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Captured ISIS Leader Makes Terrifying Confession About Barack Obama

Sunday, September 20, 2015 17:51
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Treason 3


Captured ISIS leader Yousef al-Salafi has confessed that the Islamic State is being funded by the U.S. government. America has been suspicious of the Obama Administration’s treason without concrete evidence – until now. You’re shocked? Really?

ISIS Leader Says ISIS Funded By The Obama Administ



What else is there to say? None of this is new, yet thousands and thousands of Americans will watch the video below in shock and disbelief. Then, they will continue to do what they do best… nothing. A few weeks ago, a post titled Obama Ushers In Armageddon to America, provided a list of the 45 Goals of the Soviet Union to bring about the complete destruction of the United States. The list was published in 1958 during the cold war. After looking at the post for all of 30 seconds, the reader can count the goals that are highlighted in BRIGHT RED, and should take notice that Obama and his band of clapping seals in today’s Democrat Party have already accomplished about 30 out of the 45 goals. There is no debate to be had, go look. 

There have been many people like myself and countless others, from all walks of life, who did our homework on Obama years ago, and have been screaming our findings from the rooftops since long before the 2008 election, but our cries continue to fall on deaf ears. Lawmakers Have Come Forward Stating, “The Obama’s Are a Made-Up Family,” formed solely for the purpose of getting Obama into the White House. No matter how many times it gets brought to light that “Fundamentally Transforming” America Literally Follows the Communist Manifesto to the Tee, Obama has continued his tyrannical reign with impunity. 

Politicians will be politicians, and that will never change. As such, they will say or do whatever is necessary to retain their coveted positions of power, which is why we see them pander to anyone, even groups like Black Lives Matter, Whose Protesters Are Actively Endorsing Killing Police. while Obama remains silent. Like any drug addict, politicians’ addiction to their power is understandable, however detestable it may be. What is NOT understandable, is the sickening level of ignorance the common every day American is content to live in. 

Not one of Obama’s clapping seals who are voting in favor of the deal with Iran can name anything that the United States GAINS from the deal. Nothing. A recent poll revealed 1/3 of Americans Support a Military Coup of the Obama Administration to Oust Obama, so clearly Americans KNOW that Obama is a bad actor, but everyone wants someone else to handle it. Americans have become so damn self-absorbed, petty, and uninformed, that they have no clue that the barrel of Obama’s big government gun has them square in its sights. By the time the full effect of the Obama Presidency is felt, Americans will be in so much pain they won’t know what hit them. How have we become a nation so content with ignorance. It’s sickening. 

How many more times does it need to be said before the sleeping giant awakens? Obama is NOT playing for the team that says America on the front. Do MILLIONS need to die before that simple fact is conceded, and people become willing to take action? Right now, the TREATY that is being unconstitutionally RAMMED down our throats even as I type this, is such an act of TREASON, that recently a Former Federal Prosecutor Has Said That Legally Speaking, There is NO DEBATE: Obama and Those in Congress Supporting the Deal Are Guilty of Treason. Open and shut. The end. Period. 

Either we the people stop Obama, or Obama stops the American way of life forever. It’s quite possible we’ve passed the point of no return already. That’s not “rhetoric” either, so don’t go there. Anyone who has taken the time to be well informed, knows all too well that is not “rhetoric.” The links above highlight only a tiny fraction of what is going on. The Obama administration is engaged in SO many unconstitutional and illegal acts right now (even former Secret Serviceman Dan Bongino has said as much), that personally, I’ve given up trying to bring many of them to light simply because Americans can’t even get the basics down yet, much less the complicated things.  

As Americans, we are signing our own death warrants, and we are selling our children and grandchildren into slavery, and we are whistling Dixie as we do it. It’s disgusting. As the end of Obama’s “scheduled” term in office closes in, watch for the police state to continue to squeeze our throats tighter and tighter. it would be best for people to make an effort to learn some of the Tactics US Citizens Could Use to Take Down the Oversized Military Police State. The following video is from that post. People need to wake up. Please. 

