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Criminal Roots: A Shocking Exposé On the Clinton Family and Their Rise to Power

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 5:47
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When it comes to scandals, no one does them bigger, or badder, than the Clinton’s, and why should murder, pedophilia, or ufo and aliens be any reason to keep Hillary from getting into the Oval Office? They’ve had just about every other type of scandal, why not have them ALL?!?! 

First of all, did you know that over 90 people surrounding the Clinton family have mysteriously ended up dead over the years? That kinda thing tends to happen when you are the king and queen of the largest cocaine smuggling ring in (at least Arkansas), arguably the Southeast before the somehow became American royalty. In a business like that, one tends to get involved with a number of unsavory characters who could cause trouble during a stay in the White House, so why not kill em right? That’s exactly what Bill and Killary did. There is an interview with their “hitman,” Larry Nichols below!

Even though there are plenty, I don’t think it’s their sexual escapades that will be the undoing of the Clinton’s though. If Hillary is not the next President, it will likely be for one of the following FOUR reasons: 

1) Benghazi – From the very beginning of the investigation, after Trey Gowdy met with Sidney Blumenthal, long time Clinton confidant, it was easily determined that Hillary was hiding something with the private email server. She was instructed to turn over ALL her emails, and before her hard drive was in possession of the FBI, the investigation already determined Clinton Withheld 180 Emails About Benghazi

Then, very recently, one of the emails uncovered proved that Hillary perjured herself, because the email (below) clearly shows that there WERE military assets in the region waiting to go rescue, but Clinton ignored the request. It’s right there in black and white. In the post tiled, Hillary Clinton Gave Benghazi Stand Down Order, you can find the following:

Email 1



Email 2

Truth Unsecured reports:

The Sept. 11, 2012, email was sent at 7:19 p.m. EST by then-Department of Defense Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash. The text reads:

“I just tried you on the phone but you were all in with S [an apparent reference to Clinton]

“After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak. They include a [REDACTED].

“Assuming Principals agree to deploy these elements, we will ask State to procure the approval from host nation. Please advise how you wish to convey that approval to us [REDACTED].”

There you have it. Black and White. Not only did she leave them to die, she lied under oath about it. Why hasn’t she been prosecuted? I’ll answer that shortly. 

President Obama and Secretary Clinton Deliver Remarks at Andrews Air Force Base, marking the return to the United States of the remains of the four Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya

2) The Largest Reason Hillary Will Never be President Could Very Well be The Rockefeller Initiative (Videos). Most of what is known about The Rockefeller Initiative comes from links to government documents obtained from the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Clinton Presidential Library via the Freedom of Information Act confirming a highly important and little publicized effort by Laurance Rockefeller to convince President Bill Clinton to release all government held documents relating to the UFO phenomena, end the truth embargo and effectively be the “Disclosure President.” Below is a copy of the letter from Laurance Rockefeller that started it all:





“My hope is that at a minimum someone senior in the administration will make a statement that the area we have been discussing (UFOs) is a reasonable subject of potential great significance to a number of fields. And that any qualified researcher who wants to work in this area should be encouraged.” C.B. Scott Jones writing to President Clinton’s Science Advisor

“We have spoken with a number of present and former U.S. government officials who may have been in a position to know what information the U.S. Government has on this subject. Our approach to the U.S. government has been focused on urging the release of information that it may have regarding UFOs that has been heretofore held as classified for national security purposes. We have urged that now that the cold war is over, constraints on release of information can be relaxed.” Laurance Rockefeller




I reported some time back, that because of the Rockefeller Initiative, and what is known, UFO Activists Have Been Very Excited About a Hillary Presidency, because it would FINALLY mean disclosure of the alien/UFO presence. IF, and ONLY IF Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, do sources say there will be full disclosure. It will be unavoidable. Hillary headed the Rockefeller Initiative  during Bill’s Presidency, major power players in DC know it, and there are people in the GOP lined up and ready to ponce once she becomes the official nominee. It cannot, and will not happen, owever, unless she gets the nomination. 

