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Jason A: Something Demonic Is Loose, Wreaking Havoc on America (Video)

Monday, August 22, 2016 0:23
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The video below starts out by saying something very strange has been seen overtaking Washington DC in recent weeks. The report says it’s a strange slime of some type that has been found covering our nation’s monuments. Sadly, that sounds far more plausible and easy to understand than if the news anchor had said something crazy like “morals” or “virtue” were overtaking the nation’s capital. Fat chance. 

At this point, we are just 13 weeks away from the Presidential election that will determine whether this country lives on as the shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan spoke so highly of, or if my generation will be the one that is remembered as the one that lost America to socialism and tyranny. It’s hard not to blame both political parties for much of how we’ve allowed our country to end up here, but regardless of whose fault it is, frankly it’s embarrassing. Even more, it’s become disgusting. I sincerely hope before people go into the voting booth in November to cast their ballot for the next President of the United States, they think past their own selfish motives for a moment, and take a moment to consider the world they want to leave behind. 

Particularly from liberal politicians, we hear that there’s no such thing as “right or wrong” anymore, or who are we to judge others? We’re told that everything is “relative.” Relative to what? John Adams, our second President once said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Therein lies the Alpha and the Omega of it all. As a whole, America has lost anything remotely resembling morals, or religion. There’s nothing “relative” about that though. No room for compromise either. The “religion” of the Left has become a religion of intolerance and hatred for anything not of the Left. Just yesterday we learned Hillary has plans to put entire news agencies she disagrees with out of business. 

I can’t imagine how many politicians face themselves at night after they’ve spent their day chasing God from the public square, advocating for the killing of the unborn, making the homeland less safe by leaving our borders unsecured with people trying to kill us free to enter, depriving hard working Americans of jobs so that they (the political class) can let more “undocumented Democrats” enter the country with the intention of providing them with future votes to remain in office, and the consequences of all such mentioned actions be damned.

As you watch the video, it becomes rather clear that America’s relationship with God has become a distant one. Up has become down, down is now up, good is now evil, and evil is now not only accepted, but it’s also codified into law in many instances. As election day draws near, and so many Americans make the choice to rally around a serial felon for President, let there be no question who moved when it comes down to God, or we the people. God is right where he’s always been. We’re the ones who moved. 

Right now, we are still living in relatively peaceful times domestically, but as the article below from Profit Confidential covers, the U.S. is on a collision course for economic collapse. Once the U.S. Dollar collapses, God help us all. As I wrote about in my last article, 99.9% of Americans have no idea what awaits them when the Dollar collapses





Profit Confidential Reports:

7 Signs of a U.S. Economic Collapse in 2016

A U.S. economic collapse in 2016? Is it possible that the world’s biggest economy will face its biggest challenge next year? While most talking heads on Wall Street think the U.S. is heading in the right direction, the fact of the matter is, there are more than enough indicators to suggest the U.S. economy will come under serious pressure in 2016.

The U.S. economy is rock solid! Or so the commission-dependent brokers, analysts, and fund managers will tell you. They would have told you the same thing back in 2007 and 2008… just before the Great Recession and the stock market crash.

But then reality set in. Only a few months later, the world was on the verge of economic collapse. Despite the warning signs, we’re hearing the same kind of misguided optimism today. The pillars supporting the U.S. economy are more fragile than they were before the Great Recession.

Despite being in the midst of a so-called recovery, the global economy is still appears to be in a recession, American workers aren’t benefiting from the long-in-the-tooth bull market, underemployment remains high, inflation is much higher than the U.S. government’s official tally, a third of Americans have no emergency savings, and most worry more about their finances than anything else.

This is all after trillions of dollars and years of meddling from the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world. As a result, the U.S. could experience an economic collapse in 2016.

Interestingly, according to a recent survey, 2018 is the year most economists believe the next downturn will hit the U.S. If not 2018, 2020 is the next date on the calendar before the U.S. economy falters. I think they’re both wrong. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)


Sign #1: Government Statistics Hiding U.S. Economic Collapse

If inflation is under wraps, it doesn’t really matter if wages are stagnant. But this simply isn’t the case. And the official U.S. numbers are seriously misleading.

