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This West Point Instructor Just Issued a Call to the Military to Overthrow Obama…

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 22:22
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Who can blame a West Point instructor, a man of honor who has served his nation faithfully, for suggesting in a law review article that the military should overthrow the treasonous Obama, and put him where he belongs: In Leavenworth, awaiting a trial for treason, where if convicted, he can pick between the gallows or a firing squad? It’s not like there isn’t support for the idea among every day Americans either.

In a recent poll, 1/3 of Americans Said They Would Support Military Coup of the Obama Administration. That doesn’t even include the millions who have no idea the extent of the President’s treachery because the mainstream media is in lock step with him, and constantly provides him with cover. If the American people knew that a Top Obama Appointee (Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency), Said “The President Knowingly and Willingly Armed ISIS,” how many more would agree? What if they knew a Four Star Admiral with intimate details of Benghazi accused Obama of Treason, Colluding With the Enemy, and Providing the Enemy with Stinger Missiles? Then there’s also a Lieutenant General who has accused Obama of Treason saying he’s allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infect every level of government, and then what if the American people heard what a former CIA Director, and a former Assistant Director of the FBI had to say about Obama? I bet that 1/3 of Americans would be closer to 2/3 of Americans. Why? Those are some very credible sources who have come forward but conveniently been covered up by Obama’s Crime Inc., and the media.


It’s not just domestically that people want Obama tried for treason. In the first video below, and Egyptian reporter goes bonkers:

“We’ve said to them a million times, and we are still saying… Obama the liar, the ally of the terrorists, I call him a liar. He’s a liar. He is the ally of the terrorists, and this Obama deserves to stand trial!” Watch the video to see what he says about the American people for falling for Obama’s nonsense… 

Egypt TV Host: Obama is a TRAITOR!



In the second video, Alex Jones goes through a laundry list of items Obama is guilty of treason for, and both above, and after the article about the West Point Instructor are even MORE examples of Obama’s clear-cut treason. If he doesn’t eventually flee the country as the sniveling little worm of a coward that he is, eventually, I believe we’ll get the justice we deserve for what Obama has “knowingly and willingly” done to this country, using his own appointees words. 

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America’s Freedom Fighters reports:

A former West Point instructor who has called for American critics of the “war on terror” to be imprisoned or executed as traitors suggests that the U.S. military would be hailed as the “constitutional and political savior” of the country if it overthrew the civilian government – and a surprisingly large number of Americans may agree with him.

Legal scholar William C. Bradford, who was forced to resign from his position as an instructor of law at West Point in August, has privately circulated a draft of an unpublished law review article entitled “Alea Iacta Est: The U.S. Coup of 2017.” An abstract of that essay posted to Bradford’s LinkedIn page adumbrates a scenario in which a U.S. president – presumably, Barack Obama – becomes an undisguised “tyrant” who must be replaced by a military junta.

“What if the American people were to elect a president who want[s] to destroy the nation and works to create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military?” Bradford writes. “What remedies, if any, did the Framers commend to us in the event a tyrant should every assume the presidency? Do the people have the right to resist a tyrant, and does that really hold any prospect of success without the support of the military? Does the U.S. military have the right or even the duty to intervene in the domestic politics of the United States as constitutional and political savior when the times require it, and who makes that determination?… Is such a duty incumbent upon the U.S. Armed Forces at present?”(Emphasis added.)

The title of Bradford’s essay might be an allusion to a previous treatment of a similar theme:

Brig. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap’s essay “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012,” which was published in the Winter 1992—93 issue of the U.S. Army War College journal Parameters. Where Bradford appears to believe that a coup might be a “duty” incumbent on the military, Gen. Dunlap – writing from a constitutionalist, rather than praetorian, perspective – was clearly alarmed by what he saw as an entirely plausible scenario.

Dunlap used the literary device of a smuggled prison letter composed by “Prisoner 222305759,” condemned to death for “treason” by military ruler Gen. E.T. Brutus. Following a series of military disasters overseas and domestic crises at home, Brutus, acting on concerns very similar to those spelled out by Bradford (or, for that matter, described in Robert Heinlein’s premonitory novel Starship Troopers), staged a coup in the name of protecting “public order” from the corruption of the political class.

In the decades leading up to the putsch, the unnamed Prisoner recalled, “The one institution of government in which people retained faith was the military.” Even as the public lamented the corruption and profligacy of Big Government, they had nothing but bottomless respect for the Regime’s chief instrument of death and property destruction. The military retained its prestige in spite of the fact that its structural defects — made painfully visible by a long, bloody, and futile war in the Gulf — left it “unfit to engage an authentic military opponent.”

