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NASA Accidentally Exposes Themselves – Apollo Moon Landing Was Fake

Saturday, September 5, 2015 4:04
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For someone who regularly asks, What If Everything You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie, there have always been some things that just seemed off limits. Off limits meaning most of us know the criminal enterprise we call the U.S. government lies about just about everything, but the Apollo Missions? Really? Say it isn’t so. I’ll reserve judgment because all the camera stuff discussed in these videos really isn’t my thing, but I’ve always been in the “Only someone WAY out there doesn’t think the moon landing was real” camp, and here I sit wondering if they might have an extra sleeping bag and some marshmallows. 

Here’s what I do know: I have followed Rob Skiba for years on just about every form of media out there. First and foremost his faith comes before anything, so I don’t see any personal gain in his agreeing with Conscious Truth (who put out the videos) just for 5 minutes of YouTube attention. If anything, I would think it might hurt him. I also know Rob’s attention to detail, so he’ll leave something out of a presentation if there’s even a chance he can’t prove it. Finally, he’s an award winning film maker, so I’d like to think he knows what he’s talking about with all the camera stuff. I will say that I did find the argument about the size of earth in the pictures rather compelling, but I’m no expert there either. 

As much as I won’t rush to judgment, there is one other factor here that I cannot discount. I’ve never heard Rob Skiba discredited for lying. As for NASA, I’ve almost never heard anything that was true, so history is not in their favor… but still… come on… don’t let Apollo be all lies too?!?! Then again, as the links below very clearly show, NASA has been filled with occultists, satanists, and for NAZI’s since day one… 


Pt. 1: Illuminati Infiltrate NASA, Conceal Largest Lie in History, & Will Depopulate

Pt. 2: Nazi’s and Illuminati Directly Responsible For the U.S. Space Program, but Why

Pt. 3: Secret Societies Arranged For Underground Bunkers For Them, Not You.

Pt. 4: Why Are The Illuminati Planning To Crash the Global Economy

Pt. 5: What Is The Illuminati Doing To Usher in Global Martial Law?

Pt. 6: 74 NASA Scientists Dead: Largest Cover-up in Human History Continues

Pt. 7: What Dark Secrets Are The Georgia Guidestones Hiding From Humanity

Pt. 8: Former Illuminati Confesses on Obama, Space Program, Denver, and Aliens

Pt. 9: Planet X Accidentally Disclosed by NASA At Recent Conference

With NASA’s latest animated GIF showing the moon crossing in front of the Earth, they have totally exposed themselves as the frauds that they are. If nothing else, they have just proved that the entire Apollo space program was a massive, expensive hoax. Why? Because if this latest, state-of-the art imagery is true, then every picture we’ve seen of the Earth from the moon cannot be real. Furthermore, if this video is true, then all of the other “Earth Rise” videos we’ve seen from the satellites of other countries (like Japan) are exposed as fraudulent as well. One way or another, someone’s lying – and charging us BILLIONS of dollars to do so.

Rob Skiba – Moon Landing Faked

Here it is – the Smoking Gun Proof that NASA fakes images of the Earth. I have compare an image from Google Earth that shows the exact same part of Earth supposedly. You can clearly see that the NASA ‘photo’ shows Africa way too short in length. Also Madagascar is the wrong size. Also please think about the fact that the entire Earth is covered in water vapour and so therefore you would never see vast areas of blue ocean as is depicted in the NASA phoney image. See my next video which exposes this aspect in detail. Thanks for watching and sharing.

I made a shorter HD version of this analysis here:…

NASA Fake Images of Earth 1

PLEASE download the image yourself from NASA and do what I did – contrast down, brightness up:…

NASA Fake Images of Earth 2







Here I show clearly beyond any doubt that these ‘photos of the Earth’ produced by NASA during the Apollo 15 and Apollo 16 ‘journeys to the moon’ are CLEARLY FAKE. They show clear cropping, in particular the Apollo 16 image shows the cropping line somehow going through the Earth ! It is such a badly produced image it is a joke. I wonder whether they didn’t deliberately produce the mega-crap Clementine image just to make these useless attempts seem better! This is the final nail in the coffin for the Apollo missions. Clearly they never took any photos of the Earth on their way to the moon, which makes you question if they ever went to the moon at all. Please see my other videos to see how the Apollo 17 famous ‘blue marble’ image of the Earth is also fake. Also see my JAXA videos which is the Japanese fake moon mission.