According to government statistics, inflation was held to just 0.6% during the first seven months of 2015. Unfortunately, that data disregards the most basic items that everyone uses, including food and energy costs. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 22, 2015.)

Alternative non-government measures of inflation tell a completely different story. The Chapwood Index is an alternative inflation indicator that looks at the unadjusted costs and price fluctuation of the top 500 items that Americans spend their money on in the 50 largest cities in the country. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

The index looks at the fluctuations in the cost of items such as Advil, Starbucks coffee, insurance, gasoline, tolls, fast food restaurants, toothpaste, oil changes, car washes, cable TV and Internet service, cellphone service, dry cleaning, movie tickets, cosmetics, gym memberships, home repairs, piano lessons, laundry detergent, light bulbs, school supplies, parking meters, pet food, and People magazine.




For example, in 2014, the CPI rose 0.8%. But according to the Chapwood Index, major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, and Boston saw inflation for the trailing 12 months (through to June of this year) run over 10%.

In San Jose, the Chapwood Index registered a 13.7% rise in the cost of living. Even Colorado Springs—the city with the lowest increase of 6.6%—was still 5.8% higher than the official CPI figure.

If you happen to work in Boston or San Jose and got a 0.8% raise in 2014, it wasn’t nearly enough to cover the increase in your day-to-day expenses. No matter what the official government data tells you.

But inflation means more than just higher prices at the grocery store. Nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is deflated by the measure of inflation being used to calculate real GDP and real GDP growth. Therefore, for a given nominal GDP growth rate, underestimating inflation over time would result in overestimating real GDP growth over time.

If this is true, a U.S. economic collapse may have already begun.


Sign #2: Real Wages Falling for Average Americans

Roughly 70% of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) comes from consumer spending. The operative word there being consumer. So you can’t really predict what the U.S. economy is going to do unless you see how the average American is doing.

It isn’t pretty.

In spite of the highly touted unemployment rate, the underemployment rate (those working part time who want full-time work, and those who have stopped searching but want a job) remains above 10%. (Source:, September last accessed 22, 2015.)

On top of that, most U.S. workers have not seen any improvement in their wages. In fact, when you factor in inflation since the recession apparently ended in 2009, wages have declined for most workers. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

I enter as evidence: between 2009 and 2015, 20% of people in the lowest-paid occupations saw their wages decline an average of 5.7%. Those included people working in retail, food preparation, personal care aids, cleaners, and home health aide. Specifically, for restaurant cooks, the decline was 9.8%; food prep workers 7.7%; and for home health aides, 6.2%.

For all U.S. workers, the purchasing power of their average income declined by four percent; meaning, the cost of living in the United States outpaced any increase in pay. This suggests that millions of Americans have little to no economic security.

It’s not as if this is news to anyone. Even the Federal Reserve has said stagnating wages is proof the U.S economy has not fully recovered. And this will negatively impact the overall economy. If real wages fall, consumers cannot make ends meet—let alone help economy growth through spending.

Only loans and credit card is keeping households afloat. If consumers are forced to rein in spending, a global recession in 2016 is almost inevitable.

Sign #3: Millions of Americans Have Little to No Money

Not only are Americans making less and having to spend more, they also have little to no money set aside for emergencies.

According to one report, roughly one third (34%) of American adults do not have any emergency savings. That means 72 million Americans have no safety net in case they lose their job, have unexpected expenses, or can’t afford the rising cost of living expenses. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

Almost half (47%) said their savings would cover their living expenses for 90 days or less. Add it up, and 81% of Americans are either at a breaking point or just 90 days away from it.

According to financial experts, those who make decent money and know how to budget their money, say Americans should set aside 15% of their gross income in case of emergencies, in addition to retirement and other goals. But it seems that few have been able to follow that sage advice.

It seems as if Americans are worse off than before the Great Recession.

Not surprisingly, Americans worry more about money on a daily basis than anything else, including their health.  In another survey, one in five Americans fears living paycheck-to-paycheck for the rest of their lives—with almost as many people worried about being in debt forever! That translates into never being able to retire. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

But at least they have ultra-low interest rates to rely on!


Sign #4: U.S. Interest Rate Hike Could Cripple America

The Federal Reserve’s fund rate has been coming down for more than 30 years. That means virtually everyone with a mortgage, loan, or credit card debt, is used to the low interest rate environment. But that’s about to change.

