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15yrs after 911, Alt Media Still Colluding With MSM To Repress The Ultimate 911 Truth… Why?

Thursday, September 8, 2016 15:19
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Why are :

AE911truth, Jim Willie, Drudge, Alex Jones and his crew, jsnip4, SilverDoctors, Steve Quayle, Jeff Berwick, Luke Rudkowski, Larkin Rose, Max Igan, Dan Dicks, Lisa Haven, Activistpost, Lew Rockwell, Max Keiser, NaturalNews, SHTFplan, the Daily Sheeple, David Icke, ZeroHedge, King World News, John B Wells, Newsdoctors, allnewspipeline,  X22report, NewsDoctors,, Michael Snyder, Greg Hunter, Dave Hodges, Intellihub…

and all the other supposed “truthers” refusing to honestly investigate what the overwhelming evidence is pointing to… the ultimate 911 truth?


I realize that I am putting some on the above list on the spot… but as Jim Willie would say: “I don’t give a backward flying rat’s ass”, the truth needs to be told!


Almost all of the above describe themselves as Investigative Journalists and acknowledge that 9/11 was an inside job, but not one has had the courage to investigate and expose the WHOLE truth.




The Planes we were repeatedly shown “hitting” the Twin Towers

were in fact SIMULATED using simple CGI video overlays!


Look at the evidence and WAKE UP!


My original post exposing this con came out in Jan 2015 and has garnered more than 105’000 views… but not one truther in the alternative media had the courage to share it!


  • Adam Kokesh FB’ed and twittered it. Thanks dude! (by the way, download and share his amazing book FREEDOM absolutely FREE… available in English, Chinese, and soon, French)
  • Also thanks to Shawn from SGTreport / for posting the following video, although I have never heard him discuss the topic. Hopefully that will change…

Does This Evidence Prove The 9/11 Planes Were SIMULATED?


The rest of the alt media “journalists” need to “investigate” the evidence in this post and come forward!


If you don’t like the way I write and you don’t want to link to my post, “I don’t give a backward flying rat’s ass“… put the evidence in your own words and just get it out there!


Recently the Saudis admitted that the US blew up their own towers in order to promote their FAKE war on terror,

only to have the US come out with their PHONY 911 MISSING 28 PAGES OF BS!!  implicating the Saudis.


There were NO Saudi terrorists in the planes because



Don’t believe me… read this!

The FBI’s Blunder: 9/11 Hijack Suspects Alive and Well


Report: 15 of the 19 “Hijackers” on 9/11 were CIA Agents, Never on the Plane



The following post will prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt that the “Official” explanation of what happened on September 11 2001 (9/11) is a total fabrication from beginning to end.

Please use the brain God gave you and critically review the following information.

I’m sure it will resonate with a good number of you.

Please share…



“Official” 9/11 story destroyed! Irrefutable un-doctored photographic and scientific evidence, whistleblower videos, expert testimony and undeniable truths!

Jan 11th 2015


Hello friends,


In this post I am going to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the “Official” explanation of what happened on September 11 2001 (9/11) is a total fabrication from beginning to end. THERE WERE NO PLANES! No planes hit the twin towers, no plane hit the pentagon and no plane crash landed in a field in Pennsylvania!

That’s right, the mainslease media is hiding the truth from you… as are many in the “alternate” media!

There were no planes… the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable, as you will soon see.

“Oh but people saw planes hit the towers! They said so on TV !”

Oh yeah? you sure about that? Have you ever heard about “crisis actors” and the way they lie and cry on cue for the camera as they did at the FAKE Sandy Hook slaughter?


Before you start hemming and hawing, review the evidence and make up your own mind…and please pass it around.


All the information and evidence is readily available on internet, as you will see.



As the “official” story goes…


4 jets were hijacked by a bunch of Arab terrorists, who, until that day, only had limited experience piloting small single engine planes such as Cessnas, Pipers etc… It’s like going from carving a turkey to performing open-heart surgery, but on this day, september 11th 2001, the four “terrorist” pilots managed to fly Boeing passenger planes, at low altitudes, hitting three of their four intended targets with precision, the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. As for the forth and last plane which was headed to crash into the White House… it was supposedly overtaken by “heroic” passengers and wound up crashing in a field in Pennsylvania.


Did I forget anything?


