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Atlantis Revealed: Plato’s Cautionary Tale Was Based On A Real Setting

Thursday, September 24, 2015 6:31
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In the first video below, the host begins by saying, when people bring up the topic of “Lost Worlds,” with all our technology today, the concept seems more laughable then credible… but is that true? People also laugh or point fingers at the topic of UFO’s or of ancient aliens visiting the earth millennia ago, yet they don’t offer plausible alternatives to how some of the world’s most ancient structures were built. Pulley’s and strong men in loin cloths only goes so far to explain things, but modern “science” seems content to stick to that answer no matter what the question is. As for some of the pre-historic megalithic structures, many of which we are learning date back to 30,000 B.C., modern “science” likes to pretend they don’t exist because the very existence of the structures shatters the narrative “science” has already determined will be sold as “truth.” It’s a lot like climate change in that way. 

Normally with “scientific endeavors,” 99.999% of the time, new data is welcomed by those researching a hypothesis to assist those researchers in refining an existing theory. There can never be too much information. What the heck kind of “scientific” studies are not only closed to new information, but they are SO closed, that anyone offering new information will quickly be marginalized by smear attacks and public flogging? I’ll tell you. The kind of “scientific” studies where the outcome was determined long before the research started, and it was determined by those who have an agenda. Who could possibly have an agenda to hide the truth about the inhabitants of earth before 13,000 years ago you ask? 

The Mayans estimated life on earth had been wiped out five times before the civilization presently on earth as a result of cataclysmic planetary events, so it’s likely to think a sixth time is indeed possible. I submit to you that those with an agenda includes anyone who currently has access to that ancient knowledge, and has attempted to use it to try and predict the future based on it. They may have determined that the sixth cataclysm is coming, and since we all can’t be saved, they are hoarding the knowledge to save themselves. More on those topics in the links at the end, but for now, think of what organizations you’ve heard of that are actually in favor of depopulating the planet, and could care less if a sixth time came around, and most of the population was wiped out. Don’t forget, we know Secret Societies Have Arranged For Trillions to be Spent On Underground Bunkers For Them, But Not You.

Today’s scientists have no problem admitting that over 80% of earth’s species are unknown. Is it that hard to believe there are things deep under the ocean surface that covers 75% of this planet that could also be unknown? In the video below, one of the ancient world’s referred to is frequently mentioned in many discussions of the ancient world. Of course I am talking about the lost continent of Lemuria. Lemuria was believed to be a giant land mass that covered from Fiji, to Hawaii, and as far south as Easter Island. In a book titled, The Lost Continent of Mu, the author claims all of mankind descended from this Lemuria, but an enormous earthquake shifted the earth and the land mass sank. The land’s original inhabitants were said to be Giants. 


Atlantis, which is the topic of the article below, is also said to have met its demise about 10,000 year ago as a result of massive earthquakes that sunk the island. Perhaps evidence of the great Atlantis can be seen on an ancient map (picture above). The body of land in the map labeled Antilla and circled in red is said to have been the actual Atlantis, but it is deep under the ocean surface today. When you consider that One of the Oldest Maps On Earth shows an antarctic continent when it did not have ice, and it has been over 30 million years by most estimates since the continent was not covered in ice, that makes a map showing the location of Atlantis seem downright common. 

Like Lemuria, the people who lived in Atlantis were also said to be Giants. Were they the Mighty Nephilim Giants the Book of Genesis Chapter 6 talks about? There is evidence to suggest they may have been. If so, they were the offspring of the angels cast out of heaven by God, and possessed knowledge we couldn’t even dream of today. Were the Giants from the stars the way the ancient Sumerian texts say? There is also evidence suggesting that some type of being was able to travel the globe and interact with different ancient civilizations because the same pictures show up around the world in ancient writings! Atlantis was said to be so advanced, The King and Queen were rumored to live in a giant palace with running hot and cold water. 

In the video, the second lost world is an underground world of tunnels in the earth called Aghapta. What makes that so interesting, is the Ancient Underground Caverns of Malta, Now Sealed Off By the Government, Were Said Be Created By Giant Beings Using Technology That Could Rival Today’s!!! One researcher, Dr. Dickhoff, associated with the non-profit Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, says in the Journal of Borderland Research that the caverns connected to massive underground system of tunnels carved out by a race of pre-historic giants that originated in the Antarctic. None of these people were working together, and these tales have been passed down thousands of years. It’s not like ancient civilizations had access to the Internet and could create global hoaxes, so isn’t it fair to say there is at least SOME degree of truth in the stories? In most situations I might be inclined to say no, that does not mean there is any correlation to truth. Here, given the great efforts being made by some organization to make sure the “scientific” community does not investigate ancient ruins up to 30,000 years old, warrants further investigation of legend. 