Most expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates later this year. If so, it will be the first time it has raised interest rates in nine years. And with nowhere else to go but up, it will put an end to free, cheap money.

Admittedly, the world needs normal interest rates. The artificially low rates brought in by the Federal Reserve through quantitative easing have devastated returns on investment. On the other hand, rising interest rates could cripple those Americans who already have trouble making ends meet. That includes anyone with large amounts of debt, including student loans.

We could be swimming in debt in the not-too-distant future. And by “we” I mean the entire planet. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) warned that the world has taken on so much debt that a rate hike led by the Fed could send the whole planet into a debt crisis.

The BIS warned that market instability, in particular in China, is a sign that the debt build-up is coming back to haunt the markets. And it could do so for a long time. The total accumulated debt is higher now than it was before the start of the U.S. economic collapse in 2008.

Since then, the world has taken on an additional $57.0 trillion in debt. As of the end of 2014, the planet owed $199 trillion on a world economy worth about $80.0 trillion annually. China, the world’s second-largest economy, has quadrupled its debt since the last financial crisis. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)


Sign #5: Global Economy Anemic

U.S. economic growth has not exactly been steamrolling the competition. And it’s been consistently underwhelming. Before the Great Recession, in 2006, the U.S. reported GDP growth of 2.7%. Those were the good old days. In 2007, GDP was 1.8%. In 2008 it was -0.3%; and in 2009 it was -2.8%. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

Fast forward to 2012 and the country’s GDP came in at 2.3%, 2.2% in 2013, and 2.4% in 2014. While second-quarter 2015 GDP expanded at a solid 3.7% annualized rate, the overall GDP of the country has not been stellar. Especially when you consider that we are the world’s largest economy.

China expects its GDP to grow at seven percent this year. Relative to the United States, that’s pretty extraordinary. But for China, it represents the worst performance in more than 20 years.

With the two largest economies in the world limping along, the rest of the major global economies cannot be doing any better. And they’re not. The eurozone isn’t out of the water by any stretch. Germany continues to plug ahead. But France, Italy, and Greece are economic millstones. This has left the entire continent on the brink of recession.




Japan’s economy shrank 1.6% in the second quarter and is a mess. It’s hard to decide if the country is in recovery mode or not. Over the last 14 quarters, Japan has posted seven uneven quarters of growth and seven quarters of contraction. (, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

Then we have Canada. The country is in a technical recession after its GDP fell -0.5% in the second quarter after slipping -0.8% in the first quarter. Not a big deal, you say? Janet Yellen said recently that while China was an issue, Canada’s economic slowdown was one of the reasons why the U.S. economy is too weak to raise interest rates. She described Canada as “an important trading partner of ours that has been negatively affected by declining commodity prices, declining energy prices.”

While China is a big trading partner with the U.S., Canada is actually the number one export market, accounting for 19% of all exports. That’s more than double China’s seven percent share.

On top of that, Canada’s resource-heavy dollar has been in freefall, down 12% against the U.S. dollar since the beginning of the year. The Chinese yuan, on the other hand, is down just three percent.


Sign #6: U.S Companies Increasingly Relying on Foreign Sales

All of this could mean a U.S. economic collapse in 2016. A weak global economy will put added pressure not just on the global stock markets but also U.S. exchanges. Remember, stock exchanges are only as strong as the stocks that go into making them up.

And with the global economy anemic, no one major economy can carry the country to prosperity. The average American certainly can’t. With interest rates at zero, there isn’t much central banks can do to kick-start the economy. Interest rates have been artificially low since the last recession. Where can you go from here?

A study by the BIS found that much of the global financial system is anchored to U.S. borrowing rates. On average, a 100 point move in U.S. rates results in a 43 point move for emerging markets and open developed economies. A rise in interest rates could shock emerging economies and stagnant developed ones.

Why should we care? For S&P 500 companies, the percentage of sales from foreign countries has increased after five years of stagnation. The percentage of S&P 500 sales coming from outside the U.S. was 47.82% in 2014, up from 46.29 in 2013 and 46% for each of the previous four years. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

The U.S. is not an economic island. It’s relying more and more on sales from outside the country. But it isn’t working. At least as far as earnings and sales go.

