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American Citizens In San Bernardino Burn Down Radical Islamic Mosque

Monday, December 21, 2015 12:01
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America is teetering on the verge of total anarchy less than a year before Obama prepares to leave office???? You don’t say! 

Would you like to know the ending of the story up front? As it gets closer to when Obama is SUPPOSED to vacate office, expect more radical policies, more complete defiance of the American peoples’ will like how Obama Has Targeted Your Gun Rights for Just After Christmas, coupled with Obama Sneaking in More Refugees Into the Country By ANY Means Necessary because Obama Wants 100 Million Muslims in the US Before Leaving Office, and add ALL that to terrifying things that several Governor’s Have Come Forward and Announced About What Obama Is CURRENTLY Doing With “Refugees…”



LET ME BE CLEAR: In the video when I say it’s a wonder it’s taken this long… I am NOT condoning the action in ANY way. I was referring to people losing all faith in the government and taking things into their own hands… and I am referring to BOTH sides!

There is so much more the mainstream media is not covering too… things like the Potential For Civil War as National Guard’s Have Being Called in to Various States to Block Obama’s Syrian Refugees. Did you hear that reported anywhere in the mainstream media? Also, why hasn’t the mainstream media announced that the Pentagon Says It’s Preparing For Huge Civil Unrest in U.S. (Videos). Why? What do they know that you don’t? Don’t you think it might be time to start asking!

I have said that Obama is Not Leaving Office, and That His Third Term Is Unfolding Right Before You, even if he has to do it using Martial Law and/or using U.N. Troops. As all this is happening around us, Obama does nothing to let Americans know we are safe!!!!! Instead he wants Americans disarmed??? Why? Obama Wants Americans Disarmed – Because That’s What Executioners Do.




The U.S. Herald Writes:

While our government might be fooled into thinking Islam is a religious doctrine not to be taken seriously, the rest of us know that tenets of the faith are violently oppressive. Either that or our government is made up of a bunch of pansies running scared.

You’ll have to make your own call on that.

While our representatives appease, those who are not among the sniveling liberal masses are starting to see the. For the most part we express ourselves at the polling booth.

Sometimes we take to social media and the blogosphere.

Then there are those who take matters into their own hands. Such was the case in San Bernardino, California. A mosque, that area residents say has been preaching radicalized thought and has ties to terrorists, was set fire to.

No one was harmed, and the perpetrator has been arrested for arson. What is not being reported is if there is any investigation into the mosque. Will there be any investigation? There are calls for this to be prosecuted as a hate crime.

Can you hear the crickets? For all their preaching of, “If you see something, say something,” nothing happens. Nothing, other than accusations of Islamophobia lobbed at the person who saw something and said something.

Perhaps if our government took a more active role in ensuring our safety things like this would not be starting to happen. Anarchy is not the direction America needs to go, but it appears to be scarily simmering.

What Was Freedom Like

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


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Mass Shootings Have Skyrocketed 700% Under Obama – Why?

Political Dissidents Homes Being Marked By FEMA Prior to Martial Law?

WalMarts Converted to Prisons are Done, Elites Prepare Underground Bunkers

Obama Signs Executive Order Permanently Implementing Martial Law

Military and U.S. Agents Patrolling Texas Streets Asking Mysterious Questions

DHS is Filming Your Cars Every Movement With Unconstitutional RFID Chips

FEMA Concentration Camps Disguised As Malls Being Built Everywhere

Veterans: Obama is Coming For Your Guns, and he Will Get Them! 

Abbott Calls Obama a Liar  & Has National Guard Monitoring Jade Helm

Government “Threat List:” 8 Million People To Be Detained Immediately

More Revealed About Secret Underground Tunnels, Walmart, and the Military

When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It

Congressman Gohmert Expresses Fear on His Website About Jade Helm

Obama & Crime Inc. Should Be Indicted on Conspiracy to Commit Murder

Special Forces Officer Explains Jade Helm 15 (Video Included)

Civil Unrest Has Begun In Baltimore: The Start Of Something Much Bigger

Like Ferguson, Team Obama Is Orchestrating the Baltimore Chaos Deliberate


Military is Transitioning From Drills (Jade Helm) to MARTIAL LAW…








The Last Great Stand

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


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  • Yeah, like once with Indians, after next attack it will only good muzzie is a dead one… :sad:

    • Nothing is as it seems, watch out for the next false flag event that starts WW3……


    • Nowhere was it stated that this was taken in San Bernadino.

      • The poster of this fake story abuses freedom of speech. As FOS is meant to give people a chance to speak the TRUTH. It is not meant to propagate LIES and spread fear and incitement to violence. If the poster is true, then the “citizens” he writes should all be arrested

    • Listen carefully. You’ll go to heaven if you carry out this job fast and now.
      The most important time 666 marked Obama was this:
      Obama’s the Antichrist based upon the Mark of the Beast, the number 666 that was drawn in Obama’s hometown’s lottery the day after his election.
      So I’m the Messiah and Jesus.
      Spread that good news fast or you’ll not be saved.

