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Pacific Ocean Asteroid Strike, Tower Of Babel Testing, Insane Weird Weather, Extreme Lightning-Plasma Storms, Massive False Flag UFO Invasion, Communication Satellite Network Failure, Selective Wide Spread Power Outages, Most Vehicles Electronically Disabled, ISIS Attacks, Atlantic Ocean Asteroid Strike, Death Of Donald Trump, Fiery Fall Of NY City, Total Economic Collapse, 3 Days Of Darkness, SIRIUS Cosmic Burst!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 0:03
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This Is How You Prepare For What’s Surely To Come Very Soon Upon The USA-Babylon & The Entire Earth, Hosea 2:16, 1st John 1:9, John 3:16, Saint Luke 17th, 1st Thess. 4:13-18.


The Run On Is Intended, Because When These Events Start They Will Not Stop Until All End Time Prophecies Are Fulfilled. Be Advised That What I Have Been Shown Is Only Scratching The Surface Of What Will Happen Very Soon. To Say The Least The Events Of The Near Future Will Be Mind Boggling!


IT WILL OCCUR IN RAPID SUCCESSION: Please Get Ready Today…A Major Pacific Ocean Asteroid Strike Occurs Via Fallen Angel Tractor Beam Technology, A Gigantic Tsunami & Earthquake(s) Is Spawned From The Asteroid Strike That Wipes Out Seattle Washington & Greatly Effects The West Coast Region, Martial Law Declared On The West Coast After This & The LA Nuclear/FIRE Event, The Tower Of Babel Tesla Antenna Stargate Testing-Tuning Begins, E.L.F. Generated Extreme Lightning-Plasma-Ion Storms Rage Across The Sky, The Planet Mercury Which Heralds The Arrival Of The Planet X System A.K.A. The Messenger Heavenly Body Controlled & Piloted By Arch “Angel Raphael-The Healer” Leaves Its Orbit For Close Approach To The Earth, Earthquakes & Massive Sinkholes Fire Up With More Strange Anomalies Exhibited In Matter/Aether/The Atmosphere Caused By The Messenger/Arch Angel Raphael A.K.A. The Hammer Or The Planet Mercury Which Is Highly Energetic With Ultra Intense Plasma Arc Lighting Bolts-The PLASMA FIRE That Will Ignite The Pure Brimstone That Will Rain Down From The Heavens Via Portals Over Various Cities Including NY City, Ominous-Strange But Beautiful Red & Multi-Colored Auroras Seen Over The USA-Babylon, Los Angeles Gets Destoyed By A Massive Underground Methane Gas Eruption That Is Triggered By A Nuke Via ISIS, From The Catastophic Underground Methane Blast A Massive Earthquake Fires Up Within The San Andreas Fault Zone And Causes Other InterConnected Faults To Become Active, This Fiery Event Leads To The Start Of A Short War With Iran-Pakistan Being Falsely Blamed For Multiple ISIS Related False Flag Nuclear & Biochemical-Biological Terrorist Attacks Across The USA Spanning From LA To Chicago To NY City To Washington D.C., Iran-Pakistan Will Be Nuked By The USA-Babylon Foretold In Jeremiah 49th Ch., After These Major Events National Martial Law Will Be Declared & Fully Instituted Within The USA-Babylon, Syria Damascus Gets Hit By Fire-Nuclear Weapon-Much Of The Ancient City Will Be Destroyed-ISIS Takes Credit But Remember ISIS Is Still Connected To The US Government Through The FBI & CIA Ran By Obama & The UN 10 Illuminati Kings Foretold In Isaiah 17th Ch., Saudi Arabia Gets Attacked/Destroyed By Russia & Its Allies Foretold In Jeremiah 49th Ch., The USA-Babylon Shouts Peace & Safety After Attacking-Bombing Iran-Pakistan With Nukes But Sudden Destruction Awaits The USA-Babylon Directly Connected To The Utter Burning Of NY City By Pure Fire & Brimstone Fortold In Revelation 18th Ch & Isaiah 47th Ch. Directly Connected To The Red Horse 2nd Seal Judgement That Takes Wicked Men’s Peace & Security From The Earth, Insane Incredibly Intense Weird Weather Phenomena-Anomalies & Strange Temperature Shifts Start Increasing Worldwide, A Massive False Flag UFO Invasion Occurs That Helps To Further Break Down The Already Fragile US Economy Through Massive Widespread Fear & Panic Of The Blind Sheeple, A Major Communications Satellite Network Failure Will Be