Earnings growth for the third quarter of 2015 is projected to decline -4.4%. That’s much higher than the forecasted decline of just one percent at the start third quarter. If this data holds true, this will mark the first back-to-back quarter of earnings declines since 2009. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015)

As for revenues, third-quarter sales are projected to fall -2.9%. This is also higher than the estimated year-over-year revenue decline of -2.5% at the beginning of the quarter. If this comes to fruition, it will mark the first time the index has seen three consecutive quarters of year-over-year revenue declines since the first quarter of 2009.

Sign #7: Nosebleed Valuations Could Lead to Stock Market Crash in 2016

Despite the seesaw that stocks have been riding in 2015, investors remain overly optimistic. Approximately 33.3% of investors are bullish on the stock market for the next six months. Just 29.1% are bearish and an astonishing 37.6% are somehow neutral. Investor sentiment is at its most bullish since April. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

Despite weak manufacturing data coming out from the U.S., a weak outlook on the global economy, and nothing really positive being announced since Black Monday, investors are still exceptionally optimistic.

Two key indicators back this up.

According to the Case Shiller CAPE P/E Ratio, the S&P 500 is overvalued by around 62%. Over the last 10 years, that average CAPE ratio has been 15. Today, it’s sitting at 24.34. What that means is, for every $1.00 of earnings a company makes, investors are willing to pay $24.34.  To put that into context, the only times the ratio was higher were in 1929, 2000, and 2007. All three instances were followed by a collapse. (Source: Yale University, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

The market cap to GDP ratio compares the total price of all publicly traded companies to GDP. Warren Buffett calls it the single best measure of where valuations stand at any given moment. Who would argue with that? There is obviously a correlation between the country’s economic output and the earnings of its companies. As a result, stocks and their valuations should bear some relationship to the benefits of investing or not investing.

A reading of 100% suggests U.S. stocks are fairly valued. The higher the ratio over 100%, the more overvalued the stock market. It currently sits at 117.3. The Warren Buffett Indicator has only been higher once since 1950. In 1999 it came in at 153.6%. It was only at 108% before the housing bubble burst in 2008.

Eventually stocks and their valuations will run in step. But for that to happen, the stock market needs to experience a significant correction. What could that look like? The S&P 500 is currently at 1,938; Shiller thinks it should be closer to 1,300. That suggests a drop of roughly 33%. Shiller also thinks the DOW, which is at 16,280, should be closer to 11,000; a 32.5% correction. (Source:, last accessed September 22, 2015.)

Those kinds of corrections could seriously undermine the U.S. and global stock markets. Rising interest rates could also hammer the average American and negatively impact foreign markets.

The fact of the matter is that the U.S. economy is not doing nearly as well as we’re being led to believe. And the global economy is no better off. Crash. Recession. Economic collapse. However you want to say it, 2016 is not shaping up to be a good year for the U.S. economy.






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  • Jacko

    Because Jason A. posts a video it must be true!!! Actually, show me one single video of this guy that came truth. Just one!

    • Your statement makes no sense. I watched a little bit of the video and it was clips of new reports about things that are going on.

      • I just ignore Jacko. He’s one of those “skeptics” who only try to convince everyone (himself?) that everything is just fine and normal no matter what the evidence is.

    • The Earth’s geomagnetic field is weakening, a pole shift is underway (last one was 780000 years ago) the magnetic poles are moving faster than anytime previously measured, islands are rising up from the ocean while others are falling, there’s been a dramatic increase in volcanic eruptions, meteor fireballs, sinkholes, severe floods, droughts, wildfires, wildlife die-offs (we’re currently in a 6th mass extinction — the last one was 65 million years ago), UVC rays are now reaching the Earth, UVB/UVA ratio is off the charts, NASA has admitted the Earth’s rotation has started to slow down slightly and the Earth’s wobble has changed dramatically since last century, the jet stream has crossed the equator, all planets in our solar system are showing accelerated changes (i.e. increased brightness, atmospheric changes)

      NATO is edging closer to war with Russia and China, societal unrest, violent uprisings, and terrorist attacks are rapidly increasing around the world, the world economy is in the worst shape it’s ever been in, corruption is rampant, autism is projected to affect *1 out of every 2 children by 2025*,

      … but I’m sure it’s nothing. It’s just business as usual. Go back to sleep.