Christos A. Djonis at Ancient Origins writes:

The time is 360 BC, the dawn of Western civilization. Athens, the cradle of democracy, is the epicenter of the ancient world. In his dialogues of Timaeus and Critias, Plato introduces a tale of an advanced prehistoric civilization, which since has captivated the imagination of every generation that followed. This was the story of Atlantis, an idyllic island paradise of skillful navigators who often crossed the Atlantic to explore. Atlantis, according to Plato, was ultimately lost to the sea. Its memory, though, was not soon forgotten.

For two millennia, people unsuccessfully kept on searching for the legendary island, making Atlantis one of the most lasting and fascinating stories of all time! What about those, however, who over time claim to have found the lost island? The truth is, no one until now was able to introduce a site that perfectly matched Plato’s description. Instead, we have theories upon theories on the whereabouts of Atlantis. Why though? If everyone utilizes the same textbook, why the apparent confusion? Can this be a case of gross misinterpretation among researchers, or did early translators fail to properly capture and relay Plato’s account? And, what about the chronological conflict that exists in Plato’s account?

Let’s take the original Santorini hypothesis, for example. Unquestionably, the island of Santorini, its volcanic eruption and the advanced Minoan civilization, was the best we had on Atlantis until recently. This was never a flawless hypothesis, though. Always a big problem with that theory was the fact that Plato’s given chronology of 9600 BC had to be discarded (as Athens and most story details did not belong in that period). There is another bigger problem with that theory, though. While Santorini itself undeniably matches the site where the crown city of Atlantis once stood (talking about the concentric rings of earth and water) the problem is, Santorini alone never matched Plato’s entire description. The primary island of Atlantis, one Plato said was to be 9 kilometers away, is missing from the particular setting of 1600 BC. These major flaws allowed for critics to raise doubts on that hypothesis, and to continue to question the validity of Plato’s story.

Of course, serious research on Atlantis was never simple. Science fiction authors, movies and other creative works of popular culture, eventually capitalized on the story’s popularity, and contrary to Plato’s account, over time they turned Atlantis into an ultra-modern society with flying machines and technology far beyond our own.

Nonetheless, eventually every search comes to an end. Recently, a four year study that included a thorough analysis of Plato’s work established that serious errors by early translators allowed for the mixed messages in the translated document.

The recent study not only decisively placed Atlantis in the Mediterranean Sea, but, it concluded with the discovery and identification of a submerged prehistoric island that in every way matches Plato’s Atlantis. While in the past finding Atlantis was thought to be more difficult than winning the lottery, now there is a tangible site where all the physical characteristics of the given description match. The topography, the given chronology, the volcanic geology, the flora and fauna in that period, the island’s destruction by a great flood, the presence of an unknown prehistoric civilization in the area, and DNA evidence all point to a genuine discovery.

More specifically, the study shows that around 9600 BC, when according to Plato Atlantis was above water, the modern Cyclades Islands were connected by the Cyclades Plateau, a flat terrain (now 400 feet below sea level,) that formed the body of a huge island. When this prehistoric island is compared to Plato’s Atlantis, it immediately becomes evident that this must have been the land Plato was talking about. Its northern region was comprised of mountains that reached the shores. Below the mountainous region there was an oblong valley measuring 555 Km2

Below the oblong valley there was a smaller valley, 2/3 the size of the oblong valley that measured 370 Km2. This was the primary island. Nine kilometers away from the primary island, and precisely as Plato depicted, lies the island of Santorini, a circular island with a flooded core and a small island in its center (Santorini, an island within an island setting, a sea volcano with a collapsed center, prior to the volcanic eruption of 1600 BC had a single opening on its outer ring that allowed ships to enter its watery caldera).

Atlantis 2

Plato’s Atlantis

Atlantis 3

Atlantis area map

The consequence in finding Atlantis at around 9600 BC leaves no doubt that Plato based his story on a real setting and a prehistoric civilization known to ancient Greeks, which in order to successfully communicate some of his philosophical ideas (divine vs. human, ideal societies vs. corrupt,) he filled with familiar matter from later times, including details from the Minoan era of which he was more familiar with. The existence of a matching site at around 9600 BC, in essence, proves that Plato did exactly what Homer did with Troy 400 years before him. (Homer’s Iliad was an entirely fictional story that revolved around a real setting and a historical incident that took place 600 years before Homer himself.)


Atlantis 4

The super-island of the Cyclades Plateau (Plato’s Atlantis) was drowned by the sea at around 8000 BC, during the rapid rise of the Mediterranean and just prior to the flooding of the Black Sea (see UNESCO study, 2009.) Incidentally, around this time, Lake Agassiz, a gigantic glacial lake in North America, also burst open and began to drain into the Atlantic. It is worth noting that Lake Agassiz covered an area larger than all the Great Lakes combined (440,000 Km2) and at times, it contained more fresh water than all the lakes in the world today. The total fresh water outflow from this lake alone was so immense, scientists believe it raised the oceans worldwide by as much as nine feet and further produced the 8.2 kilo-year event that followed, a mini ice age that lasted 400 years! This global cataclysm at the end of the last Ice Age, which ultimately raised sea levels by 400 feet, not only erased our early history, but this could also be the event we all inadvertently refer to as the “Great Flood.”