Right To Protect Freedom




Al-Salafi’s testimony to Pakistani officials is very damning for Obama and his hidden agenda to support ISIS and the destabilization of the Middle East and Europe.

The U.S. banking system has been allowed to filter funds to ISIS under the watchful eye of the Obama Administration.

An argument of ignorance on behalf of the Obama Administration is irrelevant. Our government has the resources to track and record every phone call and email in America every day. In the past, we have frozen billions of dollars belonging to terrorist countries at a moment’s notice.

The real question here is not, “what will congress do about it.” We already know they will do nothing. Boehner and McConnell sold out long ago.

The real question is, “how do we – the American people – take back our government before Obama succeeds in destroying us.”

Source: Conservative Post





Martial Law










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  • The “Voice of Reason” is going to believe something a slimy radical Muslim has to say….


    • Treason…Hang the sodomite!

      • With your clapping avatar, and your constant talk of sodomites, i think i figured out what you are trying to desperately share with us: You got the clap from getting sodomized constantly :mrgreen:

      • Equalizer please be respectful and compassionnate to homosexuals, but they are responsable for 85% of Syphilis and 95% of AIDS/HIV and are the main ways of transmitting them, especially old black homosexuals like Obama.
        The Gay Agenda is murderous and must be stopped.
        But at the same time let’s be compassionate and saddened because homosexuals live 20 to 30 years shorter lives than us straights and die in horrendous deaths of multiple infections.

        • Gays are a dying breed. I knew you looked like one. So when did you get aids?

      • Bob

        There Are Non More Blind ~ Than Those That Will Not See !

        America what is it that you cannot see going on around you ?

        1. Obama is not an American
        2. Obama comes from a fanatical Muslim background and upbringing
        3. Obama is not Black but a colored ( crossbred black and white )
        4. why are all Obama’s personal history records hidden from public view ?
        5. What did you not understand about Obama’s election manifesto :- ” CHANGE ”
        6. Can non of you Americans see the monumental evidence at the 9/11 center
        or Hoover dam ans Statans statue in Denver ?
        7. Do none of you notice you deteriating position in world power and politics
        8. Do none of you ever wonder why you are always overseas fighting failed military
        incursions ?
        9. Have you never wondered why Americas military budget exceeds that of all others
        even though you haven’t been in a real war since WWII….
        10. Have you not taken note of your growing GMO Population of oversized freaks ?


    • Nuke the pederastic mooslims

    • Wasn’t Al Salafi another jew who “converted” to Islam like Youssef Khattab and Adam Gadahn of ADL? Our real problem is ISRAEL not muslims. without Israel? We wouldn’t be in all these middle east wars to begin with. WTFU and get conscious you idiots

      • Anonymous are you a muslim????? Cause you sure as hell talking like one,,,,Israel not the problem, you are an idiot…. Back up off of Israel.

        • You look like a used up porn star.

        • Bob

          kimbeluv, unfortunately you are very misguided my dear

          Please investigate the symbols on the Israely flag…..
          Then try and explain away how the Zionists managed in infiltrate and control American poli-tricks… ?!!

          While South Africa Was crushed into a failed black ANC,SACP,COSATU Tripartheid socialist state under the guise of Liberal multiculturism 21 years ago

          Israel to this day remains an Apartheid State… ?

        • Those In Israel…Those That Claim What They Are Not… Go Read ye Bibles… Abominations Those Of The Zionist…

        • mitch51

          Israel is TOO the problem. Where in hell have you been lately?