Where things get dicey, is with very recent developments. If you read any of the links I am providing, you will see it has been widely known in some circles that there is a Secret Deal Between Hillary Clinton and the Illuminati Rockefeller’s Regarding UFO’s That is to Come Out Pre-Election. At least one unknown variable, more likely two variables (the second also unknown), are hastening that timeline. China has their lunar rover on the moon, and reports say it can’t seem to find any trace of the Americans ever being there, causing tension. Adding to it,  very recently, Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will. At first glance, most would probably think Obama would be “above” all this. HARDLY! The following is from the post titled, President Obama Builds up to ‘Extraterrestrial Disclosure:

Obama’s recent ‘surprise’ visit to Stonehenge.

Obama and one of his former senior advisers, John Podesta, have recently publicly stated that among the administration’s political frustrations is a lack of progress on the release of classified UFO files concerning extraterrestrial life and technology. These recent statements signal that among the executive orders Obama is contemplating to help establish his Presidential legacy, is decisive action on extraterrestrial disclosure.

At his Saturday night Press Conference speech, Obama said:

“I am determined to make the most of every moment I have left. After the mid-term elections my advisers asked me, “Mr President do you have a bucket list?” I said well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list. Take executive action on immigration? Bucket. New climate regulations? Bucket. It’s the right thing to do.”


3) Obama has no intetion of leaving. While I have heard it on pretty good authority, I don’t have actual proof, but “word on the street,” as Dingy Harry Reid likes to say, is that Valerie Jarrett is responsible for 100% of the leaks about Hillary leading right up to where Hillary is today: Somewhere between a Barack and a hard place. From what I have heard, that is more or less common knowledge in the White House. 

Already, there is enough evidence on display for multiple convictions, so that begs the question: Why no indictment? Why hasn’t she been charged? I believe there to be several layers to the issue, but at the end of the day, This Will be the Proof Obama is Not Leaving Office and that His Third Term Is Unfolding Right Before Us.

Ask yourself, with Clinton’s campaign being torpedoed by Obama, who is left in the Democrat Party that can POSSIBLY secure the Democratic nomination for President. No one. So, knowing what you know about Barack Obama, do you think he is deliberately sinking the only viable Democrat replacement for President knowing that a Republican will unwind his life’s work within a few hours in office without a plan? Does that even REMOTELY resemble the Barack Obama you’ve known then last seven years? Then, ask yourself why the Pentagon Says Preparing For Huge Civil Unrest in U.S.”

First, if you were Obama, would you indict Hillary now, and give the Democrats a chance to find a replacement, or at least try to find a replacement, or would you keep her scared to death of being indicted, so you could keep her on a short leash doing anything and everything you want? That’s a no brainer. If he does have Loretta Lynch indict her, it won’t be until it’s too late for any Democrat to have a chance. That’s when Obama will declare Martial Law. Call me a “Conspiracy Theorist” all you want, but if I’m wrong, I’d love to you hear your explanation for why Barack is not only going to let his life’s work do down the drain within hours of a GOP President taking office, but he’s going be the CAUSE of it. Good luck explaining that. 

Second, as I mentioned, there have been reports that the Pentagon Says It’s Preparing For Huge Civil Unrest in U.S. (Videos). Why? What do they know that you don’t? Don’t you think it might be time to start asking! Just the other day, American Citizens In San Bernardino Burned Down Radical Islamic Mosque. Don’t think that won’t have a response, and then THAT won’t have a response, and ultimately it plays out very conveniently for Martial Law. 

There is so much more the mainstream media is not covering too… things like the Potential For Civil War as National Guard’s Have Being Called in to Various States to Block Obama’s Syrian Refugees. Did you hear that reported anywhere in the mainstream media? Of course not, but several Governors Came Forward and Dropped a Bombshell About What Obama Has Been Doing With “Refugees,” and the could very well cause things to blow, in which case Obama could institute Martial Law many of us have theorized he’s been planning since Jade Helm. At this point, everyone from Obama’s OWN APPOINTEE for Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Flynn, to Four Star Navy Admiral Lyons, Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, Former a CIA Director James Woolsey, and Former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom, have all gone on record either directly accusing Obama of treason or implying as much, so if he’s not up to something horrible, YOU tell me why he’s taking out Hillary! 