Blamed On Russia, Selective Wide Spread Power Outages Will Be Blamed On China Via Multiple Cyber Power Grid Attacks, Most Vehicles Will Be Electronically Disabled Via Microwave Cell/Gwen Towers-These Multiple EMP Events Will Blamed On North Korea, Multiple Massive 911 Style ISIS Terror Attacks Will Sweep Across The USA-Babylon Like Wild Fire Foretold In Revelation 17th Ch., A Major Atlantic Ocean Asteroid Strike Near The Bermuda Triangle Sets Off A Fast Moving Gigantic Tsunami That Swamps The Southern Eastern Coastline Especially Miami FL-The Large Asteroid Fragment Tied Directly To The Poisonous Comet P67 Wormwood Via Controlled Detonation By The US Government-A Major Fragmentation Occurs Which Shears Off The Smaller Lobe But The Larger Lobe Of The Destabilized Poisonous Comet P67 Stays In Orbit For A Few More Months And Later Drops Out Of Oribit & Strikes The Great Lakes Region Thus Poisoning The Underground Fresh Water System With Massive Amounts Of Hydrogen Cyanide-WORMWOOD, Donald Trump Meets His Total Demise, The Fiery Red Horse 2nd Seal Judgement Tied To The Sudden Unexpected Ultra Intense Supernatural Fiery Fall Of Babylon NY City The Whore Of Babylon Shocks The Whole World, It Suddenly Starts To Get Very Cold & Hard To Breath Caused By Sudden Atmospheric Pressure Changes Due The Crystal Sky Barrier-The Karman Line-The Noah’s Flood Sky Barrier- “The Molten Sky Mirror Spoken Of In The Book Of Job” Being Damaged By The Comet P67 Smaller Lobe Asteroid Fragment That Strikes Through The Crystal Sky Barrier Like A Broken Windshield Thus Allowing Our Currently Pressurized Aether/Air To Become Thinner Via Pressure Exchanges From The Thinner Higher Frequency Aethers Of The Upper InnerSpace Realm But The Aether Pressure Change Slowly Begins To Equalize, Due To This Sudden Depressurization Of The Aeither/Atmosphere We Temporarily Become Somewhat Weightless As Well As Other Objects As The Gravity Or Aether Pressure Slowly Stabilizes, Soon After The 3rd Seal Black Horse Judgement-Total Economic Collapse Rages Within The USA-Babylon After The Supernatural Fiery Fall Of Doomed NY City The Whore Of Babylon And Major Financial Loss Contagion Spreads Quickly Around The World Like Wild Fire, As Foretold In Matthew 24:29 The 3 Days Of Celestial Darkness Suddenly Comes Upon An Unsuspecting World After The Tribulation/Great Troubles Caused By The Supernatural Fiery Fall Of NY City-Part Of The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah, The Sirius Heavenly Cosmic Burst Event Occurs Simultaneously Upon The Heavenly Time Clock Being Blacked Out, The Spiritual THIEF Which Is ISHI & The Holy Spirit Comes In The NIGHT During The 3 Days Of Celestial Darkness, Our Souls Then Venture Into Paradise To Raise Back Up With The “WORD”-The Other Part Of The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah-Just Like ISHI-The Messiah/Savior Descended Into The Earth To Save The Souls Trapped In The Upper Chamber Of Hell-We Have To Descend Into The Vicinity Of Hell Into The Paradise Of Souls And Rise Back Up With The WORD Also Which Is Foretold In Hosea 6th Ch. Concerning The 2nd & 3rd Day Spiritual ROOT DNA Activation Process Connected To The Former Rain Or First Heavenly Cosmic Rain Or Outpouring Of The Spirit Upon All Flesh, The Dark Plasma Aether Cloud Foretold In Ezekiel 32:7 That Covers The Heavens/Heavenly Bodies/Stars/Sun/Moon/Planets Will Also Cover Us And The Dark Plasma High Frequency Aether Cloud Ejected From The Sun Portal During The Sirius Cosmic Burst Event Will Be Used To Help Reconstruct/Resurrect Our Bodies Thus Giving Us “New Wine Skins” To Help Contain An Increased Flow Of The “WORD” From Our Bones Upon Spiritual DNA Activation, Our Dormant 12 Strands Of Spiritual DNA Which Is The SPIRITUAL ROOT DNA Will Begin To Fire Up Within Our Bones & Transformation Of The Flesh Will Begin In Stages And Our Souls Will Begin To Shine Brighter Causing Us To Become Bioluminescent-Internally Radioactive-Glowing At The Spiritual DNA Level, As Foretold In 2nd Peter 1:19 & Matthew 