While the military was no longer well-suited to fight and win wars, its subtle integration into every element of domestic life made it perfectly suited to carry out a coup:

“Eventually, people became acclimated to seeing uniformed military personnel patrolling their neighborhood. Now [meaning 2012 in the essay’s timeline] troops are an adjunct to almost all police forces in the country. In many of the areas where much of our burgeoning population of elderly Americans live — [military dictator] Brutus calls them ‘National Security Zones’ — the military is often the only law enforcement agency. Consequently, the military was ideally positioned in thousands of communities to support the coup.”

Although 2012 passed without an overt military takeover, Dunlap’s projection of trends – especially the disastrous long-term military entanglement in the Middle East, the expanding role of the Pentagon in routine domestic law enforcement, and the pervasive cultural presence of the military in everyday American life — has proven to be uncannily prescient. The same is true of the apparently inexhaustible respect and public deference enjoyed by the military, despite widespread and deepening disillusionment with nearly every other branch of government.

A recent YouGov survey of 1000 people posed the question: “Is there any situation in which you could imagine yourself supporting the U.S. military taking over the powers of [the] federal government?” Nearly one-third of the respondents – thirty percent – answered in the affirmative, with 43 percent of Republicans (as opposed to twenty percent of Democrats) endorsing undisguised military rule.

The poll also found that a substantially higher percentage of respondents (70 percent) believed that military officers want what’s best for the country than police officers (55 percent). This result is broadly reminiscent of public opinion in Egypt during the 2011 uprising that overthrew long-ruling U.S. puppet dictator Hosni Mubarak – and eventually resulted in the installation of a brutal military-led junta ruled by General Abdel al-Sisi. The impenitent corruption and relentless brutality of the Egyptian police led many of that country’s citizens to believe, in the words of protester Mustafa Abdel Wahab, that “The army is all good men by the police, every policeman is bad.”

As the protests spread, observed Steve Coll of The New Yorker, reports proliferated “that protesters are relieved to see the Army in the streets; no doubt, as in many other like countries, the Army has more credibility than the corrupt and often torture-prone police.”

What Egyptians tragically failed to understand – and what many Americans, who have less excuse, are forgetting – is that the police and army are what Alexander Hamilton called “correspondent appendages of military establishments.” In the Federalist, essay number eight, Hamilton, who was no light touch when it came to the exercise of executive power, warned that military bodies (which include police agencies) “have a tendency to destroy … civil and political rights.”

Decades of “emergency” rule in Egypt destroyed whatever trivial substantive differences may once have separated the police from the military, and when the former were discredited a desperate public was manipulated into embracing the latter as “saviors in uniform.”

Although the privations and abuses experienced by Americans have not generally been as severe as those inflicted on the long-suffering subjects of Egypt’s police state, the country has endured a variant of emergency rule since creation of the national security state in 1946 – which was radically deepened and expanded after the incident that should be memorialized as Government Failure Day, September 11, 2001. A crisis of similar magnitude could very easily lead to the consummation of the military coup Gen. Dunlap dreaded, and William C. Bradford eagerly awaits.


An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


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The Last Great Stand

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  • Man

    well… good luck with that

  • what

  • The officer should be in jail for TREASON anyway. All “commissioned officturds are committing treason. They accept iConstitutionally lllegal “commissions” and are “attached” (not unlike leeches) to the Military. The officer “corp” is a seperate entity attached to the Military.
    The Constitution CLEARLY and Undeniably gives ONLY State Governors the Authority to Commission Military Officers. the president does have the authority to “appoint” officers that does NOT usurp the Commissioning authority of the State Governors. All Officers leeched onto the Military like parasites hold a Commission signed by the President which is contrary to their Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution.
    Against the Wall.

    • You are arguing a moot point. STANDING ARMIES ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! What we have now is repugnant to the REPUBLIC and the dejure peoples government.

    • It’s idiot’s like you that voted this lying, foreign nation, criminal POTUS into office.. so We see the animosity towards anyone that admits the ‘Truth’.. That this criminal should be arrested and marched off to prison ASAP.

      He, Bill and Killary have done more destruction to this nation and it’s (LEGAL) citizen’s than any spy are terrorist in it’s history… it is totally stupid and sickening that these criminal’s are still walking around free, and being allowed to continue their goal to totally destroy this nation.

      We will not be able to do anything until We bring down the ‘race-baiting”cop-hating’ (AP)+ ‘left-stream’ Media and clean out the corruption in the Federal Justice Dept. AND GET A (LEGAL) PRO- AMERICAN POTUS>>>FOR A CHANGE<< NO RINO'S ALLOWED

  • Good. that’ll begin America’s spiral into Nazi-ism. :twisted:

  • hmmm. advocating overthrow of the legally elected government of the U.S. Interesting. I hope he’s got his affairs in order for when he enters Leavenworth.

    • Overthrow of a legally elected government? Why it’s a grand ol ameruican tradition that goes back 60 years now!

      • This is in fact a DEFACTO. Look that word up. You’ll see it’s NOT at all elected of, by or for the people.