I am very sorry for you if you still think the Apollo missions were real. I know it’s hard to believe, just go and have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit 

NASA Fake Images of Earth 3

NASA describes this image like this: “Clementine color mosaic of the full Earth taken while the spacecraft was orbiting the moon. Over 70 high resolution images were taken and put together to form this mosaic.” !!

But a comparison to Google’s mathematically perfect model of the ball Earth, shows that the Clementine image is just another crappy fake image. It is impossible to see the ocean to the left of Ecuador, South America and see the Persian Gulf at the same time!!!!! NASA messed up big time on this one.

NASA Fake Images of Earth 4

NASA’s fake Earth image team really screwed up on this one. Find the image here and see for yourself, the clouds are duplicated. NASA admit this is a composite image, but there is still no reason to copy & paste clouds images really is there? What a load of crap.

Find this fake NASA image here:…

NASA Fake Images of Earth 5








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This “Alien” Discovery is Throwing NASA Into a State of Bewilderment! 

Elusive Planet X Caught on Video in the U.S. After Sundown (Video)

13,000 Year Old Satellite Orbiting Earth Sending Radio Signals (Video)

Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed

Possible Alien Structures Spotted on NASA’s Image of Ceres 



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  • CrissCross

    Can’t say anything about moon-landing, but read this…

    9 Scientific Facts Prove the “Theory of Evolution” is False!!! :eek:


    • Fact: Everything the corporate military media complex dumps out is pure BS…Do your own research and think for yourself.

      • Humans are obsolete. No longer a viable option in space travel. Fossil fuels are obsolete no longer a viable source of propulsion what so ever.
        Everything is robotic and electromagnetic, everything.

        • ROFLMAO! *Points at the lost and ignorant clapster*

          Ha ha he


          Your pitiful.

          • Humans are NOT obsolete. Fossil fuels were obsolete in the fifties.

            But humans ……no…..humans are not obsolete.

          • DK

            Humans are an infinitely renewable resource manufactured by unskilled labor therefore can as you say never be obsolete.

            Slaves cant have too many slaves, and they are such a convenient food source. :twisted:


    • Imagine what a vast Herd of NASA NAZI War Criminals have been spending trillions and trillions of tax payers dollars on for the last 70 YEARS

    • NASA = Never A Straight Answer

  • The Moon Landings are the adult version of Santa Claus.

  • It’s amazing what idiots today will believe. A faked moon landing would have taken a conspiracy involving thousands of people who hated Nixon’s guts. And it never came out during Watergate??????????????

    On national TV we saw the astronauts go up in a rocket, go to the moon, walk on the moon with low gravity and come down on a space capsule into the Pacific Ocean.

    • Big dog.../small fish... This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
    • The only ones that needed to know were the astronauts, the film crew and half a dozen higher ups.

      On national TV we saw a talking horse and a flying nun… What’s your point?

    • On national TV we also saw planes hitting two towers, which never happened. Our govt fakes everything (Boston bombing, Sandy Hoax, Biker shootout in Waco, etc etc…)

    • Anonymous I was one of the 70% who uncritically believed during the Apollo era. And I read news magazines, science magazines, and books.

      I saw one of the Saturn Vs launched.

      I sat in biology class brushing tears from my eyes, as the Apollo 13 capsule came down under 3 good parachutes.

      I practically memorized Lovell’s book, “Lost Moon.”

      Thousands of people do keep secrets, Anonymous. Thousands of people prefer secrecy and craft, secret societies, intelligence agencies.

      And honest people are afraid for their own lives, and for their families, when dealing with such organizations.

      Very little came out during Watergate. About anything. Nixon had a mind of his own, and the shadow government forced him out. Do you SERIOUSLY think the Washington Post is a crusading, muck-raking enterprise?

      You did not see anybody leave low Earth orbit. An unmanned craft went to the Moon, in each case, to relay radio traffic, and to deploy some instruments on the Moon.

      In the 21st century we have learned things about the Moon and about the Van Allen belts, that we would have known, if we had left low Earth orbit.

      The Van Allen belts are more variable in intensity than previously known. On a good day, it would be deadly to pass through them. But, they unpredictably get much more intense.

      The Moon is more radioactive than we knew, due to cosmic ray bombardment.

      You SAW a movie set. And there are THOUSANDS of ways to prove that. For a start, look at the picture above. The Moon’s surface is nearly as white as the white stripes on that flag.

      And the Moon should be black, compared to white stripes on a flag. The Moon absorbs around 90% of visible light.