24:30 The Sudden Appearance Of The Star Of Massive Earth Changes A.K.A. The Bright Blue Star Kachina-THE DAY STAR-Sirius-The Sign Of The Son Of The MOST HIGH Is Seen By All The World After The 3 Days Of Celestial Darkness Is Completed, Shortly Afterwards The Red Kachina-Horrible Horned Star Of Fiery Doom (The Main Fiery Heavenly Body In The Planet X System) A.K.A. Pluto Is Also Seen As It Begins To Get Larger By The Day As It Makes Close Approach To The Earth During A Critical 40 Day Countdown Until Major Fiery Destruction From Above Takes Place At The Start Of The Great Tribulation, As Foretold In 2nd Esdras 15th & 16th Chs. And The Kolbrin Bible PLUTO-The Horrible Horned Star Will Be Accompanied By Mars-The Biblical Destroyer And All Their Associated Moons & Asteroid Bodies Along With A Massively Long Debris Field Tail & Flesh Eating Bacteria Pestilence Filled Iron Oxide Rust Dust Cloud/Shroud Of Mars & The Highly Radioactive Plutonium/Iridium Ash Dust Cloud/Shroud Of PLUTO Which Will Blanket A Large Portion Of The Earth In The Strange Grayish Burning Radioactive Ash Of PLUTO & The Blood Red Diseased Pestilence Rust Dust Of Mars-The Destroyer, All Of The Unrepentant Tribes Of The Earth Mourn Because They Come To Realize That Their Fiery Doom Is Approaching Due To The Government Finally Giving A Late Public Announcement Of The Fiery Planet X System’s Approach & Subsequent Swift Arrival, World War 3 Starts In Full Effect With Russia-China-Iran And All Their Allies, Please Take Note That Our World Maps Are Layed Out Incorrectly-The Book Of Daniel Foretells Major War Between The King Of The North-Russia-Its Allies & The King Of The South-The USA Babylon-Its Allies Leading To Major Fiery Exchanges In Battle, As Foretold In Ezekiel 38th Ch. The Initial Gog Magog War Starts Against Fake Jew Israel And It Gets Plowed Up Like A Field/Destroyed-Remember Gog Magog Is Also Allowed To Come Forth Again At The End Of The 1,000 Year Riegn Of Christ On Earth When Satan Is Released One More Time For Final Testing Of The Righteous Immortal Gentile Generations That Have Had 1,000 Years To Receive The Whole TRUTH Of The WORD From The Priest & Kings-Melanated Righteous Glorified Hebrews, The Righteous Gentiles Will Receive Full Glorification During The Great Consumation Or Final Outpouring Of The Spirit Of The MOST HIGH On All Of Creation After The 1,000 Years Or Sabbath Day Of Rest Is Completed And We All Finally Enter The Eternal Cycle Of The 8th Day-A Time Of No Time, The 6th Seal Opening Event Commences After Which Time The Great Earthquake Occurs-The Sun Turns To Darkness-The Moon To Blood-Then The 144,000 Celestial Warriors Of The MOST HIGH Are Fully Resurrected Sealed & Covered/Glorified By The SPIRIT OF THE MOST HIGH & Empowered By The Holy Spirit & Led By Arch Angel Michael So They Can Help Fight For Righteous Melanated Hebrew Israel Against Their Enemies Because Of “The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble Which Occurs During The 6th Seal Events” Foretold In Daniel 12th Ch. Directly Connected To Our Major Persecution And Directly Tied To The Psalms 83rd Ch. Prophecy Concerning The UN-ISIS-TROOPS-OBAMA Coming Against Us With Other Foreign Enemies & Due To WW3 Being Brought To The USA-Babylon Through Instigation & False Blame To Try To Destroy Us Via These Massive Foriegn Attacks Also Foretold In Jeremiah 50th & 51st Chs. Concerning The Final Fall Of The USA-Babylon, Around The Opening Of The 6th Seal Major Cosmic Disturbances Begin And Awsome Celestial Signs Grace The Heavens Seen As Major SIGNS OF THE ENDTIMES For The Righteous Which Gives Them Renewed Hope But Also Spells Impending Doom/Destruction For The Wicked & Unrepentant Causing Them To Start To Flee & Try To Hide Underground Within The Den/Caves/Rocks Which Will Ultimately Be Most Of Their Graves/Tombs…HOW D.U.M.B., Major UN-US Military-FEMA Camp Round-Ups Begin, Many Foreign Troops Show Up In The USA Under The Eminent Domain Debt Equalization Protocol Which Was/Is Governed By Hillary Clinton-Former