratulations! Now, move on. Be at least enlightened enough to realize that there is some truth to it, but that doesnt mean you HAVE to be part of the stereotype. Old people are slow, white people are over zealous and corny at times, black folks like R&B music, Mexicans eat beans & rice and drink tequila. Chinese people are smart and probably know kung Fu, Bums are drunks or drug addicts. Is this true for many, yes! Is this fact for all, no! Its only typical for that group. Its not racist or hateful, is a generic way to categorize something as diverse as human beings into groups with simular characteristics without having to recognize each individual persons personality. This is no different than categorizing a race of people as “one” . Most Black Americans today probably have at least 3 nationalities in them but as a whole, but they are called African Americans.

      My point is, there are some good Muslims. I have personally known several. But….. As a whole thier religious beliefs are so contrary to Americans way of life, that it makes them a threat to our country. The Koran is contradictory, it teaches both peace and violence. This is what makes this religion dangerous. I 100% percent believe that we as humans, especially Americas have the freedom to believe in whatever god or philosophy we choose as long it doesn’t hurt other people. This is what the whiny, politically correct liberals are bitching about right. Well, there is a fundamental problem in Americans protecting the religious rights of a foreigner. #1 you better know what will come to bite you in the ass in your quest for religious freedom for all. Muslim men don’t respect women or gays, their religious beliefs allow them to beat, torture, rape and murder them if they feel like it. It’s common to disfigure the woman by throwing acid in their face or cutting off thier clitoris for punishment. They marry children (not hot 15 year olds, 7 year old babies!) they sleep with them on thier wedding night , many little girls don’t survive the honeymoon. Who the f**k is giving their baby girl to some middle aged perv to marry and rape, the whole society is down with this crap or the women are too terrified and have no right to protest it). To be gay is an abomination, but its common social practices to sodomize little boys. They actually have a saying about “little boys are for pleasure”. Their religion tells them that ANYONE who is not muslim is an infidel and infidels are to submit to Allah or be put to death. This includes atheists, so don’t think that just because you don’t have a God that you get to stay out of it.

      This shit is real, they can do whatever they want in their country, if we allow them to come to America, legally we have to protect thier religious rights. We cannot allow any of this crap to be “normal”, accepted behavior that our government will defend. This would be treason to allow another culture that is admittedly open to despising America and her citizens, vowed to destroy them, especially Christians to take over our legal system which ironically would grant them the right and protection to do whatever they wish in the name of religion. Since its a catch 22, religious freedom also allows lawlessness, and since we are too culturally diffrent to live peacefully beside each other (that would be like placing a motion censored bomb under a railroad track) the only sensible thing to do is do what we have been doin, agree to disagree, you stay in your country where you have your religious customs and laws already in place, the Sharia government that you like and we infidels will stay over here and mind our f***ing business and worship Jesus or McDonalds golden arches and not allow someone who has no birthright to be here and turn Amercia into Amecca.

      Im not violent but aint nobody telling me who to worship and if a mf touched my baby, we gonna have an old fashioned firing squad on the streets of my town. The destruction of Amercia would be inevitable, to allow the undoing the of the work that over 1 million US soldiers have died for. They died to allow you the freedom to believe whatever you want no matter what anyone else says, not to systematically force an entire country to eithersubmit to Allah or die in thier Jihad (war for god). With thier beliefs its their way or no way, this is totally against any American value. They are definitely not all terrorists, but they are all Muslims, their religious beliefs bear the fruit of terror for many. They simply cannot be trusted to handle themselves as American citizens because thier entire culture and belief system is enstilled in them, thats all they know, and they are willing to die to force the planet to bow to Allah. They have already taken over the middle East, Jerusalem that was given to the Jews by God himself, they are taking over Europe in masses. Islam is not not just a religion, its a plan to make the entire world submit to the slavery of thier system of evilness and hate while parading around as a religion of peace? Seriously! The most heinous images of human torture are mostly associated with this religion of peace and submission to God. This is submission to Satan, “and you shall know them by the fruit they bare”. BEWARE people, stop being so concerned with people feelings and realize that you must protect your self, children and the future of humanity. They simply dont belong here, it a matter if national security. Sorry, to the few who are truly loving and peaceful. We cant risk the fall our nation just because you are a good person. If you are 1 out of 100 you dont count for shit because there are still 99 people I must be afraid of.

    • My mom and dad used too live in Oman, right across from saudi arabia. He was fire chief for the International airport in Muscat, Oman. He lived with the Muslim people their and found the majority of the Muslims too be people just like us. They wanted love, peace, shelter, and friends etc etc etc. My dad once told me that he asked them what they thought of the extremists of the radical muslims, to which they replied, ” they shame Islam, they do things against Allah, and against mankind which are shameful”. In fact the Sultanite of Oman had too wage war with the extremists in his country , along with the old soviet aggression as well. Please dont get me wrong on this matter. I am not a Muslim, I am a Christian, and know the only way out is through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because they dont accept Jesus as the Son of God, then God will not hear their prayers, and will not save them on the day of his Fury. Salvation comes from acceptance of Our Lord. Im just saying the majority of Muslims Do Not Like the Extremists ,the same as you and i dont like extremists here who terrorize us. As Christians we are bound too a Higher Authority , and Higher standards , like Love , Peace, Joy, Kindness, self control. Soon we wont have too worry about extremists, radicals, or any such ones, as we have a solemn oath that the Lord Jesus Christ will do away with such ones forever, and we will have a Kingdom in the Heavens rule over us, oh and btw NO NWO! What a blessed time that will be! :grin:

  • Thomas Jefferson read the Koran several times, and banned anything pertaining to Islam from entering the United States, maintaining the Koran is completely unconstitutional. Islamic pirates were brutal, unmerciful, and seized merchant ships, and enslaved ships captains. Also killed thousands of sailors and workers. These pirates were the reason for the conception of the U.S.Marine Corps. Islam is NOT a religion, it’s a barbaric and dangerous CULTURE!!!

  • Cruz is a zionist puppet, and a liar, just like Trump said. Cruz teamed up with Lindsay Graham, that should tell you something…

  • TC

    Knessetman Cruz serves his masters well.

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