          • AllRoadsLead2NWO

            The International Jew Bankers have totally fracked up the entire globe. As soon as a country lets the jew bankers in= they are screwed. The US INC has been butt fracked by them 3 times now. They own all of america- every piece of land in it, every lawyer, judge, court and politician- the entire congress and they are the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

      • Have to be a Muslim or Nazi
        Do the World a favor and take a long walk off a short bridge with your anti semitism and hatred for Israel

        • Learn The True Meaning Of Antisemitism… It Means Those That Speak Or Do Not Speak Out Language… Now Go Read The Definition That The Zionist Changed To Reflect Their Lies… Changing A Word Does Not Mean That Its Now The Truth… People Today Have Been Covered In Lies Because Of The Abomination Of Those That Claim Their Zionist Plan Of Murder And Chaos…

        • AllRoadsLead2NWO

          I see some folks love being owned, house, account and all to the International Jew Bankers- and other folks do not.

          The Bankruptcy of The United States
          United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303

          Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

          “Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise.

          It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 – Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

          The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: “The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States.”

        • Jacko

          Israel is a Zionist state. Jews can’t even have their own state. Zionism = antisemitism. Support Israel and you ARE antisemitic. Theodore Herzl was a true Jew hater. The Zionist campaign against Jews started in 1895.


    • What’s crazier; what people can be coerced into saying while being tortured, sorry advancely interrogated, or how easy it is to convince people, such as yourself, that these things are true.

      It’s comical how people will say you can’t trust anything a terrorist says, but as soon as a terrorist says something that goes along with their agenda, those same people act like it’s the word of a prophet.

      I suppose though that we should believe the word of an ISIS Leader though, I mean they have no reason to lie. /s

      Good Luck.

      • Finally….someone with eyes.

      • DefaOmega, I wouldn’t trust what a Leftist like you says but also not what a terrorist says under interrogation. That’s soooo true.
        What about Obama: should I trust him?
        I trust what he says but why won’t he give up his original paper birth certificate?
        What’s wrong with him?
        Is he afraid of jail?

        • King of Shambhala –

          Your rantings seem even less coherent now a days. It seems all the false ‘prophecies’ you’ve had an predictions that never came to fruition must be taking a toll on you mentally. I understand, being so wrong so often, when you feel so positive that you’re right must be very difficult. You should move on though man, you’re no good at this stuff. No one believes anything you say, and they shouldn’t, because you are literally never correct.

          To answer your questions though you shouldn’t blindly trust anyone, it’s ignorant. Can Obama be trusted? In some regards yes, in others no. Which can literally apply to any person on this planet. Sometimes people are wrong, or deceitful for a purpose, or just straight up lie. It happens.

          As for the paper birth certificate, what do you want? Should Obama drive to your house with it and let you physically examine it for sometime? If a president starts caving in to every ludicrous demand made by people all of their time would be spent meeting those demands. Besides the digital copy there are pictures that have been taken of the paper copy. How is that not good enough?

          Good Luck.

          • Thank you, DefaOmega. A well thought out comment can be hard to come by, around here.

          • DefaOmega…Rantings from K.of S. are ongoing…but, you might be more troublesome than he…

            a Shill/Troll for Obama…your birth certificate ‘query’ – you must think we are all stupid here – lacking research skills…that would be incorrect…the online birth certificate was found to be a ‘total fraud and forgery’ – as was his S.S.N. – which, apparently, he still uses…nice try, pal…but, some of us ‘have’ done our homework…

            and the investigation is ongoing…any President who denies the public access to his birth records and any other pertinent documents to prove he has been properly vetted and is a ‘viable’ candidate for office, should be terminated.

            If it were up to me – he would produce them – or be gone, period.

            Folks, notice how this fella uses the phrase ‘ludicrous demand’ – this is ‘really exposing what side of the fence he’s on’…there’s nothing ‘ludicrous’ about it, at all, pal…only your agenda here is being revealed to all of us… :wink: L.

            Mike Z., please get this thing wrapped up soon…Thankyou, L. :idea:

    • yawn, even the maths says Obama is BOSS OF THE MOOOSLIMS, its right in FRONT OF YOU, but nooooo

      the MAAAH DI.