    • What, Louisiana didn’t flood? K2 isn’t a problem? I think the videos are excellent and very relevant. Maybe sometimes a bit reaching but relevant observations and these things are happening. I don’t like the one Guy at the end, he’s like Chicken Little, and really long winded. His presentations are too tedious and quite honestly he just demonstrates how tired and over played the end times (over) analysis is getting. No one knows when but everyone’s got an opinion and if I didn’t feel like Israel was using it against us I’d probably have more patience for it.

  • “As you watch the video, it becomes rather clear that America’s relationship with God has become a distant one. Up has become down, down is now up, good is now evil, and evil is now not only accepted, but it’s also codified into law in many instances. As election day draws near, and so many Americans make the choice to rally around a serial felon for President, let there be no question who moved when it comes down to God, or we the people. God is right where he’s always been. We’re the ones who moved. ”

    This is well said. It is so important to realize this.
    WE are the ones who moved away.
    Therefore, WE have to move back.
    Please see these websites:

    Time is running out.
    Thank you, and Love to All.

  • what should be strange is that american idiots play a campaigning game while their leaders flood the country with illegals, soon americans will have to fight for their lives in their own country due to the enemy being allowed into the country by their own leaders. america is over

  • Very funny slime taking America .. Hate to tell you all but Fallen angels and their demons have been meeting in your high places for countless years now . Each demon carries out specific orders from fallen angels to bring an individual human to ruin. That’s the way ist been for a long long time now.

  • Is everything “demons” “satan” and “god” with you freaking people? In no world in your mind it can’t just the fault of stupid ass people making stupid decisions? Why do you religious idiots always need a scapegoat?

    • it gives the weak-minded something to occupy their mind.
      no sweat,”god” will sort it out. no need to take any personal responsibility. and if you don’t believe that,nasty demons will take you down to satan,and you’ll spend eternity with a hot poker up your behind.

      they can not even begin to see that its just yet another form of control system. funny to watch at times,but sad all the same.

      • Any fool who has actually read the Old and New Testaments, knows that personal responsibility is one of THE PREMIER lessons of the Bible.

        Your ignorance is your defining characteristic, godless one.

        • Prove there is a god, FAITH IS NOT PROOF

          • In fact faith is the last only bastion for people to blinded by superstitions to seek FACTS and accept LOGIC! The only thing in all the cosmos worth anything is verifiable facts by the scientific method.

          • “Prove there is a god…”

            Why are atheistic non-thinkers always asking Bible believers to do their thinking for them?

            Am I here to explain things to you, Sicko? I mean, I would if I thought you would do me the courtesy of actually listening to anything I had to say.

            But really — who besides you wilfully blind children goes about demanding that anyone prove anything to them?

        • look beef supreme/mayhem or elvis,whatever you are calling yourself today…

          (why you have to be so dishonest as to post with different identidies i don’t know…ah,you’re religious, not known for their veracity..)

          your desperate attempts to squeeze the ”evidence” haha into your busted paradigm are comic at best.
          you sure take up a lot of space to say absolutely nothing,and you never answer an argument,you just trot out standard mk 1 tosh.

          the number of times you’ve brought out the stalin/pol pot/leopold crap for example.but you never reply to my answerever,do you,so what is the point?

          to refresh your addled memory, stalin did not charge into battle shouting ‘c’mon lads lets do it for atheism’ you half wit. they did it for greed,power,meglomania etc,all of which are very bad things.
          but to use that to validate an argument for people killing on behalf of their god is so ridiculous,its hard to summon up the energy to rebutttttt it.

          as for science. science is there to test data,not as an anti religious conspiracy.
          they’re not ‘out to getcha”!! as it is,you can’t test the veracity of the bible because there IS NO EVIDENCE! it is all in your mind,and you are welcome to it.

          if the religious did not go around killing people at worst,or preying on the week,meek and gullible at best,i wouldn’t spare the time to comment on it.

          but you can’t keep it to yourself can you? thats the problem.

          you claim to ”know”,i don’t. but the world is stuffed full of people who think they ‘know’.

          they,me and you do not know. but you believe you do don’t you…

          • “…look beef supreme/mayhem or elvis, whatever you are calling yourself today…”

            You may call me King, godless one. (And no, I’m not Mayhem. Never have been. Can’t you see we have completely different accents? No. I guess you can’t. He’s a Kiwi from New Zealand. I’m just an American fella who’s fond of fictional characters, including Elvis – the most fictional character of them all. See the connection? All fictional characters. All the same sized avatar. All the same message coming from them all. Big mystery indeed… for everyone walking through life with their eyes shut – such as atheists and agnostics.)