4) She just flat out loses the election to a republican, but that still leaves all the E.T. stuff unsettled! 



As you’ll learn, the Clinton’s came so close to getting busted many times, but managed to bribe and slime their way out of each potential indictment as far back as their earliest years in Arkansas. In addition to 14 year-old girls losing their virginity at a Clinton shindig back in the day, as you’ll learn further down, Bill and Hillary Clinton both are sexual deviants, much of which is bound to come to light further into the election process. Some even involves TRUMP! For now, we know at least one of Bill Clinton;s Former Mistresses Has Said, “I Have a Safe Deposit Box Full of Fun Secrets.” 

As for their “Hitman,” the Clinton’s used to do much of their killing, he was a fella named Larry Nichols, who you can catch being interviewed below. He’s a bit crass to say the least, but what would you expect from 1) a Clinton lackey;  and 2) a killer? The following interview is from, Former Clinton Hitman Confesses to Murdering People for Money (Video).

Clinton Hitman Admits To Murdering For Them




Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub writes:

A plethora of controversy and allegations of steamy sexcapades, treasonous business scandals, illicit criminal activity, drug trafficking, and even a number of mysterious deaths has surrounded the Clinton family for years.

In fact, these scandals, many of which have been documented, may be some of the best kept secrets hidden from the American people to this day.

According to an underrated documentary film titled “The Clinton Chronicles,” which contains scores of multiple eyewitness testimonies, the Clinton family is “sick” and may be one of the biggest criminal syndicates to have ever occupied the White House, aside from maybe the Obama Administration.

The film points out just how energetic and inspirational former U.S. President and Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton was in his younger years before he started trafficking cocaine and successfully laundering drug money from the illicit operations conducted through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority ( ADFA) and other channels – to the tune of millions of dollars.

Larry Nichols, former Director of Marketing for the ADFA, was brought in by Clinton in 1988 to help with “loan” operations when he stumbled upon what Bill Clinton had previously touted to Nichols as “the best kept secret in Arkansas” at the time.

Nichols spoke a little about his time at the ADFA, about a month into his employment:

“I was literally working, setting, in the middle of Bill Clinton’s political machine. It was where he made payoffs, where he repaid favors for campaign support. I was in an interesting seat and I knew it.”

Nichols said the ADFA was the “epicenter” of the Clinton’s money laundering operations.

Doc DeLaughter, a former Arkansas police investigator, also came forward in the film, detailing how law enforcement had a grand jury case with witnesses built who would confirm that Dan Laster was indeed involved in cocaine trafficking and was one of Clinton’s largest financiers and best friends.

According to Larry Nichols, Dan Laster and the Clinton crew would give “piles and piles of cocaine […] ashtray after ashtray full at parties and they were giving it to young girls,” including a 14-year-old girl who eventually became devirginized after the group had a physician place her on birth control.

Nichols also reported that both Bill and Hillary were complicit in the money laundering scheme, which used a state program, the ADFA, that was ostensibly set up “to provide low-interest bond loans to churches, schools, and colleges”. Moreover, Nichols also reported that Bill Clinton’s signature had to be on every single loan, which would theoretically empirically link the former U.S. president to the alleged scandal.

Additionally, Nichols said that both Webb Hubble and Hillary Clinton, who at the time worked for the Rose Law Firm, had a hand in the illicit operation and even helped get ADFA approved by drafting legislation “Act 1062″ and more.

Interestingly, it turns out Webb Hubble also received the first loan from the ADFA. Webb Hubble and Hillary Clinton also did the “audit and evaluation of the loan application” they were employed at Rose Law Firm, according to Nichols.

“The first loan was $2.85 million, and never was a penny of that paid back.”