      Mahdi. whyyyyyyy must one lay it out,, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh, from my time here on BIN, i have grown a VERY dim view of humanity.

      lets go step by step for the RETARDS.
      1: Long ago, there was a rich popular man FORMED al-qaeda, he then TOLD his people what he would do, and to watch his rise to power, LOOOK at his picture, looook familiar? ??


      MMMKAY? now, if you were a mooslim moehameddan, and you saw this dude, that said he would do the impossible, and become the president of the usa, how much would this boster your faith? enough to go on hiraj?

      would it be enough? MASS MIGRATION, of YOUNG people, where are the OLD refugees???
      and why the pope and the mahdi are such good friends, is because islam =catholic, their aim is to kill as many people as possible, for their blood god, dagon. Fish hats an chicks dressed like penguins hard to miss em. So they ORCHESTRATE the whole thing themselves, the pope SURELY had a hand in getting the mahdi into power, and they play MIND games with the people, but its like “standard grade” mind games.

      SHAME. anyway, i for one m glad my work here is done, now i can enjoy myself, all i had to do was say certain things to a TINY group of people, now, now we cans point and laugh, for soon Demacia will rise again! i shall henceforth be using even more obscure terminology! for example, WHO CARES ABOOT OMAMA, i think we need an ARTICLE ON DEMACIAN JUSTICE!


  • ya both really believe the Jews media holy crap I feel sorry for ya American.

  • It is not being said transferred FROM. It is saying transferred THRU the United States. Big difference!

    • How is that different? It is one and the same, big business.

  • Let me get this straight — there are still some people in the world who did not know ISIS was an american creation before this clown? If so they certainly won’t be convinced by his testimony either. Hitler and Lenin were both funded by the USA….

    • NM156

      Wrong… America is just the vehicle, The Rothschilds fund everything because they invented fiat money.

      • DK

        All money is FIAT money, even Gold.

        That it has its own intrinsic value is of no moment, it is still the promise to pay.

        The first FIAT was in Mesopotamia the shekel – and coincidence that its name is identical with a modern currency is absolutely no accident whatsoever. :lol:

    • Incidentally, so was Mao…

    • Pretty much, but they have been around a lot longer that “ISIS”

      In WW2 they called them Adolf Hitlers Arab Nazis aka the Muslim Brotherhood and they swore to kill British, Americans and Jews for Rommel

      You can check out loads of old WW2 photos of Hitlers Arab Nazis in their Nazi uniforms with their red arab hats with the Nazi Skull and Bones aka Totenkopf cap badges on the Google images link below

    • Bob

      NWO for Dummies ~ THANX FOR THAT ! I really enjoy hearing the truth….

      NM156 below has the tail-end of the story…The Rothschilds are but a small peace of the NWO Boet!
      And thats why you good Americans lost your civil war to the British Commonwealth…
      Also why Rhodesia and South Africa were given to the black whords under the quize of multiculturism because they took independance/control from the Brit empire….

      The kingpins to the NWO are the Krauts acting as British Royalty with Batenberg , Oppenheimer
      Bineberg and most of your American Senate etc,etc…


      • VENGEANCE! THEY WILL PAY! REVENGE! in blood and tears and feces they will swim! EPHRAIM, the occult empire of baal, NEVER FORGET BREAKER MORANT. Australia too must have the tears and blood and bone wrung out of them like one turns a soaked dishrag, the CULTURE of ephraim, from which amerikan and australian and south africa “culture” is derived. the sunday worship, the plentiful phallus’ of baal, the rampant fornication,

        Hos 5:7 “They have acted treacherously against יהוה, for they have brought forth strange children. Now a new moon shall devour them with their portions.
        Hos 5:8 “Blow the ram’s horn in Gibʽah, the trumpet in Ramah! Shout, O Bĕyth Awen! Behind you, O Binyamin!
        Hos 5:9 “Ephrayim is laid waste in the day of rebuke. Among the tribes of Yisra’ĕl I shall make known what is certain.
        Hos 5:10 “The chiefs of Yehuḏah shall be like those who remove a border – on them I pour out my wrath like water.
        Hos 5:11 “Ephrayim is oppressed, crushed in judgment, because it pleased him to walk after Tsaw1. Footnote: 1Name of an idol.
        Hos 5:12 “So I am to Ephrayim like a moth, and to the house of Yehuḏah like rottenness.