            “…why you have to be so dishonest as to post with different identidies…”

            It’s purely for my own amusement, godless one. Get over it. It’s not as if I’m trying to fool anyone.

            “…the number of times you’ve brought out the stalin/pol pot/leopold crap for example.”

            Not me, your goofiness. That’s the other guy.

            “…but you can’t keep it to yourself can you? thats the problem.”

            No, godless one. Your problem is that we’ve been commanded NOT to keep it to ourselves. Our orders are to go out into the world and to spread the Good News. It’s just that you’ve never met the guy smart enough to show you the truth of the matter. One day you will.

            “…you claim to ”know”, i don’t.”

            False. You do claim to know. You claim to know each and every time you argue with a Bible-believer by telling them they’re wrong. So who the hell are you trying to fool by pretending you claim not to know?

            “…but the world is stuffed full of people who think they ‘know’.”

            And we do. In fact, we are commanded to KNOW our GOD. So? What’s your excuse?

            “…but you believe you do don’t you…”

            Why, yes. I do. Thank you for noticing.

          • i rest my case…

          • Good.

            Judgment for the KING.

            The advocate for silly atheism has defaulted to the mute position. Which is fitting, on account of his moot argumentation.

      • That’s what I keep saying, religion is the original MKUltra mid control via fear and superstition. But these idiot bible junkies who are incapable of owning up to their own actions and decisions because “god” “devils” or whatever other magic fairy tale bullshit is a better excuse wont hear logic.

        • Those who keep touting “logic and science” as proof that there is nothing but the physical are laughably completely unaware that their science has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that psychic abilities are real. There are decades of carefully controlled statistically significant results (even accounting for the file-drawer problem) on psi conveniently and completely ignored by main-stream “science.”

          Does that prove god? No, but the realization of the truth that there’s more than the physical does lend the idea more credibility.

          They haven’t done their homework, yet continue to spout their ignorance from the hilltops. I cannot stand arrogant ignorance, yet that fits a good 90% of the population.

          • Never said a word about what a human is or isn’t capable of, but sensory perception is not proof of hokus pokus “god” malarkey. Those are tests(science and logic), with results that can be measured. So measure “god” for me then… go ahead, i’ll wait.

          • There is no proof of god, except perhaps on a personal level. Just because something can’t be proven or measured doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

            Yet, you heap scorn on those who believe when you have just as much evidence that there is no god. If you don’t have evidence either way, why bother?

          • lucid, the reason we bother is that you can’t keep it yourself can you?

            you just have to ‘spread the word’ don’t you,to convert the meek,weak and dumb, and in the worst cases,kill others on behalf of your ‘deity’ if they don’t comply.

            can you not see its just another control system.and not a very convincing one either.

          • @plsnogod yep look at history, “god” is the leading cause of death, what you don’t believe in MY “god” DIE!!! Convert or DIE!!! My “god” has a bigger d!ck than your “god” blahh blahh blahh. If anyone wanted the world to truly know peace and harmony they would outlaw and exterminate ALL religions.

          • Where have you seen me “spreading the word” ? The only word I spread is that there is more to existence than the physical, that there are accelerated changes in virtually all areas right now in the solar system, and it’s very important to wake up. You have no idea who “my deity” is or what my beliefs are except for what I have just told you.

            If you don’t like these articles, you don’t like people “spreading the word” then why do you click on them?

            Do you think believers are unaware of your attitudes about such beliefs?

    • Love how these bible toting tw@ts can down vote a guy but not make a valid argument as to trying to prove this fairy tale magic BS is real or not. :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

      • Any time you feel like engaging yourself in an actual conversation, dialogue or debate about the things that matter…

        …I’m your huckleberry.

        You won’t last very long.

        • no beef supreme,he won’t last very long. you’ll bore him to death.