Oh yeah, this band of Arab terrorists somehow fooled ALL of the United States defense systems:

“Actually, you do not need any of the expert evidence to know that the US government’s story is false. As I have previously pointed out, had a few young Saudi Arabians, the alleged 9/11 hijackers, been capable of outwitting, without support from any government and intelligence service, not only the CIA and FBI, but all sixteen US intelligence services, the intelligence services of Washington’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad, the National Security Council, NORAD, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Traffic Control, and defeat Airport Security four times in one hour on the same morning, the White House, Congress, and the media would have been demanding an investigation of how the National Security State could so totally fail.”

The author of this quote, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy Under president Reagan and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.





We were repeatedly shown the same

DOCTORED videos and images of animated jets

slamming into the Towers over and over and over

till we bought into the “official” story

without question.


Without further ado, I am now going to prove to you, using sworn expert testimony and un-doctored photographic and video evidence, that not only did NO PLANES hit the Pentagon or the field in Pennsylvania, but in fact, NO PLANES hit the Twin Towers either! You’ve been duped. We all have been. It was a Hollywood production from beginning to end.


Here’s what really happened that day… or what really didn’t happen that day…


 This post is broken down as follows:


Exhibit A: No planes hit the Twin Towers

Exhibit B: No plane hit the Pentagon

Exhibit C: No plane crashed in Pennsylvania (Flight 93)

Exhibit D: Building 7…no plane either


Conclusion: Beware of “Controlled Opposition”



- EXHIBIT A: No planes hit the TWIN TOWERS…


Let’s start by looking what happens to an aluminum airliner when it hits




It bounces on it and breaks into pieces!



And what happens when an aluminium military jet flies into a concete wall at 500mph?

Same speed btw at which the supposed planes hit the towers!



The hollow aluminium jet telescopes into it’s self

and is reduced to dust…




- Since when can Aluminum cut through reinforced concrete and steel?!?…. since NEVER… it can’t!  Use your critical thinking!

The modern day civilian transportation airliner is made out of aluminum and is hollow, similar to an aluminum can. If shot into a concrete and steel wall, an aluminum can would be crushed on impact and fall to the ground. Fact is there is NO WAY an aluminum jet could cut through a reinforced concrete and steel structure.

The plane, if there were one, would have telescoped into it’s self, the wings and the tail sections would have seperated from the fuselage, and the whole thing would have fallen to the street below! Even the engines would have probably fallen to the ground outside following impact.



This image represents the impact site of Tower 1. Notice the little person in the red rectangle. Her name was Edna Cintron. She is standing about where the left wing attached to the fuselage of the “plane”.




This is a close up of where the left wing supposedly went through.

Notice Edna on the right.



Do you really believe the left wing fit through this tight space?


This is the same view as above, enlarged… notice Edna (light green oval) is not alone (red oval to left). Notice the two yellow arrows. They point to two massive steel reinforced walls that the aluminum wing supposedly sliced through! The light green arrow is pointing to the steel reinforced concrete floor the wing supposedly also went through!

The blue rectangle at the top shows that the inner steel layer stayed in place when it should have imploded inward upon impact. Instead we see that the explosion was rather towards the outside, ripping away the external steel stucture outwards.



- The plane’s aluminum nose goes through the building???

  I don’t think so…





The following video is by a visual arts professional and exposes how they achieved this fakery… and what they did wrong:





- John Lear


The sworn testimony you are about to discover was given by John Lear, the son of Learjet inventorBill Lear.




John Lear is 65 years of age, a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot with over 19,000 hours of flight time, over 11,000 of which are in command of 3 or 4 engine jet transports, has flown over 100 different types of aircraft in 60 different countries around the world. He retired in 2001 after 40 years /19’000hrs of flying.

He holds more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certificated airman. These include the Airline Transport Pilot certificate with 23 type ratings, Flight Instructor, Flight Engineer, Flight Navigator, Ground Instructor, Aircraft Dispatcher, Control Tower Operator and Parachute Rigger.


As a witness in a lawsuit, Mr Lear has given his sworn expert testimony that it would have been physically impossible for Boeing 767s, like Flights AA11 and UA175 to have hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, particularly when flown by inexperienced pilots:

·   “No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors’, he stated in the affidavit.

·  ‘These crashes did not occur because they are physically impossible as depicted, for the following reasons: in the case of UAL 175 going into the south tower, a real Boeing 767 would have begun ‘telescoping’ when the nose hit the 14 inch steel columns which are 39 inches on center.

·   ‘The vertical and horizontal tail would have instantaneously separated from the aircraft, hit the steel box columns and fallen to the ground.