      Did you ever wonder why NASA didn’t talk about lunar-origin meteorites, during the Apollo era? Why not say, hey, see how our samples compare? Because their samples WERE lunar origin meteorites.

      You called us “idiots.” And I say, conceit makes people gullible.

    • Nixon once said, ” If Americans see it on TV they will believe it.” Do you believe everything you see on TV. If so you are a idiot.

    • you mean like the thousands that kept the Manhattan project secret?? or the secret about the federal reserve?? no more federal than federal express but you believe it to be part of what passes for government??
      Or the FACT that what you “BELIEVE” is government is nothing more than a myriad of private for profit corporations masquerading as a government??? You can confirm this your self by going to d& or, find your FAVORITE pretended government agency and type in their CORPORATE NAME.. therein will you find the truth.. that EVERY SINGLE FRAUDULENT GOVERNMENT AGENCY IS A PRIVATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATION!!

  • NASA is a cover up for the REAL space program. :wink:

    • They wouldn’t need cover for a secret space program. They would just not tell you about it.

      • Nasa was created in 1958.
        from wiki:
        The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.
        President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1958[5] with a distinctly civilian (rather than military) orientation encouraging peaceful applications in space science. The National Aeronautics and Space Act was passed on July 29, 1958, disestablishing NASA’s predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). The new agency became operational on October 1, 1958.

        they definitely might have been receiving help from “aliens”

        • Wiki can be edited by anyone. You say nasa is fake (it is) yet you believe wiki? LOL! They’re both full of crap . :idea:

  • And this proves there are bad aliens on the moon but NASA have kept this picture secret for years:

  • The main problem with a rotating earth when it has been shown by NASA is the the clouds remain the same. Which is weird because if you look at the sky clouds change every minute!!!!!!!!! But when NASA shows us a rotating earth the cloud remain on the same spot the WHOLE day !!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is impossible!!!! :neutral:

  • Nazis were in cahoots with Vatican if you look at how Vatican supported Hitler. Those Nazi scientists came to America and started NASA. They are still in cahoots with Vatican. Why British empire allowed this to happen is because they were in cahoots with Vatican economically. And they were in full support of Jewish agenda and still are. Now where are we going from here? Will the British empire ever break away from Vatican? Why sterling is suffering relative to Euro now? It is interesting to see where all these are going to end up in the end.

    • Truth seeker

      The nazi’s were financed by Talmudic Jewish bankers, Von Strauss, Von Stein, Warburgs, etc. After the Zionists got the approval for a Jewish state in WW1, (Balfour declaration) they needed a way to get European Jews (ashkeNazi) to immigrate to Palestine. History well records that the large majority of European Jews wanted no part in moving to Palestine, which is why the first Zionist council had to be moved from Frankfurt, to Switzerland, because Jews were protesting against Zionism.

      The entire purpose of the nazi’s was to terrify European Jews into fleeing to Palestine, and to create so much world sympathy, that their Jewish state would be subsidized by reparations. It happened just how Theodor Herzl imagined it would. After all, how can you have a Jewish state, without any Jews? It is well documented that 150,000 nazi soldiers were Jewish. Many were top ranking SS. Harretz Israeli media posted an article concerning Hitler’s DNA. The article recorded that a Jewish geneticist had determined that Hitler was genetically the same as the rest of the Ashkenazi (European) Jewish population (Khazars). Hitler had Jewish body guards, cooks, doctors, bankers etc. His goal was not to exterminate the Jewish people, but to cause them to flee to Palestine.

      America basically fought for the soviets in WW2. It makes sense when one considers that America had F.D. Rosenfeld, and Harry Shalom Truman calling the shots in Washington and Eisenhower making sure their orders were carried out. Read some of the letters that general George Patton sent to his wife. He talks about how disgusted he was at the fact that Eisenhower let the soviets have Berlin. He knew full well that what they were doing in Germany was spawned by Jewish vengeance against the German people, started by Morgenthau and Baruch.

      The Vatican is, and always has been a crypto-Talmudic Jewish institution, created under the direction of the Pharisees who indirectly murdered Jesus, to destroy the followers of the gospels from the inside out. Everything about them has its roots in Talmudic Judaism.