  • We are finally seeing people in positions of authority to show some balls. I for one do not wish to see our nation destroyed from within as it has the potential to be great once more. Washington D.C. is an autonomous city state operating as an independent corporation with financing from the private corporate bank known as the Federal Reserve. If any reader does not understand this, do some Google searches. The U.S. military is used to serve the financial interests of 12 multi-national banks; who combined own 43,000 multi-national corporations. They control your news/sports/music/television/movies/banking/real estate/social media/retail stores/oil/shipping/food/healthcare and pharmaceuticals/etc.

    D.C. works with Rome, including the Vatican, and London to control world affairs as the Anglo American Alliance. All are autonomous city states with their own laws, flags, tax system, government, etc. The Federal government was intended only for protection and possibly to regulate the U.S. monetary system. The states were intended to have most of the power. We need to get things back in line before its too late. Good to see the military leaders beginning to get backbones. :cool:

  • Ha, Ha, Ha, …… Ha, Ha, Ha, what a joke! The ‘military’ has obeyed every single unconstitutional order that the illegal POTUS has given.

    • That’s not so. When the militasry was ordered to steal those three nukes and set off one in S.C. several high ranking officers in charge blocked the op and prevented it from occurring. Immediately after they were purged from the force for trivial made up offences.. but they did save the country.

  • Things are unfolding EXACTLY how the time traveller from 2036 John Titor said they occured in his timeline. The only difference is that they are happening here 10 years later. When he was here in 1999 he said it occurred in 2006 in his future. He relayed precisely every detail without naming names. Blacik president. civil war. russia fighting the islamic terrists and supporting the side of freedom. Unreal;. Do you think anyone could have ever just *guessed* how things would unfold as thay have? I doubt it…

  • This will never happen because the first order of business for the Obama administration was to purge the military of any dissenters. There is no one in the military who will not follow orders.

  • so what is the hold up ? lets do this people . !!!!!!

  • all i hear is talk . no action .

  • Twice I’ve been hacked and ejected from comments, probably by Comintern hackers. I’ve been under criminal cyber-attacks for years and have come to recognize them.

    A military coup would be wrong, would fail, and would play into the pretender’s hands.

    For over 5 years I’ve called for competent official investigations, to no avail. The situation now is that the pretender will continue to betray the nation until he causes an EMP attack that will cause the deaths of 90% of the American populace within the ensuing year, some 250,000 in the first hour as airborne craft auger in. The effects will be blamed on natural solar events and the pretender will operate, personally or through proxies, a military dictatorship. He will be deemed a savoir, because the people and their leaders have decided to be invincibly ignorant.

    To be clear, the EMP attack can be triggered after the expiration of the pretender’s terms of illegitimate office. Indeed, it would be consistent with his M.O. to have it happen during an actual President’s term. The expiration of the pretender’s last “term” is not an opportunity to sigh with relief; it only heightens the prospect of disaster.

    See “American Holocaust: Communist Subjugation of America”.

  • look like theyre doing exactly what they said they were…. the plan thats been desired by them all along!

    too bad my FATHER is using them to do HIS will…….PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Forever!

  • The human being is not evil but our ideologies/religions are and it is them we need to get rid off if we want to survive as a species on this planet, and thrive. Letting Jihadists into Europe and US is a mistake. Yes, we obviously do need to protect ourselves and if governments fail at that, then a military coup is our only hope, I guess.

  • If we overthrow Obama, everything will be better. Yeah, right. Look at the bigger picture. He’s acting like a dictator, but he’s just a puppet. It’s most likely the top 10 richest and most powerful in the world running the whole damn freak show.

  • Ya that will work

  • Hey! It’s better than Impeaching Him! Lets Roll! :idea:

  • Let’s roll. Whomever helps, arrest or impeach Barrak Muhammad Hussein OBOMB-A will have a very high position in the new government. TRUMP is Already the president. Our political system has become such a joke. We don’t need no rigged elections. I say TRUMP is already the president by default.

    I can’t believe after 9-11 you would let a terrorist in the white house. What a joke they are laughing hysterical at you behind your back and you are eating this SH*T up. It is all your own faults because all do nothing. When was the last time you did something that matter instead of just taking it to facebook or twitter?

  • Yeah, Obama belongs at Leavenworth….he can clean shoe polish off the floor with a toothbrush, as he awaits trial for treason and sedition.

  • Let’s roll.. This lying, foreign national, criminal, POTUS needs to be arrested , imprisoned or deported ASAP!

  • Those who swore an oath to defend the Constitution have a duty to stop the traitor Obama from destroying it.

  • I definitely agree that it SHOULD be done but whether or not it will really even be seriously considered or attempted by any of the remaining high ranking officers and joint chiefs that haven’t been purged yet by Obama remains to be seen ! I think that in large part it would and will depend on just HOW Obama conducts himself in his last few months in office and whether or not he tries to pull off staying in office by declaring Martial Law and suspending the election in November or refusing to step down and let the next elected President take office !

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