·   ‘The engines when impacting the steel columns would have maintained their general shape and either fallen to the ground or been recovered in the debris of the collapsed building.”



Listen to John Lear in his own words declare that: “There were no planes at 9/11, there were no planes at the Pentagon, there were no planes that hit the twin Towers…” within the first 10 seconds of this video, before he then goes on to explain why.


- Extreme heat was responsible for weakening the structural integrity of the Towers…Oh Really?!?

We were told that the extreme heat from the jet fuel fire melted the steel columns causing them to bow and weaken, such that the structure could no longer support it’s own weight and came crashing down.


Observe the above photos.

The slash across the Tower in the top image is supposedly the entry site of the “terrorist’s” plane.

Oh… but wait… aren’t there 2 women visible right where the heat should be at it’s hottest?

The one standing is Edna and the other, anonymous, is laying down… their long flowing hair not even singed, not the slightest evidence of excessive heat anywhere to be seen. One is touching the side of the building with bare hands; the other laying on her stomach on what should be a very hot surface.

And we were told that the towers fell within an hour of these photos due to “the intense heat” from the jet fuel fire. As you can see there was no intense heat, no fire! It’s all bull!

These two women were murdered, as were over 3000 others, several minutes after this photo was taken, when the buildings were professionally taken down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.



- Proof that jet fuel fires don’t burn hot enough to melt steel:


As you can see below, jet fuel burns at 1,890°F (1,030°C) in an open-air combustion.


And in this chart below, observe that steel’s melting point is 600°F hotter… at 2500°F! Therefore it is not possible that the heat generated by burning jet fuel could ever get hot enough to melt the steel supports… and especially not after only one hour!



More proof: A Chechnyan 40 story skyscraper burns like a torch for hours and never collapses!




- Proof that the “Official” 9/11 videos were DOCTORED…NO PLANES HIT THE TOWERS.


This next Video is a live news-feed from a News helicopter which was filming the scene when the 2nd explosion went off at Tower 2… with no plane anywhere to be seen!

This video is in German…either watch the whole thing or start at the 5 min mark to see the original video played simultaneously with the doctored one.


If this does not WAKE YOU UP… nothing will.





The original live footage on the left clearly has the blue Hudson river as a backdrop with boats floating on its surface and the New Jersey shore line in the distance. In this video an explosion is seen, but no plane. This video is THE video used to create the doctored version on the right, as you will see!

The doctored video to the right, however, has the background totally white-ed out to better contrast the fake plane overlay. When played side by side, the truth speaks for itself.

By the way, that is an NBC logo in the bottom right hand corner of the deceptive, doctored video. NBC is obviously in on the conspiracy…as are ALL the media houses the world over who have so successfully kept the lie going for 13 years.


BY THE WAY… ”conspiracy theory” does not mean “made up story” as some people out there seem to think… a conspiracy merely describes an act as being planned and executed by more than one person… ex: several people “conspired” to rob a bank.

Conspiracy “an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.“ (

One person alone would have had a hard time pulling off 9/11, so I think one could safely call it a conspiracy, in fact… a massive conspiracy.



Must see:  How they made the “Doctored”, deceptive video:

Digital Computer Recreation of 9/11 WTC ‘Airliner’ Impact




So, if there were no planes… what brought the Towers down?


- Evidence of explosives found in 911 dust samples:

Nano-thermite found in 9/11 dust:



Dr Neils Harrit, a chemistry professor from the University of Copenhagan found military grade nano-thermite explosive material present in the dust samples taken from ground zero. The nano-thermite he found was in both the reacted and un-reacted forms. By Mr Harrit’s calculations, tons of it would have had to have been placed strategically in advance in order remove the steel supports and have the building fall in it’s own footprint at free-fall speeds. The nano-thermitic ignition reaction can INSTANTLY produce heats in excess of 4000°F! More than hot enough to instantly melt steel, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact they used more nano-thermite than needed to bring the buildings down and it continued reacting for a whole six weeks later. Nobody could approach ground zero because of the molten metal and the heat it produced.



Others believe small nuclear devices were used:

“Dr. Ed Ward has documented what he believes is the use of micro-nukes on the World Trade Center complex attack that took place in September of 2001.

One of the smoking guns in this case is that over 5.3 billion pounds of steel was instantly turned into 2 billion pounds of dust, but that’s not all.

Massive steel beams were bent like pretzels as the towers collapsed.”