        and o dear looky there, BINYAMIN GETS WARNED TO WATCH HIS BACK< BECAUSE JUDAH IS TREACHEROUS. Benayamin is made up of Pure-blood Scottish, Irish and MOSTLY Norwegians , we dwell down south with our big brother tribe, they are the rich farmers, and people of the atkv, we of Benyamin, are the truckers, the bikers, the bodygaurds, the special forces, the pirates and the gang bosses.

        Here is my uncle, who is being kept safely in Kokstad, he is an elder of Benyamin.

        and they have dealt most treacherously with him. as Ehpraim falls, so does Judah, but the rise of Benyamin , is at hand.

        JA BOB, ons dink ook dat daai stuk kak william is miskien hulle koning artur die mofgat blondie huis vannie duiwel, meh, n groot verassing wag vir die wereld. want….

        Mic 4:12 Maar hulle ken nie die gedagtes van die HERE nie en verstaan nie sy besluit nie, dat Hy hulle versamel het soos gerwe op die dorsvloer.
        Mic 4:13 Staan op en dors, o dogter van Sion! Want Ek sal jou horing yster maak en jou kloue koper, en jy sal baie volke fyn trap; en jy sal hulle onregverdige wins aan die HERE toewy en hulle rykdom aan die Here van die ganse aarde.

        en, on KAN "Here" se, DIS EEN VAN SY NAAME, so dis NIE n "heiden" naam soos daai POEPHOL israeliete daar by ons dink, hulle is nie lekker nie, slaan kersboome op, op Sabbat,

        dis nie so lank nie, dan wys ons vir hulle hoe lyk REGTE nazis.

  • Every twist and turn of this wriggling worm points to a specific moment in time.
    Beyond the veil of light and cool waters of life there is desert and darkness. Faith is our oasis. Let God play his hand so we may stand beside still waters.

  • Not Just Funded. Created & Trained & Armed, too!


    So you see, your #1 High Treasonous Generals and Admirals and Base Commanders are HUBS to move all the weapons, money, supplies to ISIS without anyone seeing it; but the criminal US military base commanders and the Loaders (who evaluate the weight of each airplane to make sure it is safe). They ALL GET specific and detailed Bills of Laidens for WEIGHT! So you see, the US Gov does this in its bases, because no one has a right to know what is being moved thru them! The US Gov is also the #1 DRUG RUNNERS and again, they use military air bases as their planes hide from everyone on what they are bring into our nation. Not only drugs, but weapons, money, illegal terrorists, BLACK OPS Personnel and their BOMBS, etc. So anyone who thinks the US Gov military is only for our good, is brainwashed!

    Not only that, but did you ever ask why hasn’t B0 been arrested? Because he has a 100% TOTAL PUPPET US MILITARY LEADER ! Remember, B0 personnally HAND SELECTED GENERAL Martin E Dempsey to CONTROL AND DESTROY THE US MILITARY! You can NOT COUNT ON THE US MILITARY TO DO ANYTHING TO HARM B0, but 100% PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS!

    One of the benefits from being President, they get to “Hand Select” who runs the Military. The US Military is not self appointed their best from within, but the President does. Do you really think he would appoint an enemy AGAINST HIS AGENDA of his to be SOLE DICTATOR of the entire US Military? Just as B0 is the Sole Dictator of the US, HIGH TREASONOUS General Martin E Dempsey is the SOLE DICTATOR over the entire US Military complex. Their is NO HIGHER uniform member in the world, and “ONLY Give Orders down the chain, andreports to the President himself”.

    UNDERSTAND NOW WHY HE HASN’T BEEN ARRESTED? Who is going to do it? It isn’t the PUPPET APPOINTED MILITARY HIGHEST Treasonous Lowlife Scumbag… So the Military is 100% off the table to make any arrest, or kick out this FUDGE PACKR!