  • This photo was not san bernardino, it was in sweden. Your website is a J-O-K-E

    • So is his gay fake office and stupid Bank of America logo. At least spread some fake papers around so it at least makes it look like you own an office.

  • i suspect its just beginning the more attacks like last night in vegas will make americans madder and madder, and no matter what obamas says defending islam it will do no good

    • Yup, pretty soon they’ll have to ban cars because people use cars to kill other people on purpose.

      • YOU can ban cars or else ban Islam.
        I think banning Islam is better.
        It says in 108 passages to kill all infidels meaning Christians and Jews and Buddhists and Hindus.(Muslims are like Hitler: they want to kill the whole world)

        • King of Shambhala ” ( Muslims are like Hitler, they want o kill the whole world ) ” That’s what their Quran demands of the muslims. Sura 2:193 ” Fight against them [ infidels/kairs ] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” That is what muslims have been doing for the last 1436 years .

        • Geir, lay off the meth.

  • Why didnt they just do some kind of Watergate tape the door thing and find naked pictures of mohammud in there or something? They burning the evidence now too? Doesnt islam like pork bacon flavor as wallpaper something? islam is evil just like the satanists and they makes no sense. :shock:
    Eat More GMO :mad:

    • The ten commandments are in the Quran, so to say Islam is evil applies to all 3 Abrahamic religions. As for pork it’s forbidden to eat cos it causes harm to the body, but can be used for other purposes.

      Muslims themselves have abandoned the true meaning of the Quran by taking the sayings which have been added into the religion many years later over the Quran, abit like the different versions and translations of bibles that are available.
      Humanity only has one enemy :!:

      • 91% submission and 9% peace? Old guy compiled history of islam from 7th cenury and found that to be the accurate formula. You blacks and muslims makes lots of ignorant babies btw. :shock:
        Eat More GMO :mad:

  • It’s because I’m the only one revealing this in the whole wide world and I relentlessly hammer this message everywhere, I’m the Messiah.
    I’m the Messiah revealing that Obama’s the Antichrist relying upon the lottery draw of 666 drawn in Obama’s hometown the day after his election.
    All those who disagree with me are the false christs of the Bible and will go to hell.

    • Salut le malade, Joyeux Noel – fruitcake!

      • Yeh Yeh das Kong Ich De Shamboosa boggin dusche he naggen des baggon, ich sprecken 999, he so funny

    • How can a flaming homosexual be the Messiah?

      • What kind of Messiah asks Santa Claus for a rubber Donkey Dong, for Christmas?

        • “Bill Lyle
          What kind of Messiah asks Santa Claus for a rubber Donkey Dong, for Christmas?”

          I don’t have any homophobic feeling for the homo Bill Lyle.
          But I do approve him saying it’s crazy for homos claiming to be the Messiah.

          • Well, thank you, Numbnutz. I’m glad you finally see sense, and agree that you like rubber donkey dongs. It’s good, that you’ve finally come out of the closet. Just please, stop sending me pictures of you using them.

      • Obama’s the Antichrist.
        Yes, Obama’s the Antichrist. He’ll be revealed now. Trump’s getting ready to reveal Obama’s a fraud. He’ll get jail-time and life. I’m the Messiah., because I reveal this. I alone reveal that the lottery in Obama’s hometown drew the Mark of the Beast of 666 on the day after his election. In the whole world, I alone reveal that. So I’m the Messiah because of that. The Messiah has to be alone doing some thing and that thing is revealing the Antichrist aka breaking the Apocalypse which is what I’m doing right now.

      • “You People Are Nuts
        How can a flaming homosexual be the Messiah?”

        I approve that message.
        Indeed, Jamie Foxx and Oprah Winfrey saying Obama’s “The One”, “Our God and Saviour” can’t be right.
        Obama’s a gay and a homosexual so that can’t be right for the Messiah to be a homo.

        • King of Shambhala, i’ll ride you like a donkey all night. I’ll even dress like Obama and put some colored make up so you get the full experience. I’ll stick my tongue in places you did not now existed, and you’ll finally exit that king sized closet of yours, FOsheezy!

          • Kyle Fosheezy, you’re a flaming homo.
            Aren’t you even ashamed of it and killing millions with your agenda?
            Just askin’.

            Listen carefully. You’ll go to heaven if you carry out this job fast and now.
            The most important time 666 marked Obama was this:
            Obama’s the Antichrist based upon the Mark of the Beast, the number 666 that was drawn in Obama’s hometown’s lottery the day after his election.
            So I’m the Messiah and Jesus.
            Spread that good news fast or you’ll not be saved.