A jet fuel fire could not result in six weeks worth of molten metal at ground zero

“There are several published observations of molten metal in the basements of all three buildings, WTC 1, 2 (“Twin Towers”) and 7. For example, Dr. Keith Eaton toured Ground Zero and stated in The Structural Engineer, ‘They showed us many fascinating slides’ [Eaton] continued, ‘ranging from molten metal which was still red hot weeks after the event, to 4-inch thick steel plates sheared and bent in the disaster’. (Structural Engineer, September 3, 2002, p. 6.)”


MUST SEE VIDEO: Incontrovertible Proof that we are being lied to about the presence of molten steel at ground zero.

First you will hear a government official deny that there are any witnesses to the “molten metal” claim, and then hear the actual testimony of witness after witness after witness stating that not only was there molten steel, but it was like a foundry with rivers of molten metal, like lava!









Front view of Pentagon. The supposed plane came from behind (red arrow).

Notice the highway that runs right next to the “crash site” (blue arrow).

On 9/11, the highway was full of cars, yet no one witnessed seeing a plane!



The above image was taken just minutes after the “crash”. The red arrow shows the roof is still intact and has not yet collapsed, the yellow arrow shows the impact site.


Shot taken after the roof collapsed. Look at all the traffic on the Highway! Yet nobody saw a plane.

Do you see any evidence of a plane crash?




Observe the exit hole on the inside of the Pentagon. Do you think a plane created this hole? Looks more like an unexploded missle exit.

Look at all the light poles and metallic structures in the flight path that are still standing. Do you think a Boeing jet could fit through there without knocking them over?



This shows you the relative size of the plane they claim hit the Pentagon.



They told us that there were no remains of the plane because it vaporized into thin air on impact?!? due to the intense heat perhaps from the jet fuel?!? LOL. But within the red circle in the image above there are no signs of fire, no burnt, blackened walls. In fact you can clearly make out office furniture and computer monitors…and in the blue box, notice all the windows are still intact!


The Pentagon Video:

The Pentagon must have hundreds of security cameras around the perimeter, wouldn’t you agree? Below is the ONLY video they would release… what a joke!

The impact is at the 25 second mark. Don’t blink, you might miss it!



Did you see a plane? A far cry from the Tower videos!

Why not give us a few more camera angles?




 - Exhibit C: No Plane crashed in Pennsylvania!



This movie made about Flight 93 is pure fantasy… complete and total propaganda!


The official story is that the box-cutter toting Arab “terrorists” were gang rushed by a few courageous passengers, who luckily were able to document the whole event over their cellular phones to their friends and family, (some were on the phone as long as 20 min) at cruising altitudes of 30’000 ft.

If you stop and think about it, you know full well that you cannot get a cellular signal once off the ground and certainly not at 30’000 ft. Especially not 13 years ago! Even now you would need a satellite connection.

How could anybody have believed such obvious BS? But we did…


These next photos show two actual plane crashes… notice the plane parts, scattered belongings, body parts, luggage etc…




Now look at the crash site of Flight 93…


Don’t believe me? do a “Google Image” search of the Flight 93 crash site for yourself!


The following video is a must see, amazing footage and honest reporting from the Flight 93 crash site:

Listen to what the local news had to say about what they found at the site.

- Eyewitness – Crater Too Small For A 767, No Bodies, No Wreckage




There…I have proven to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that


Not on the Twin Towers

Not at the Pentagon

Not in Pennsylvania

we have all been deceived…


But now the clincher…



- Exhibit D: There was a 3rd building at the World Trade Center to collapse on 9/11 … Building 7


Did you know that about 7 hours after the Twin towers collapsed, at 5:27pm, a third building, the Salomon Brother’s building, Building N°7, collapsed as well? That’s right…



First they said that Building 7 collapsed because of collateral damage and office fires… then they changed the official story and admitted that they demolished Building 7 “because it represented a danger to the public”.

Only problem is that it takes WEEKS to set-up a controlled demolition, especially one in the middle of one of the most populated cities in the world… more lies.



- BBC and CNN both announced the collapse of Building 7 prematurely

… the BBC did so 27 minutes before it actually happened… on tape!



See the video for yourself



- The BBC got sued and LOST for lying about 9/11 tens years later:

As a result of this screw-up by the BBC, Documentary filmmaker saw an opportunity to expose the 9/11 lie…


This past september, he won his case:



- Controlled demolition of Building7  FINALLY Confirmed:


Press release:  World Trade Center Building 7’s Controlled Demolition: 9/11 Consensus Panel Releases New Evidence from Witness Testimonies and Architectural Drawings


June 1, 2014 –The 24-member 9/11 Consensus Panel –, which includes physicists, chemists, engineers, commercial pilots, attorneys and lawyers – today announced three new studies confirming the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7.