      • It was the Vatican who gave passports to the Nazi generals and Hitler to escape to South America. If they(Vatican) were part of the Zionists, I don’t think they would have allowed them to escape so easily. I agree that Talmudic Zionism is at the core of the evil that is going on in the world. But think about this, why UN which is controlled by Vatican would allow the land of Jerusalem to be divided by the two independent countries, Israel and Palestine that is happening right now. I don’t think that’s what the Zionists want at all. Vatican is going against the will of Zionists on this particular issue to believe that Vatican and Zionists are going hand in hand on everything.

        • Zionism is not at the core. It’s being used like communism, which the universal Jewish encyclopedia admits is a Jewish phenomena. Zionism is just their latest catalyst for evil, being used to divide the world into opposing camps to gear up for WW3. The hateful ideology of Zionism comes directly from the Talmud. I’m not saying the Vatican are part of the Zionists, but the Vatican itself, and the entirety of the catholic religion was created by Talmudic Jews after they indirectly killed Jesus. Talmudic Jewish Pharisees created Catholicism to ensure Christianity would be destroyed from the inside out, by controlling opposition.

          That’s why the college of cardinals and the Sanhedrin have the same number of members,(71) that’s why they both wear yarmulkes, that’s why both organizations claim to represent God on earth, that’s why they both claimed the right to change what’s already been written, like the Pharisees did with the Torah and the Vatican with the bible. The Pharisees created the system (midrash) which provided perpetual exemption of all morality, and the Vatican did similar things with the bible. Sunday worship is a good example, because originally the commandment was to keep the day of the sabbath holy, Saturday being that day originally. There are many examples, and not enough time at the moment to explain them all.

          The UN was created just in time to ‘justify’ the apartheid state of Israel, and the financial capital for its creation came from the same Talmudic Jews that control the papal treasure, the federal reserve, IMF, BIS, the financial capital of the whole world. Rothschild is just the most recent in a long line of Talmudic money changers, who have been the money masters since before the Vatican was even a thought.

          It’s all about controlling the opposition with these ‘people’. By controlling both sides of the coin, it guarantees their desired outcome. World domination. That’s why they’ve orchestrated and financed all major wars, from all sides, throughout our history. I would never try to claim the Vatican is innocent, not by any means. I just know why it was created, and by whom. The catholic institution is founded on the practices of Talmudic Judaism. It exists as controlled opposition, so that no matter which side you pick, it’s their side.

      • its been about a hundred years since world war one happened. Millions of people were killed or injured in that war and some survivors said many years later that it also caused world war two to eventually happen ‘to settle the score for those injured’, revenge payback and all kinds of negative and hateful purposes
        many many people moved here to America after the last war to get a fresh start which brings us to where we are today.

  • If it’s part of the ‘federal government’ OF COURSE they RIPPED US OFF, that’s what government does! The ‘United States’ is the BEAST of Revelation, of COURSE it has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD! And it continues to this day! That’s because it’s run by DEMONS. It’s not flesh and blood that is doing theses things, it’s fallen angels manifested as human beings.

    • “Yahoo-H-Cripes in a chicken basket”

      “Holey mother of ducks we are abso-effing-lutely on the effing moon”


  • Imagine this. SIX perfect moon landings and taking off [without even one unmanned practice mission]. No deaths and its 230,000 miles from earth. Is that really believable?

    Now consider the later Space Shuttle….a mere 200 miles in low earth orbit. Fourteen horrific deaths in two crashed shuttles. Its now scrapped as being too dangerous.

    Which one was real and which was a Hollywood NASA hoax?

  • There are so many fakes put out by NASA. Where to begin?
    Notice the shadows. Flag and man’s shadows converging, not parallel. Also, they are cut off behind the flag. The dish’s shadow is expanding, while man’s shadow is not, indicating a very close light(mulitple) source. Then there is the ever present horizontal background line that’s present in all moon photo. Here, it even cuts off the lander’s shadow.

  • The Clucker

    NASA “practices” its Rover in Devon Island, Canada and uses those “Films” as being from a different planet. When you look at the photo, you’ll see all the exact same rocks, hills, background, etc, and NASA even admits they “Practice” their Rovers there.

    • lts very simple to catch nasa out with their earth images.Simply find out when the image was taken then do a google search for a weather map for that time and compare.Simple.

    • You used to be able to see very clear aerial photos of Devon Island with google earth.

      It was then revealed that NASA is using Devon Island for fake Mars photos.

      Now google has blurred all of the views of Devon Island.

      WHY??? I think we all know why.

      • Give nasa enough rope and they will hang themselves.They need to be exposed for the good of mankind.People are sick of their lies.

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