    First I am a War Vet and took and oath to “protect” our nation from foreign and DOMESTIC ENEMIES! I say a big THANK YOU to the lower 95% of the Enlisted NCOs, but for the vast majority of the officers, F=OFF! The majority of you all are criminals, who openly support the criminal actions of all the illegal orders being handed down to you. What have you done? Not a f_ing thing right?

    While the US military has 10s of millions who GAVE THEIR LIVES for our nation, the criminal Officers in the military today are 100% afraid to even say “NO” and lose a rank, or get called on the carpet! You call that honor to the american way of life, our Constitution, and all that the US Flags offers? F_ck all you officers! You are nothing but criminal, who I pray you never get to see your families again for your cowardly dishonor you have performed for wearing the dishonorable uniform. You value your life, your bribed money, your power, and your self interests azz more then the fighting for your nation and your OATH. You each openly know you are performing illegal criminal orders, yet you comply; so that makes you each HIGH TREASONOUS SCUM, who all need to be tried, and if found guilty for harbouring the criminal orders, you need to be hung, until dead, since the US military is in a “War” status, like in WW1 and WW2.

    Read FACTS ON WHAT THEY DID AND REMEMER, THE Military OFFICErS ARE TRYING TO MAKE IT SEEM THEY ARE “HONORABLE” LIKE THE GROUND LEVEL FOOT TROOPS AND THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES! Yet NOT ONE CAN SAY “NO Sir I WILL NOT FOLLOW THAT ORDER” AND LOSE A RANK, because they “LOVE” OUR NATION SO MUCH? Yeah, just continue to knowingly follow all your illegal orders, so you have each committed criminal actions that you are trying to COVER UP! You call that “honorable” to those in front lines?


    Seems the highest levels military OFFICERS forgot this, and openly wipe their AZZES with the Stars and Stripes, for their own personal “AGENDA”; as it is blantently not in the best interest of “We The People” nor protecting their “Oath” to protect our “1776 Constitution” and our Rights. Why hasn’t one SINGLE General or Admiral ever lifted a F_ing finger to protect our nation? They are exactly like the US Criminal Corrupt Gov, who each openly accept BRIBES to ignore their dishonorable oaths to destroy our nation ONE PIECE AT A TIME! These military OFFICERS value running to get their $15k a month to the bank, and support keeping the US gov criminals in power FOR THE MONEY BRIBE MONEY; and turn their backs to the Constitution, and Freedom! Anyone call them HONORABLE for doing this?

    I pray that each of you Officers ROT IN HELL at Satans feet in the afterlife for your criminal actions you support and supported while wearing the uniform DISHONORABLY. Make no mistake, the 10s of millions of HONORABLE vets WHO DIED FOR OUR NATION, will be waiting for each of you, so you have eternity of facing these heros, since you are 100% OPPOSITE of what they were fighting for. I for one will seek each of you out in the afterlife, and send you directly TO HELL after I expose your HIGH TREASONOUS ACTIONS against GOD and your OATH! You will each see me AND MY ARMY FIGHTING FOR GOD at the Gates of Heaven and Block you AND YOUR FAMILY from entering! Your fake lies do not deserve your children to enter because you are doing it criminally to get them in!

    Read more on all these High Treasonous Generals, including the #1 General Martin E Dempsey, who “just happened” to be “Hand Selected” by B0 back in 2011, to give all orders to the military! This is America’s #1 HIGH TREASONOUS DISHONORABLE SCUM who only talks with B0, and DOES NOT HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANY OTHER Military Person on the planet! People need to ask him on his Facebook page why he openly ignores all printed law, and each and every order B0 tells him to do. He is a spinless lowlife piece of SH_T who has committed more MILITARY CRIMINAL CRIMES THEN BENEDICT ARNOLD! He has turn “HIS” military against the US People, and openly is purging the troops to weaken our nation, as B0 needs to to destroy US! Read more on this lowlife dishonorable scum and you tell me IF HE IS HONEST:


