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Peter Schiff: Janet Yellen Strayed From Her Own Plan and Went Nuts!

Friday, December 18, 2015 6:11
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Headphone Schiff

In the video below, Peter Schiff goes on a nice little rant about the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates this week. If you recall, he’s been saying all along, as have I, that there was a zero percent chance rates would go up at all this year, and while our rationales behind why we each believed that were not the same, the bottom line is that we both said there was no way rates would go up, because the economy is a DISASTER!

The first thing Peter does is clarify what is really going on with the actual number. We all like to say rates have been at zero, but technically that’s not correct, so Peter reviews the nuts and bolts of rate hikes.

In reality, the Fed rate is not a fixed number, but a range, and for all these years that range has been between 0% and .25%.

That means that now, after the Fed raised rates by 25 basis points, the range will now be somewhere between .25% and .5%. In short, depending on where the number was prior to the 25 basis point hike, the Fed may only hike it a little.

This week’s decision was a purely political one, with no basis in economics, so the Fed will probably be as cautious as possible. For example, if the rate was at .225%, then perhaps the Fed will only raise it to .3% which allows the Fed to save face, and stay within the new range of .25% – .5%.

After explaining that, and how little this will likely affect most people. Peter really laid into Janet Yellen’s succumbing to peer pressure from her peers, for lack of a better word.

Using her words, the Fed was only going to raise rates when the data warranted a rate hike, but with all the talk lately, people were clearly of the mindset that rates would be going up, and in spite of all her talk about only raising rates when the data supported a hike, Yellen raised rates based on numbers that were SUBSTANTIALLY worse than they were back in September, when everyone thought raising rates was the worst idea ever! 

Yellen was backed into a corner, and she was screwed no matter what she chose, but let’s be clear, she put herself in that position. To use her words again, Yellen said the rate hike would “show confidence” in the economy. Someone might want to tell the Fed chair, that a strong economy doesn’t need a .25% token rate hike to show confidence. A strong economy creates its own confidence. Duh!

Keep in mind at all times who we’re talking about here. In 2008, when the world was on fire, halfway through 2008, Janet Yellen still wasn’t even forecasting a recession yet… THAT’S how far off she was.

The other day, when she looked at the numbers, based on her own objective criteria for raising rates that she set, she shouldn’t have raised the rates, but by not raising rates, people could have seen that as “proof” the economy was weak (which it is). So, since all this time she’s been jawing about how well the economy is cruising along, she was left with very little choice but to raise rates.

The big news the actual day of the hike, was that manufacturing was down as it was expected to be, but it was down more than 3x what was expected, and obviously the first number was still lower than it was in September, further demonstrating that the rate hike was a typical slight of hand gesture from someone who considers herself “part of the Obama administration.” 







SchiffGold Writes:

The Federal Reserve made its much-anticipated move yesterday, nudging up the key interest rate by a quarter point.

Peter Schiff did an interview with The Hard Line on Newsmax TV a short time later, reiterating what he was saying before the Fed’s announcement – the rate hike does not indicate confidence in the US economy.



In fact, Peter argued the economy is about to enter into another recession, and may in fact already be in the early stages of a downturn:

The only reason the Fed is raising rates is to try to show that they have confidence in the economy, but the reality is they have no confidence in the economy and they’re trying to cover up those fears with this symbolic rate hike. But they’re going to have to figure out how to reverse course, unfortunately. They’re going to be doing QE4 next year. They’re not going to be raising rates again.”

Last week, Peter explained how the Fed had backed itself into a corner and left itself with little choice but to raise the rate as a symbolic gesture. But economic data simply doesn’t support a rate hike. There is no improving economy. Peter noted last week that the Fed was already walking back its rhetoric and downplaying the prospect of increasing rates over the long-term. Pundits have called this first rate increase “the liftoff,” but Peter likens it to a hoverboard. He reemphasized this point to Newsmax:

I don’t think this is the beginning of the hiking cycle. This is the end of it. See, normally when the Federal Reserve begins to raise interest rates, they do it early in the recovery. The economy still has a lot of upward momentum, but the Fed has waited so long, this recovery is almost over. I mean we’re still practically at zero and that shows you how little confidence the Fed has in the economy that after supposedly seven years of recovery, that’s all we get. And again, we’re going to go back to zero very quickly.”

