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1924 Newspaper Article Outlined Six Goals of the Illuminati – Prophetic?

Thursday, February 18, 2016 15:44
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Many people have a hard time believing that there could possibly be a secret global cabal with the power to control the lives of virtually everyone on the planet to the point of enslavement, and who can blame them? That sounds like a pretty far fetched proposition, right? In reality, secret societies have been around about as long as mankind, and for a better understanding of some of those societies, you can take a look at, The Top 10 Conspiratorial Secret Societies of All Time (With Videos). 

As I wrote in the post titled, 1798: Proof America’s Role in the Illuminati Conspiracy Began, we can confirm that much of the architecture behind today’s Illuminati organization has been in place since at least 1798, when a man named John Robison wrote about them. He wrote a book titled, Proofs of a Conspiracy Against the Religions and Governments of Europe, in which he exposed the secret societies behind the terroristic French Revolution. In that book he said:

“An association has been formed for the express purposes of rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all existing governments… the leaders would rule the World with uncontrollable power, while all the rest would be  employed as tools of their unknown superiors.”

Often times, any mention of “The Illuminati” or a “New World Order” brings about cries of “Conspiracy Theory,” or “Tin Foil Hats,” but much of that can be attributed to how people are taught or conditioned to respond by mainstream media outlets that no longer report “news.” Instead, companies that people think are reporting “news,” are really only reporting what is in their corporate interests to report. It’s not that every mainstream media company lies about everything they say, it’s more like everything they say is only 5% of the whole truth. 


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Regardless of your thoughts on names like “The Illuminati,” or a “New World Order,” a few things CANNOT be disputed: 

1) There are a group of global elites (call them whatever you want), and they are attempting to seize control of the world. Their primary method for achieving total control is by controlling money, because by controlling money and wealth, they hold the reins of society; 

2) They gather from around the globe and they do conduct regular meetings; and 

3) Despite the illusion that countries like the United States are governed by “elected representatives,” these elites are the ones REALLY steering the course of the ENTIRE planet, whether we like it or not.

The global elite do so through a variety of methods, the principal method being their control of the planet’s monetary supplies. The Illuminati is a group whose primarily constituents are the 13 families or “Royal Bloodlines,” the most powerful of those families being the Rothschild’s, who many have estimated are worth approximately $500 TRILLION DOLLARS.

The following video highlights the 13 “Royal Bloodlines,” and their importance. 

illuminati The Royal Bloodline Family




Whether people want to admit it or not, virtually every person on the planet, as well as every country on the planet, is a slave to the monetary policy of Illuminati banks for the simple reason that Illuminati families own virtually every central bank on earth, including our very own Federal Reserve. For more on the Illuminati’s control over the global money supply, and even the U.S. Federal Reserve, check out the following:

Who Owns the Federal Reserve Bank, and Why is It Shrouded in Myths and Mysteries?

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

What does it mean to be a slave to monetary policy? How many people in the United States are able to support themselves or their families without working themselves to the bone? Why? Because gradually over time, the Illuminati banking system has managed to get almost every man, woman, and child in debt up to their eyeballs of some kind, and that allows those who control the purse strings, to control those of us who need access to that money.


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If you doubt what I am saying for even a second, then “take control” of your life, and use the next month to travel the globe. You can’t right? Why? Assuming you’re not one of the 100 million Americans out of work right now, you’d never risk losing your job even if you can afford a month of traveling the world? Why do you need the job?

How else would you pay for your home, your car, or support your family, etc. It’s not just individuals that are beholden to the Illuminati banking system either. That same system controls entire nations, and they do so primary by funding wars.

Unbeknownst to most people, and conveniently left out of history books, is that the BOTH sides of every war dating back to before the American Revolution have been funded by the Illuminati families. Nothing of any consequence happens on this planet without Illuminati approval, because ultimately they fund it all.

The concept of playing both sides to distract people from the REAL agenda is know as the Hegelian Dialectic. The video below goes into more detail.

What is the Hegelian Dialectic



Of course, these days the concept of the Illuminati is much less a shadowy secret society bent on world domination than a cruel inside joke MTV has played out with borrowed symbolism. But, back in 1924, people were very worried about the Illuminati’s plans to take over the world by destroying it.First, the abolition of government. This article in the June 21, 1924 edition of the Joplin Globe laid bare the six “principles” or goals of the Illuminati. You might notice they look pretty familiar to what we are seeing everywhere today:

Second, the abolition of patriotism.

Third, the abolition of private property rights.

Fourth, the abolition of all rights of inheritance.

Fifth, the abolition of religion. — and finally —

Sixth, the abolition of the family relations.


Marvin also notes that even though the order of the Illuminati had long since disappeared from public view by the 1920s, he was convinced it was alive and well and “responsible for all the radical efforts so well exemplified in recent years by Lenin and his followers in Russia”.

The article goes on to spell it out: “[Marvin] is assured it is operating in America today, seeking first to create mental attitude of unrest, then distrust, and finally, class hatred.”

In 1936, the Fred R. Marvin (1868-1939) mentioned by the Globe would go on to write Fools Gold: An Expose of Un-American Activities and Political Action in the United States Since 1860 (which listed him as the “Senator from Alaska” although he was not a Senator and he apparently wasn’t from Alaska either, plus Alaska didn’t even become a state officially until 1959).

The chain of custody for these covert actions lands back in the circle surrounding the likes of scheming and well-connected family dynasties such as Harriman, Bush, Dulles, Rockefeller, Rothschild and other fellow travelers, through covert financier-style foreign policy on behalf of the international banking circles to which they belong.

Read Antony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution for detailed information and also Webster Tarpley’s unauthorized biography on George H.W. Bush and perhaps also the Isaacson/Thomas book The Wise Men for an unbelievable account of the behind the scenes power play by acting world architects in the lead up to and aftermath of WWII reordering.

The same characters built up other despotic regimes, not only during the 20th Century, but throughout their sordid and secret history, as with the Bavarian Illuminati ‘s sponsorship of the French Revolution during which it worked to undermine the king and trampled over the masses of society.

The accounts are detailed, but can be traced through time to the order of men who today congregate at Davos, Bilderberg and above, well inside the ring of power of those orchestrating — if no longer in name, then at least in deeds — as the “Illuminati.” But then again, there are many names; many of the groups are transient.

Source: Secrets of the Fed


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Senn Life 2





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  • This just proves that tin-foilers have been around a long time, and the illuminati still have not taken over the world.

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