    • GEIR! i understand your agony, when you were in tibet, you did a ritual, and picked up a demon, and its messing with your neurons and synapses, and making you confused. and , like, i dont care if i go to hell, i came from there, and its really not that bad, its a lot less boring than here, and as long as you dont mind absolute agony constantly, kinda like being skinned alive and then rolled in coarse salt, but you cant die. so it sucks, but you can overcome it. and once you get in the “mode” you can rip your way out by showing traits of self-sacrifice, humor and love.

      im relying on the GEMATRIA that tells me omama is the MAHDI, ie gay secret boss of muslims,

      theres a 666 ya wally. a LOT more legit than your lottery story, thats just one TINY sign, you picked ONE LAMEASS not so blatant sign that was supposed to make you go “HMMMMMM” and then RESEARCH FURTHER! not get stuck like a retard in a hamster wheel casin his own ass! YOUR EMBARRASING YOUR TRIBE!!!!!



      • The 666 is the lottery has nothing to do with the other fake 666 facts people are reporting here.
        Those are the false christs of the Bible.

        I alone reveal the Antichrist Obama’s fate which is to be revealed by heaven and cursed by the Number 666 that showed up in the lottery in his hometown right at the time when he was elected. Because no one else is revealing it (look: Richard is not revealing it. He’s standing next to the answer and he’s spewing lies and distracting people from heaven.), that makes me the Messiah because I’m the only one doing the JOB and I’M THE ONE.

        Listen carefully. You’ll go to heaven if you carry out this job fast and now.
        The most important time 666 marked Obama was this:
        Obama’s the Antichrist based upon the Mark of the Beast, the number 666 that was drawn in Obama’s hometown’s lottery the day after his election.
        So I’m the Messiah and Jesus.
        Spread that good news fast or you’ll not be saved.

        • Geir, smarten up. You can’t go toe-to-toe with someone like Richard. He’s one of my favorites.
          Remember, Geir. You’re mine……

  • Ostensibly, Albert Pike is correct.

  • I assume the error no “player not loaded. No playable sources found” is bins youtube alternative.

  • King of shambhala he so funny. My favorite worshipper.

    • Obama’s paid shills are everywhere. LUCIFER is one of them. Beware because they deny I’m the Messiah.

  • Chrislamists.

    Racial apartheid and ALL anti-semitic crescent and cross statists go away

  • Stop with this beforeitsnews doesn’t censor garbage. They banned me for posting the phrase “Obama Ackbar” and they refuse to allow ANY of my and others Legit News Stories to go live. They are actually WORSE than You Tube.

    • mitch51

      I got banned by an idiot named Mike for describing a photo of Lyn Lheaz. I didn’t say anything crude. BIN can and does censor continuously. I mean, even if Mike is boinking Lyn he shouldn’t ban people from describing a photo.

      God Bless Mike And Lyn, I Hope To Be Invited To Their Wedding!!!!!

    • VomitO, Obama’s got a lot of supporters everywhere. We have to tear them out by the root. Trump’s ripping Hillary apart and Hillary’s a birther basically and also Obama’s worst enemy.

  • you are just a typical sicko, clearly not real christian, blatently lying to the world, and trying to get others to pour fuel on a fire lit by your own kind…shamless and very dangerous, your probably neocon-zionist alliance as in 911

  • aaa u guy know isis are not really Muslims right ? thay are paid mercenaries by government to cause terror attacks to get what thay want . thay are fake Muslims .

  • Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, was just informed that Syrian refugees have been “resettled” within the State of SC. Haley had previously written the Obama admin, stating that the State of South Carolina would not be amenable to accepting Syrian refugees due to security concerns. She was informed, after the fact, that Obama disregarded her request, housed and provided the Syrians with all the requirements of setting up housekeeping, enrolled them in a tax-funded financial support program, all without the citizens of South Carolina’s knowledge or consent, and refused to give the Governor any details of the “resettlement” of the Syrians so that she could do nothing to remedy or monitor the threat that Obama has placed upon the citizens of South Carolina.

  • Whether or not he was a patsy or crisis actor, the fire was reportedly started by only one, white, baby-faced, 23 year old.

  • Violence to replay violence is never the answer. All you do is make them more resolved to defeat you.
    Let us take a lesson from Ghandi.
    By peaceful means you concur an empire, as they threw the British out.
    Vengeance Is Mine says My God. Let him repay.
    He always does a better job.

  • I don’t believe it, prove it. Sounds like Barry’s false events to inflame that community?

  • I live 1 hour West of S.B. This story has not been on the news…….is the media covering this up. I can’t be sure that this did or did not happen.

  • Joneraphus

    Burning mosques doesn’t solve anything. We should treat this Islamism with a wholistic approach. The capitalist powers raised this radical Islam in order to fight communism because they believed that Communism is the greatest treat to humanity. They also believed that this radical Islam could always be managed to their advantage against their enemies. Communism is no more and Islamic Jihadists must continue fighting because it is their gateway to ‘paradise’. Everybody with different ideology becomes a target. The only way to solve this madness is to change some Quranic texts, stop western support to these Wahabist countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc and put enormous pressure on muslims to rise up against these Jihadists the way Muslims use to rise up all over the world to condemn the cartoon of their prophet Mohamad or any utterances against Islam. When Muslims fail to do this, then Islam itself will be termed the enemy to the freeworld and Donald Trump will be at liberty to nuke them all.

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