    But God Bless the “Honorable” low level ground foot troops. You need to remove your officers above you, and all public officials for all the crimes they are doing now… NEVER FORGET WHO THEY ARE… And ALL YOU OFFICERS, FU all and I look forward to peeing on each of your faces and graves… You will not be missed by anyone you have turned you back on to free our Nation; but remembered as HIGH TREASONOUS TRAITORS TO OUR ONCE PROUD NATION! Screw you for dishonoring wearing your uniform by not protecting your country, our values, morals, and all the Stars and Stripes Represent. Officer Know you did all you could to destroy this for your children.

  • It is alot more then 1/3 of Americans want our military to take action on odama and his illegal coup!

  • Anyone that has been paying attention knows that ISIS is being backed by the USA and the terrorists for hire even carry m16′s and when under attack the USA have droped supplies to them, by mistake, i am sure.

    if ISIS are so good at taking ground then how come they have not attacked Isreal or would that be biteing the hand that feeds you.

    Vote for who you like in the USA but you are still going to be stuck with jewish banks and corporations calling the shots on both side of the floor, it’s fixed and fool most americans who don’t have the balls to deal with the bankers over the 9/11 false flag attack.

  • A nation can survive its fools even the ambitious but it cannot treason from within Cicero

  • I read that Obama is thought to be “the chosen one” to the islamic extremists as was prophecised in ancient times, that makes for a very unexpected awkward turn of events here in U.S

  • Doing the same thing over and over and expecting the outcome to be different, really is the ultimate definition of insanity.

    The Greek population have just voted Alexis Tsipras and the Syrzia Party back into power, even after he sold his people down the river and accepted all the troika’s conditions regarding austerity and the bail out; which they explicitly rejected in a referendum. What is also surprising is that the Greek population have already seen the dramatic affects caused by the first wave of lying, migrant terrorist invaders into the EU, so have first hand experience of what is coming to a City/Town/Village near you very soon.

    Most regular visitors to this site are probably aware that nearly all of the front men/woman elected by us (or not elected in the case of the EU commissars), are just useful idiots and will do exactly as they are told by their masters (who stay well hidden in the shadows), in the hope that they will be given preference and allowed a place at the top table when the ‘darkness turns to light’. They will of course be hiding in the deep underground bunkers that we have paid for with our taxes (labour) when things get out of control, but unfortunately you and I will not be given an invitation to join them, but will be left to fight for our very existence like savages.

    It could be argued that the final chapter is now upon us and that it will be seen in history (if there are any of us left with two brain cells) as the beginning of the end. Sudden (and what has now become obvious), never ending swarms of migrants into the west, that are just continually loaded into an already creaking and fragile infrastructure and who are also fanatically opposed to our way of life, makes absolutely no sense to the average person on the street, plus in the wide scheme of things is totally pointless; especially when you consider the sheer size of the rapidly expanding population in some parts of the world. When you add (radical) Islam with its complete disdain for non believers and the extreme and sickening violence perpetrated on all those who reject its teachings into the mix, like a cancer it will eventually not only destroy the host, but all of those who genuinely requested help in the first place.

    So basically we have an agenda that is designed to help usher in a complete societal breakdown, especially if you mix in the real possibility of an engineered financial collapse for good measure. No amount of wishful thinking or idol thoughts regarding voting for ‘someone else next time’, will alter this fact or make it disappear. This is not going to stop until the end game is achieved, which will culminate in a massive loss of life (in the billions re – The Georgia Guidestones ) and for those that survive, the prospect of living under the complete tyranny of a one world government – A NEW WORLD ORDER!

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      What do think the US Government does? What about the american sheeple doing The same dumb thing over and over and over again. The blindly go to the Poles (polls) as if they think that they actually ‘elect’ anyone or “someone that will change the system’- Lol, stupid sheeple it is an Indirect Election- but thanks for always electing another member of the Same Blood Line.

