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Breaking: Obama Facing Jail Time After It’s Proven He Paid Ransom Funding Terrorists

Monday, December 21, 2015 23:53
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In addition to being the worst deal of all time when Emperor Obama took it upon himself to trade the equivalent of the enemy’s Joint Chiefs of Staff for a known deserter, otherwise know as Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, it appears Obama did more to break the law than by not telling Congress about the swap within the designated time. Allegedly he also paid $988,000 in random money as well, which is not legal. 

Is there any chance we might finally get this SOB for one of his 1,000,000 illegal acts? After all, 6 other soldiers were killed trying to rescue him… In the first video below, it is revealed that the ransom was paid at around the 1:00 minute mark. 

Bergdahl Deal Illegal And Immoral

Back in October, The Birther Report reported:

Donald Trump was on fire tonight in Miami speaking before a very enthusiastic crowd, which included some protesters. Trump decried reports that Bowe Bergdahl will not receive any jail time for his misbehavior before the enemy.

Trump called Bergdahl a dirty rotten traitor and said back in the day he would have been shot before a firing squad.

Trump declared he would reopen the Bergdahl disaster also promising to reopen a lot of other things. If you recall, the Obama administration traded traitor Bergdahl for five high-ranking Islamic jihadists. Prior to his release, at least six U.S. soldiers were killed trying to find Bergdahl. 

Trump: We’ll Re-Open Obama Scandals

Mr. Conservative writes:

A major GOP representative has just made a move that could prove Obama funded terrorism, which in turn could put him in jail for treason.

According to Conservative TribuneU.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter has written a letter to the Justice Department’s inspector general asking if the FBI was involved in a potential cash payment for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. If this is true, it would mean that the Obama administration had broken the law by effectively funding terrorism. It is illegal to pay any sort of fee for the release of a hostage.

This would also mean that the FBI overstepped their boundaries as well. Since Bergdahl was a soldier not a civilian, it means it is up to the military to take action to secure his freedom.

“They (the FBI) don’t have the assets,” Joe Kaspar, Rep. Hunter’s chief of staff, told Fox News. “They don’t have the resources.”

Hunter claims FBI agents went to the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan to pay the ransom. After the money was paid, the FBI’s contact told them that Bergdahl would soon appear. However, he never did.

Bergdahl was later traded for five of the Taliban’s top terrorists by Obama. He is now facing a court-martial for desertion.

We can only hope that this letter gets Obama impeached and put in prison, which is EXACTLY where he belongs!

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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The Last Great Stand

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  • Donald Trump will not save America…. God put Obama over the nation as the antichrist to bring judgment on it. America is corrupt from the east to the west and the north to the south. The country is filled with sin and idolatry and has been destroying other nations and their peoples indiscriminately for decades on behalf of the Satanic NWO. America needs to be destroyed. Trump is not going to make America great again and Obama is not going anywhere.

    Those who are wise will get on their knees and repent for all their sins and then quit sinning period. Millions are about to wind up in hell as God’s judgments accelerate. Believing in Jesus alone will not save you… you must work hard on repenting and keep all of His commandments.

  • Give over will you because if GW-Bush can do 9/11 and get away with it then Obama will have no trouble

    They are protected puppets of the bankers, both above the law and fooling the masses like at a punch and judy show.

    Is that post still hanging around here about Obama was supossed to be arrested last week ?

    Trump will do just the same and says he cannot be brought and then arranges a trip to go and see Nutty-Yahoo in Israel to see what dirty deals they can come too and how much he would get paid.

    Stop watching puppets, leave them for the kids

  • The thing that’s most disturbing about this is Obama had someone in direct contact with the enemy to make the deal, who was it…. Only puts one more nail in the coffin of truth, and opens yet another crime…. when will this tyrant be stopped??????? :twisted:

    • Exactly markj! But since the whole Afghan War is really about CIA control of OPIUM. > Replacing the Mujahadin/Taliban (outlawed crops in 2000/anti Isalmic) with the Kharzai(Ex CIA) aligned DRUGLORDS.>now Opium production is back to high levels, the lowest in 2000. 9/11 in 2001?
      #Whoever controls the opium, has the cash to buy more mercanaries & weapons.

      Obama was used to win the black & the “young” voters. Now he will be remembered for Gun Confiscation & Islamaphobia. But who is Obama’s Right Hand man? Who remains unblemished by the media? Who has had the power to keep the Republicans from dissecting him by media attacks? The experience & contacts to bring in all these new laws? Can keep a very close eye on the “malaca” & daily briefings? Can instantly support or slam any of the Pres’s Own Ideas?

      The real youngest man in politics……JESUIT JOE BIDEN…..dealing with the CIA for decades……

      This, Manning & Snowden shows you how worried they are about the TRUTH getting out. Imagine a tearful interview of a broken soldier confessing he has been on the wrong side, protecting opium crops ,to watch it get flown back to USA via the CIA………imagine the reaction of all the war widows & mums.

  • i would love to see that traitor on a nouse .

  • hang them all let god sort them out . that is his job after all ,

  • Don’t get your hopes up.. if they were going to do anything, it would have happened long long ago.. Now those who “should” go after him are all complicit in his crimes.. to turn on him, would be to turn on themselves and that’s never going to happen!

  • The long list of crimes committed by Obama reads like a serial killer, extortionist, treason king, liar and many other side affects not yet apparent.

  • jb

    America is doomed. I agree. Repent and accept Yeshua Jesus. No man can save the USA now. I think obamanation will be assassinated, but even that won’t stop America’s destruction.

  • Let’s roll .. I’ve got enough documented information in my post to put this lying, foreign national, pro-terrorist, criminal in front of a firing squad.
    This criminal POTUS has done more damage to this nation than any( past ) terrorist or spy in the history of this nation.

  • Hate to tell you Barry ain’t goin’ any where. The entire cabal has a choke hold on it by him. C’est La Vie!

  • The Council On Foreign Relations appointed judges will stop any indictment, remember that Obama was placed in the White House to implement the International bankers cabal NEW WORLD ORDE demonic agenda.

  • Wow, how come that nutbar of a frenchie hasn’t commented on this??

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