Nichols also noted that the “same cast of characters” were smuggling in loads of narcotics into Mena, Arkansas back in 1982 as Bill Clinton’s ego and drug use slowly got out of hand. At one point, according to a reporter, Bill Clinton was admitted into the hospital for “sinus problems” related to his “cocaine abuse and overdose”.

One woman even claimed that she “had sex” and did “cocaine” at toga parties” with Clinton’s crew and other prominent members of government and the police department on a number of occasions when Hillary, Bill’s wife, was “nowhere to be found.”

At one point the criminal activity became so blatant that it was said to be commonly known throughout certain circles exactly what had been taking place, people even ended up dead. Many were awaiting indictments but the Clinton family tentacles were just too long and the path taken by investigators led to nowhere.

As the documentary points out there were two kids who witnessed low-flying aircraft drop narcotics in Mena on several occasions who were later found with their bodies placed on train tracks to be ran over after being killed because “they saw something they shouldn’t have seen,” said the mother of one victim.

Their deaths were ruled “accidental” though the victims bodies showed signs of a stab wound and blunt-force trauma which was later proven to have taken place before the two were hit by the train.

“The fact is we know who killed these kids,” said one man who was involved with the case. Everyone who covered-up the case was promoted by Bill himself.

All in all “a total of six people with information about the boys murders were eventually murdered as well,” the film’s narrator said.

Eventually it was discovered by the former head of Arkansas Drug Task Force, Jean Duffy, that “drug trafficking in Arkansas was linked to government officials in frightening proportions” and a “grand jury” was being built.

Duffy said, “Although there was an abundance of evidence and word kept reaching me from members of the grand jury that they were ready to indict, no indictments came” because the U.S. District Attorney at the time blocked all attempts.”

Out of the ten years the smuggling ring was operating not one single load was busted and not one single arrest was made. To top it all off it’s been said that the operations continued for years to come and yet still nothing has really come of it.

All of this seems to only be a small snippet of what the Clinton family has actually had their hands in. In fact, I exposed another one of Bill’s escapades back in January in an article titled “St. James Island exposed: The elites best kept secret, until now.”

Jet-setters from around the world meet on private island for ‘orgies’ and other sexual acts with young, sometimes underage, women

Clinton Island




If you can name it–it has likely taken place on the lavish private island off the coast of Puerto Rico which boasts a beautifully landscaped plush luxury estate complete with its own helipad, privy only to certain members of the global elite.

Owned by Jeffery Epstein, a wealthy American financier and convicted sex offender, Little St. James Island appears to be somewhat of a gathering place and is a well desired hangout among key figureheads, actors, and royalty including the likes of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and even Prince Andrew.

However, the people attending the lavish residence are likely not there to discuss “cutting edge scientific and medical research” as the Epstein VI Foundation would like you to believe, but rather to experience full-on sexual encounters with underage girls as young as fourteen.

That’s right, just like a scene out of the Hollywood blockbuster film Eyes Wide Shut, wild parties, prostitution, orgies, and even underage sex all reportedly occur at Little St. James.

Back in 2005 police conducted an 11 month-long undercover investigation into Epstein and his estate after the mother of a 14-year-old girl went to police after suspecting her daughter was paid $300 for at least one sexual act on the island in which she was ordered to strip, leaving on just her panties, while giving Epstein a massage.

Although police found tons of photos of young women on the island and even interviewed eyewitnesses, Epstein was hit with a mere slap on the wrist after “pleading to a single charge of prostitution”. Epstein later served 13-months of his 18-month service in jail.

In 2008, Epstein was hit again, this time with a $50 million civil suit after another victim filed in federal court claiming that she was “recruited” by Epstein to give him a “massage” but was essentially forced into having sexual intercourse with him for $200 which was payable upon completion. The women were coming out of the woodwork.

Now Bill Clinton is back in the press and not for his controversial relationship with Monica Lewinsky, but rather his friendship with Epstein. In fact, flight records indicate that Bill would frequent the island paradise during the 2002 and 2005 era while Hillary, Bill’s wife, was a Senator in New York.