  • Typical halfassed “truth” . They’re not saying anywhere that the US *gov’mint* is funding them, just that it’s coming *from* the US. Due to America’s schizophrenic immigration policies, there’s plenty radical islamics in the US, while Eastern orthodox Christians get shipped back due to ‘Communist sympathies”. Never mind the Soviet Bloc has been gone for decades.
    Maybe Obama really IS fiunding middle eastern ISIS, but nevertheless, that’s NOT what the news broadcast said. And you can be sure that if B.H.O. were found out to be doing it, R.T. would be broaccasting it continuously!

  • The treasonous Obama administration has been funding the various groups, they should all be arrested for treason, remove the political parts and have them go before a true constitutional court without months and years of drag out, find them all guilty and hang them in Washington DC at the Capitol mall.

  • More fear..more fear…more loathing…Yep that will change things.

    If you remember it was McCain and the Repug majority that refuses to audit the pentagon. It was Reagan who sold missles and arms to Iran to buy Cocaine to arm the Sandanistas. The Crap arm of the Republicans is long and deep. And the Republicans screw the American public at every turn to benefit their top1% benefactors.

    Vote for Bernie Sanders and change the USA for the good.

    • Preach it, Blaster. It was also the repug majority that was burned to the ground yesterday by the good and decent Dem. from New York, who in a scathing proposal, listed the many reasons why this current republican caucus has brought shame upon the House, by committing felonious actions by interfering
      with a presidential election. An action admitted in public, on camera by none other than McCarthy himself. Now…of course he tried to mealy mouth his way out of it later……once the idiot realized it was a FELONY!

      BUT….tooo late.

      • crowpie…yep, we all knew at some point you would show us your true colors…would that be shill or troll or both for the present ‘regime’?…

        bernie sandernista?…you have to be kidding?!?…I actually thought you might be a decent human being…but, alas, I must have had false hopes… :roll: L.

        I suggest that you all REPENT…I have read alot of drivel on this board tonight…L. :idea:

    • you, pal, are greatly deceived…Sanders is a full-on-commie…hundreds of millions have died at the hands of communists over the decades…as to the Republicans…the only good ones are non-neocons…the same goes for the other side…

      go back to the drawing board…u have not done your homework…L. :roll:

  • Old news, nice to have it in the open though, as if anyone will do anything about it…

  • Asparukh

    ‘Either we the people stop Obama, or Obama stops the American way of life forever.’(?!)
    >THAT American way of life? Where 80-90% out of up to 18 million Native North Americans had to suffer under genocide for? For intruders that gave the perfect example of how to make use of genocide in order to get resources for selfish, even demonic benefits?! >>Iraq is one of too many examples to name.

    “The Obama administration is engaged in SO many unconstitutional and illegal acts right now”
    >whoops, now you’re confirming how your public school history books are but chimney material because the spreading of NATO towards East was not agreed upon with the former Soviet Union representatives. Rather the contrary.
    But that’s how Jewry works, folks! :evil:

    Let the fundamentalists expect this Antichrist of theirs from Jerusalem.
    For this is the evolution of the Earth’s main Antagonist:
    I Pax Britannica > Pax Americana > Pax Judaica(Israel occupation, any bells? :idea: __guess not, ur people are used to tolerating it)

  • Hey People. Everybody’s know’s Obama is a Traitor. There is a Possibly that He is a Slimy Muslim Too. I know He don’t like America.

  • A small hardened plastic crossbow is a silent weapon that can be taken apart and carried undetected anywhere. Just an FYI.

  • All muslims are the whole civilized worlds enemies they prove it everyday…

  • Our Declaration of Independence clearly states what is our right and duty to do when the government becomes tyrannical as it has now. That duty is to “alter or abolish” the government. No talk. Just do our duty or we share responsibility for the collapse of America.

  • Hey People. What else is new. Obama was always a Traitor. Now He want’s to start World War 3.

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