          • Anyone to busy blowing “god” and toting a fairy tale around isn’t worth mind breath anyway. Bring PROOF, FAITH is NOT PROOF.

          • Why is there a different set of rules for me than there is for you?

            Why the hell do I owe you proof and you owe no such thing?

            What sort of childish stupidity are you playing at?

            What sort of child makes these incessant demands for someone else to do their thinking for them?

            Tell me, Sicko. Then I will give you your proof.

          • You are the one wrapped up in the sluts cover story about a virgin birth and invisible men in the sky, I can prove there is air, water, gravity, radioactive decay of mater, the list of things I can prove just keeps on going, but where is a single shred of proof of a god?

          • “You are the one wrapped up in the sluts cover story…”

            I’m not a Catholic, Sicko. So you can’t provoke me in such ways.

            “…about a virgin birth…”

            Was the Virgin Birth a cover story if it was prophesied more than 750 years before it happened?

            “…and invisible men in the sky…”

            Is it your contention that a thing can only exist if you can see it?

            “I can prove there is air…”

            So can anyone.




            Gravity you cannot prove, as the phenomenon is explained in Newtonian Physics. No one can. But let us not digress.

            “…the list of things I can prove just keeps on going, but where is a single shred of proof of a god?”

            You think you can prove gravity merely be the observable effects of the phenomenon’s existence. It is no different with proving the existence of God. His effects are plainly visible, and just as the effects of ‘gravity’ are plainly observable. But in both cases we must reason in reverse in order to arrive at our inquiry’s destination.

            This really is simple stuff, Sicko.

            But that’s okay. I have time.

          • As for…

            “a single shred of proof of a god?” … Clucker has a few interesting leads on that one, for anyone that wants to bother to take a look. (i.e. someone who hasn’t already made up their mind, sealed it off with concrete, and sank it to the bottom of the Pacific without even bothering to look into the matter without coming in with a biased opinion.)


            Sure, that documentary is a bit over an hour long, but trust me, it’s worth your time if you really have an interest in getting to the bottom of the issue at hand here. In fact, if you watch intelligent design vs. evolutionist debates on the youtubes you will just see the Darwinian evolutionists get schooled every time. Look up Stephen Meyer while you’re at it.

            Evolution does exist to some extent on a micro-biological level, but there is no evidence for it being able to turn one organism into another. The evolutionists always point toward mutations as being significant, yet they can’t explain away the fact that mutations are very rarely beneficial to an organism. In fact mutations usually end up causing disease and do nothing to further the development of a species from an evolutionary standpoint.

            As Mayhem pointed out in a post on another article Darwin himself says there are holes in his theory that make it incomplete. I’m paraphrasing, but I believe it was in chapter 9 of his book if I remember right.

            Secondly, it’s a bit tough to explain away the work of Ivan Panin. He was a former atheist turned Christian. He did extensive studying of the Bible in it’s original Greek and Hebrew and what he found out was astounding to say the least. Particularly, His study of The Book of Matthew and Genesis, but there is much more to it than that.


          • As for plsnogod, I have seen some of your confrontations with the BEEFSTER in the past and when the going gets tough and serious debate is brought up you always disappear like a turd in the wind. Having a position you can’t defend is difficult though.

            Telling him he acts like he knows it all but can’t prove it while you acting like you know it all in the opposite direction but can’t prove it…

            Hypocritical to say the least. Especially when he is actually up for debate to defend his position whereas you will probably run away again as usual. Some of us are willing to put all of the cards on the table and let the hand in play fall as it will, where you just want to shove over the card table and walk away before things get too serious.

            Prove there is no God. I bet you can’t. See my links above, and realize that some of us are actually searching for the answer to that question instead of dismissing it immediately.

          • Not sure why I bother. That’s probably the 10th time I’ve posted those 2 links and none of the God haters ever respond to it. I would assume there’s a reason for that. Some folks like to ignore facts because it makes it easier to keep their biased notions intact.

        • Bring it on beefy, provide me one single shred of tangible proof of a “god”

          • I shall. Just as soon as you answer all of my above questions.

            You’re not the only one who can make demands.

            And would you fellas be happier if I switched to my BEEF SUPREME account? Seems like you both miss him an awful lot.