Meanwhile, the price of gold and silver fell on the Fed’s announcement, but not nearly as much as many analysts expected. Spot gold was down 0.6% Thursday morning in European trading, according to the Wall Street Journal:

However, the reaction in metals was more muted than some market participants had anticipated, partly because the rate rise was widely expected. ‘It’s been priced in,’ said Robin Bhar, head of metals research at Société Générale SA . ‘The markets were pretty well prepared for the expected.’”

Mainstream analysts are playing catch-up to what Peter has been saying for more than a month – the gold price already had rate hike expectations baked into it. Peter made this very point on his November 12 Gold Videocast:

Gold has already fallen substantially based on the fact that the Fed is going to be raising interest rates. So I think most of the downside, in fact probably almost all of the downside in my opinion, is already here. The gold market has already discounted the rate hikes.”

In his Newsmax interview, Peter was emphatic that the rate hike won’t stick. He even suggested we could see negative rates down the road:

That’s what might be in our future. Not only negative real rates, which we’ve already had because the rate of inflation is higher than the rate of interest, but we might actually have negative rates the way they have them now in parts of Europe and again, they’re going to do another round of quantitative easing. It’s unfortunate…We don’t have a real recovery. All we have is a bubble and that bubble prevented a legitimate recovery and so now the U.S. economy is in much worse shape economically than it was just prior to the 2008 financial crisis and so now the next financial crisis, which the Fed has created, is going to be much worse than the last one.”

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  • I SAID INTEREST RATE HIKE IN 2015. cAN’T Post link to my article agianst BIN TOU, the title is Alan Greenspan Declares War On China.

    Peter Schiff is a freaking jerk.
    FEDERAL RESERVE IS NOT CAUGHT OFF GUARD in that the 2008 so-called financial crisis arising out of allegedly subprime mortgage loans – WAS PLANNED. See another article title Financial False Flag WW3, a VIDEO interview of former AIG Ceo Greenberg. AIG was one of the big guys in the insured subprime mortgage loan business via financial instruments called credit default swaps. Greenberg says THE FEDS AND THEIR GOONS, which include Goldman Sachs, DEMANDED IMMEDIATE PAYMENT OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, which AIG and the other CDS insurers did NOT have, and that forced massive selling to come up with liquidity.

    THE SO-CALLED SUBPRIME BLOW UP which was FED INDUCED, the Fed knew that CDS havoc would come from their incessant raising of interest rates, GREENSPAN HEAVILY PROMOTED SUBPRIME MORTGAGES in the form of INTEREST RATE ADJUSTABLE

    that is how the Feds pulled off their $700 billion emergeny fund which enabled kick of of Fed hyperprinting. The ultimate aim of that is US GOV’T DEBT DEFAULT. I did an article on that eivl man Rickards who Schiff likes says IMF will need to bail out the USA.

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    IMF is unanswerable to any government, judidical, executive or legislative branch.

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    Daniel 11:14 At that time many shall come against the king of the south [USA]; also the robbers [VATICAN} of your people [the Jews] shall exalt themselves to estasblish the vision but shall fall

    THE ONLY REASON I KNEW THE FEDS WOULD RAISE RATES is because I came across an interview this fall of Alan Greenspan and based on his statement I know THE FEDS ARE OUT TO DESTROY THE CHINESE ECONOMY in order to BRING DOWN the Chinese military.

    • Raising Fed rate (or negative rate, which it could go) is WITHDRAWING LIQUIDITY FROM THE MARKET, and contrary to evil Yellen’s claim the US economy is in good condition, enough so that rate hike began, THE ECONOMY IS IN WORSE CONDITION than in 2008.

      Withdrawing of liquidity means even less purchasing of foreign goods and China lives or dies by its export markets, and its export markets are strapped for cash and going to get worse and going to get worse because the Fed is going to do all it can to dry up liquidity.

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