So let’s recap:


·   It’s impossible for a hollow aluminum plane to pass straight through a reinforced concrete and steel building, at any speed!

·  Extreme heat did not bring down the Towers: Jet fuel “open air” combustion burns at 1890°F, but steel’s melting point is 2500°F… that’s a difference of 600°F

·  Evidence that the “Official” videos depicting Tower 1 and Tower 2 attacks were doctored

·  Military grade nano-thermite incendiary explosive was found, in reacted and un-reacted forms, in the Ground Zero dust by Dr Neils Harrit.

·  A small nuclear device might also have used, as suggested by Dr Ed Ward to explain the reduction of 5.3 billion pounds of steel into 2 billion pounds of dust within seconds.

·  Molten metal was witnessed for up to six weeks after 9/11. As already proven, extreme heat was not the cause of structural weakness or collapse. So what was keeping the steel molten for six weeks running?

·  There is absolutely no evidence that would give validity to the claim that a plane hit the Pentagon. More likely a self-inflicted missile strike.

·  There is no evidence of a plane crashing in the field in Pennsylvania. No plane parts, no luggage, no body parts… nothing.

· The BBC and CNN had advanced prior knowledge of the World Trade Center’s Building 7′s imminent collapse and reported it 27 minutes prematurely blaming collateral structural damage from the Twin Towers as the cause. They later recanted saying that Building 7 was brought down by “controlled demolition” in order to secure the safety of the citizens. lol

·  A new report confirms that Building 7 was brought down 5 hours after the Twin Towers by “controlled demolition”.





Why is what happened on 9/11 so important?

Because ever since this elaborate and apparently convincing hoax was perpetrated, the whole world has been conned into supporting the rape and pillage of countless countries in it’s name and have looked the other way as over a million people have been slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and others, all victims of this contrived war on terror… all due to the lie that is 9/11!

We have been told that terrorists are everywhere! They tell us that we need to spy on our neighbors and give up our freedoms in order to be safe. We are told that the governments of the world have no choice but to listen to all our conversations, and read all our emails and that we need to trust them to keep us safe.

Who is going to keep us safe from the real terrorists… the ones who really want total dominance over us and really mean us harm?

The muslims aren’t the ones spraying chemtrails daily over our communities or putting GMO in our food. They are not the ones putting poison in the vaccines (SV40, mercury, aluminum etc.) or the ones fear mongering and hell bent on starting WWIII. They are not the ones humiliating us at the airport with pat downs and cavity searches and they are not the ones trampling on our hard earned rights and freedoms. They are not the ones responsable for the derivatives bubble, precious metals manipulation nor the pending economic collapse and they certainly are not the ones responsible for 9/11!


It’s time to wake up…



How is it that Alex Jones and his team of crack “investigative reporters” (Paul Joseph Watson, David Knight, Kurt Nemo, Anthony Gucciardi, Adan Salazar, Kit Daniels, Rob Dew etc…) haven’t discovered or reported the TRUTH?

It’s called “controlled opposition”. If you’re not sure what that means, look it up.


Alex Jones on the Howard Stern show, suppressing the TRUTH and admonishing “No-Planers”:


It might be a little unfair to single out Alex Jones… there are MANY more names we could add to the list.

But rather than listing each traitor individually, let’s just say that:

ALL those in the “truth” movement who pretend to be on “our side” yet continue to suppress or conveniently omit what REALLY happened on 9/11, are suspect.

The list is loooooooong!


Why is it important to know the truth of 9/11?  Because if you understand what really happened, or what really didn’t happen, then you realize that you’ve been brain washed and can now begin the “media propaganda” de-programming.

When I say media, I mean the “presstitute” media, the propaganda pusher media… anything on television or in newsprint! The media are the ones keeping the truth from us.

Turn off the television… there is a reason they call television shows “programs” and speak about “television programming”, because that’s what it is. They have programmed us over the years through their mindless sitcoms and propaganda news shows to accept everything they say on face value, and this needs to stop. We need to start using our own critical thinking and logic once again.


Your homework:

Google search “Project Bluebeam.

It is the ULTIMATE hoax they have planned for us.


Let’s not be fooled again.




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