          • Actually the robot and the pirate were my favorites!

          • The pirate wasn’t me.

            That was the South African guy.

            You guys need to keep up.

          • Well he did a damned descent impression of ya then! By far though the robot was the best, Richard/Ricardo was good too.

          • Ricardo was the same guy as the Pirate. Guntherian. The crazy South African who wanted to kill everything he saw except Bible guys.

            Not me, Sicko.

            My orders are merely to communicate with the people of the world. Not to slay them.

            Lucky for you.

          • I miss the Viking being around these parts.

          • Used to have a couple of buddies we’d always “walk” out in front of us when strolling the boulevard late at night to avoid unnecessary hassles. Rottweilers.

            quote: “I miss the Viking being around these parts.”


            This hall of mirrors seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

    • Because things are getting worse and worse and no one really gives a sh!t anymore..

  • Jacko – Normalcy Bias,Cognitive Dissonance,Willful Ignorance. Shill,Controlled Opposition,Disinfo Agent. “Specifically, unbelievers will be deceived by Antichrist and perish because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.” STRONG DELUSION IS NOW IN PROGRESS

    • don’t be a silly-billy.

      • not sure the zealots are capable of seeing past the fable about a slut whos cover story got way out of hand.

      • the carpenters father was most likely the stable boy of something

        • problem is,as you can see above,all these religious nuts threaten people with eternal damnation,no chance of being ‘saved’ etc.
          they are little more than playground bully’s really,incredibly childish.

          • I do get a bit of joy watching the zealots get pissed off and stomp their feet when they are faced with the FACTS not FAITH dilemma. I can decide to have “faith” in flying monkeys but that don’t make em real.

          • Whatever do you mean, Sicko?

            I’m a zealot, but you’ve never pissed me off yet. I actually think you’re sort of clever and sometimes even witty and funny. Godless one on the other hand is droll and never very interesting or entertaining at all.

          • Thank you Elvis, coming from the King, that means alot! :grin:

  • Quantum Physics tells us that our thoughts, expectations, and observations affect matter. it’s called the observer effect. Basically it means, In the realm of quantum physics, there’s a more powerful form of the observer effect, as exhibited by the Schroedinger’s Cat thought experiment and the quantum double slit experiment. It appears that in cases like these, the very act of making the measurement doesn’t just modify the system, but actually results in fundamentally different physical behaviors within the system.

    That’s especially true when it comes to the matter we call a brain and body. Stress can make existing problems worse. In one study, for example, about half the participants saw improvements in chronic headaches after learning how to stop the stress-producing habit of “catastrophizing,” or constantly thinking negative thoughts about their pain. Chronic stress may also cause disease, either because of changes in your body or the overeating, smoking and other bad habits people use to cope with stress. Job strain — high demands coupled with low decision-making latitude — is associated with increased risk of coronary disease, for example. Other forms of chronic stress, such as depression and low levels of social support, have also been implicated in increased cardiovascular risk. And once you’re sick, stress can also make it harder to recover. One analysis of past studies, for instance, suggests that cardiac patients with so-called “Type D” personalities — characterized by chronic distress — face higher risks of bad outcomes.

    So yes the people in Washington and the US media do make people sick. And they’re constant focus on the negative creates mental and physical illness.

  • What made America great was her God. We honored God and he protected and took care of us. We were doing so well we decided we did not need God anymore in America. We threw him out of the White House, the State House, the Schoolhouse, and Our House.

    There is a way out of this mess:

    2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version Bible

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • Yes, it is BIN reporters of BS such as “voice of reason”.

  • I’m surprised none of my angles picked up this story about the black slime. Girls???? :roll: :arrow: :wink:

  • This is liberal BULLCRAP and I refuse to use their watered down versions of nouns. Man is man as God says in The Bible and if he had wanted to say mankind he would have but he didnt. Our forefathers, mentioned this name in The United States Constitution, and since they were highly superior to the people in Congress or anywhere else, I will use THEIR VERSION of MAN not mankind. You guys are taking things to far and are not using ANY COMMON SENSE. cOME BACK OUT OF THE RAIN, calm down, and use YOUR BRAIN!!!

  • This country is, right now, the “shining city on a hill” reagan was working for us to become.
    Thanks ron!!!

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