As for the island/continent across from the Pillars of Hercules, one larger than Libya and Asia combined, the latest study demonstrates how Plato’s reference of the American continent got misconstrued into that of Atlantis. The mention of the continent across the Atlantic, “one that encompassed that veritable ocean,” was Plato’s poetic attempt to demonstrate Atlantis’s incredible naval capability and its capacity to cross the ocean via island hopping (through Scotland, Orkney Islands, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.) Several clues and archeological evidence actually confirm that the ancient Greeks were aware of the American continent in order for Plato to include it in his story.

Atlantis 5

Crossing the Atlantic via island hopping

The implications of locating Atlantis in the Mediterranean go beyond the discovery itself. This find not only substantiates Plato’s claim of prehistoric transatlantic crossings, but may finally help explain how the Mediterranean haplogroup X got to North America 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.

While most geneticists today maintain that haplogroup X walked to America via the Bering Strait, genetic maps show that the furthest region east of the Mediterranean with small traces of haplogroup X, is the Altai Republic in Southern Russia. No traces of haplogroup X exist between Altai Republic and the greater region of the Great Lakes. If haplogroup X infiltrated North America via the Bering Strait, why then does the greatest concentration of haplogroup X (away from the Mediterranean) exist around the Great Lakes and not in Alaska or alongside the west coast? Most importantly, how do we otherwise explain that heavy traces of haplogroup X incidentally also exist in Scotland, Orkney Islands, Faroe islands and Iceland, essentially all the island stops to North America from Europe. 

Atlantis 6

Genetic Map of Haplogroup X

Finally, a 10,000 year old Mediterranean civilization, may help explain more archaeological oddities in this region. Recent erosion and seismic tests at the Giza Plateau, indicated that the Great Sphinx may be much older structure than previously thought, and along with the site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, both seem to coincide with Plato’s story of Atlantis. Is it possible that Gobekli Tepe and the monument of The Great Sphinx could be remnants of the same advanced civilization Plato referenced in his story, one that was aggressively advancing against its neighbors in Africa and the Middle East, or do those belong to another culture? And what about the advanced proto-Euphratean people who descended upon the Mesopotamia around 7000 BC, from a region “unknown.” Could these enigmatic people be the refugees of the same culture who fled the Mediterranean basin and moved eastwards to escape the inundation? Undoubtedly, they could have brought with them the story of the great flood as well as the skills and technology to incite yet another great civilization, like that of ancient Sumer (just as the survivors around the Cyclades and neighboring islands may have ultimately contributed to the rise of the Minoans).




Above Top Secret Writes:

The ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, Mayans, Incas and Aztecs were indeed fascinating. In a very short space of time they reached a very high social, cultural and technological level, before the Spanish invasion. They were at the same level or higher than the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations and despite the fact they hadn’t contact, there are stunning similarities among them, mainly in architecture and astronomy knowledge. Due the lack of any interchange that could justify that similarity, the archeologists can’t explain exactly, how these Mesoamerican civilizations were raised and achieved such advanced level in so isolated area: The Yucatan peninsula and the Andes. According to their descendants, they were raised by “stargods”, that arrived with their “light boats” in that region, to teach civilization to ancient primitive tribes that lived there and build a very advanced empire. 

The current history fail in elucidate the mysteries of Mesoamerican civilizations, ‘cos the scholars insist in regard their “gods” as myths. Could be these beings, only fruit of collective hallucination, fertile imagination or they actually did exist??? Lets see what we got here: 

According to out of box researchers, the Mesoamerican tribes were survivors of the last global cataclysm, most likely the “flood” reported in the Bible, that resisted to the ice-age, coming from another lands through the Bering Strait, to live in Equatorial and Sub-Equatorial areas, free of the high level of waters. Curiously, the Mexican people, descendants of the Aztecs, that live of tourism, claim that when their ancestors migrated to Yucatan peninsula, they already found the huge pyramid of Sun, in Teotihuacán, that supposedly was built 20,000 years B.C., not in 1 A.D. as alleged by the mainstream archeologists. It’s seems the same case of the great Khufu pyramid. 


Sun Pyramid

According to Popol Vuh, a kind of “Mayan Bible”, around 3.100 B.C. a very tall bearded caucasian-like, long skull humanoid, arrived in Yucatan, in your “cosmic boat”, accompanied by african-like giant warriors. This humanoid was knew as Quezalcoatl, among the Aztecs and Toltecs and later as Kukulkan among the Mayans and Incas. The negro warriors were knew as Tulas. According to book “Unexpected Faces in Ancient America”, of Alexander von Wuthenau, the Tulas aka Olmecs, were Nubian-Ku#es, but regarding that the word “Aztec” came from AZ-TLAN, referring to the sunk continent between America-Europa-Africa and the word “Tula” came from THU-LE, a land of the ancient Lemurian continent, most likely Kukulkan was originally from Atlantis and the Tulas were Lemurians. 






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