‘I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me a favor,’ one unidentified woman said in the lawsuit, which was filed in Palm Beach Circuit Court.

The woman went on to say how orgies were a regular occurrence and that she recalled two young girls from New York who were always seen around the five-house compound but their personal back-stories were never revealed.

“At least one woman on the compound was there unwillingly,” reported the Daily Mail in a recent article. The woman was allegedly forced to have sex with “politicians, businessmen, royalty, academicians” at the retreat. Just one of  “more than 40 women” that have come forth with claims against Epstein, showing the vast scale of the man’s dark operations, which aren’t limited only to Little St. James.

Moreover, Epstein was invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010 amongst 400 other guests, demonstrating his close friendship with the Clinton family.

To top it all off blue blood, “Prince Andrew was allegedly one of the house’s visitors. On Friday, the Duke of York was named in a federal lawsuit filed against Epstein, whom the FBI once reportedly linked to 40 young women. Filed in 2008 in the Southern District of Florida, the $50 million lawsuit claimed Epstein had a “sexual preference and obsession for underage minor girls … gained access to primarily economically disadvantaged minor girls in his home and sexually assaulted these girls,” reported the Washington Post.

Let’s not forget about Hillary and her sexcapades either:

Exposed Hillary Sex Scandals



Additionally it was also reported that Donald Trump used to hangout with Epstein back in the day. In fact the Trumpanator himself has even commented previously on Epstein’s taste for “younger” women and also pointed out that Epstein “is fun” to be around.

While it’s unknown how deep Trump was in with Epstein, pardon the pun, Trump’s friendship demonstrates the type of personalities which surround Epstein, with money being the common tie.

Keep in mind all of this was going on the whole time and now Hillary is running on the Democratic ticket for the 2016 Presidency!

And on one last note, did you know that over 90 people surrounding the Clinton family have mysteriously ended up dead?

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

Hillary 3


Bill Clinton;s Former Mistresses Has Said, “I Have a Safe Deposit Box Full of Fun Secrets.”

Former Clinton Hitman Confesses to Murdering People for Money (Video).

Clinton Withheld 180 Emails About Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton Gave Benghazi Stand Down Order

Largest Reason Hillary Will Never be President Could Very Well be The Rockefeller Initiative (Videos

UFO Activists Have Been Very Excited About a Hillary Presidency

Secret Deal Between Hillary Clinton and the Illuminati Rockefeller’s Regarding UFO’s

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

President Obama Builds up to ‘Extraterrestrial Disclosure:

Governors Drop a Bombshells About What Obama Has Been Doing With “Refugees,” 

National Guard’s Have Being Called in to Various States to Block Obama’s Syrian Refugees.

American Citizens In San Bernardino Burned Down Radical Islamic Mosque

Pentagon Says It’s Preparing For Huge Civil Unrest in U.S. (Videos)

This Will be the Proof Obama is Not Leaving Office and that His Third Term Is Unfolding Right Before Us.









The Last Great Stand

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

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  • lol. lotsa BS. no mention of the Bush/CIA cocaine cartel. been smuggling thru ne alabama and nw georgia
    for over 40 years now. talk about your stand down orders. how about a real name for an author? must be
    a Bush schill. :mrgreen:

    • Bill Clinton was asked for help by “Monica Lou (Hendry/Gainesville UF slaugthers) N Is Key” who walked into his Little Rock office. Clinton came to investigate and accidentally encroached on Bush’s (Pablo Escobar) South Florida cocaine gold mine. To convince Escobar and Bush he was down with the crowd, he, and Hillary both raped “Monica Lou N Is Key.” Graham raped “Lewinsky’s” fourteen year old brother.

      Jeb and George Bush killed American agents to keep certain events hush hush.

      Google: Nancy+Ruth+Owens

  • warning: this site is like some other right wing conspiracy theory sites that make it up as needed. you can tell because right wing extremists, although talented in creative writing, are obsessed with a limited range of subject matter and lack any subtlety or humor of a satire site like “the onion”.


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