Secretary Of State Who Sold Off People-Slaves & Property Of The USA To Equalize US Foriegn Debt Upon Default, Major Internal-Civil-Social-Food-Water Wars Rage Within The Borders Of Babylon-USA Leading To Total Chaos & Disorder, Revelation 6th Seal Events Start Manifesting Quickly, Fallen Angels Get Cast Down From The Planets/Heavenly Bodies Above By Arch Angel Michael & The 144,000 Celestial Warriors Along With Assistance From Other Angels From The Lyran-Vega Constellation-The Real Thundercats-LION Beings, Major Movements Of The Foundations Of The Earth Cause Unimaginably Intense Earthquakes Worldwide, Major Pole Shifts “Crustal-Foundational & Electro-Magnetic” Also Occur As The Cosmic Energy Fields Of The Earth Start To Change Or Flip, The Tail Of The Planet X System Starts To Whip-Lash The Earth Causing Much Initial Fiery Destruction Even Before The Start Of The Great Tribulation, As Foretold In The Psalms 83 Endtime Prophecy The Undercover Obama/Pharoah Manipulated Government Of The USA/Esau/The Doomed Eagle Kingdom Will Use ISIS & Many Enemies Of The USA Via WW3 To Try To Exterminate The True Melanated Righteous Hebrews-Negros Of The Real 12 Tribes Of Israel Which The Government Will Call Aliens After We Become Radiocative At The Spiritual DNA Level As The Song By Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” Also Gave Some Awsome Hints Concerning Our Future Heavenly Cosmic Energy Spiritual DNA Activation Awakening, The Angelic Rescue Of The Righteous Elect Chosen Melanated Hebrew Israelites Will Commence During The End Of The 6th Seal Into The 7th Seal And There Will Be A 2nd Greater Exodus Of The Real Melanated Righteous Hebrews-Negros Of The 12 Tribes Of Israel Which Will Be Rescued From The Places Of Their Bondage/Slavery By The MOST HIGH’s Strong Arm Which His Salvation Via Arch Angel Michael & The 144,000 Celestial Warriors And Assisting Reaping Angels, The Start Of “The Mark Of The Beast-Chimera 666-OBAMA CARE PROTOCOL” As Foretold In Revelation 13:16-18 Will Be Instituted And Inforced By Hillary Clinton Under Direct Authority Given By Satan/Obama/Cloned-IMAGE/Antichrist In Preparation For Fallen Angel Demonic Spirit Insertion Into The Hosts Who’s Bodies Will Be DNA Manipulated Or Highly Corrupted Via A So Called “Cancer Cure-All” Which Will Mutate Horribly A.K.A. The Chimeric Antigen Receptor Retro-Viral Nanotechnology Cure/Curse For Cancer To Facilitate The Housing Of These Evil Demonic Spirits Inside Of Genetically Corrupt Hybrid Vessels/Bodies Without The Soul Fighting Back, They Are Trying To Bring Back The Times Before Noah’s Flood When Titans/Giants/Nephilims/Fallen Angel Hybrids/DNA Corrupt Entities Roamed And Further Corrupted The Natural Earth DNA-Spirit/Matter Creation, Thus The People Who Take This MARK Will Become Genetic DNA Abominations Made By Wicked Men’s/Women’s Hands Fit For The Fiery Wrath Of The MOST HIGH, Around This Time The US/UN/OBAMA Run Government Will Initiate Last Minute Round-Up Efforts Via The Jade Helm Protocols To Get RH- Negative Hybrid Blood Type Survivors Underground To Be Used By Fallen Angels Before The Major Fiery Destruction/Cataclysms From Above Fully Commence At The Start Of The Great Tribulation, Pluto-The Horrible Star With It’s Fearful Constellation-The Plough-The Big Dipper-Plutonian Moons-Asteroid Bodies-Debris Field And Rusting Mars-The Destoyer Which Is Pluto’s Fiery Companion With Its Red Rust Pestilence-Flesh Eating Dust Cloud Draws Nearer By The Day-The 40 Days Of Warning Is Almost Up, Many Survivors Of The Catastrophic 6th Seal Events Are In A Frantic Scrambled Frenzy To Try To Find Places To Hide Away From The Hellish Rain Of Fire From Above, Gabriel’s Trumpet-The Incredibly Loud Intense Sound Of Trumpeting-Bellowing-Shrilling Gigantic Highly Active White Hot Volcanoes Of Mars-The Destroyer-Gabriel’s War Chariot Are Heard Fearfully By The World In A State Of Total Panic And Its Intense Eardrum Shattering TRUMPETING Sounds Begin To Resonate The DNA-WORD Within Us Thus Facilitating More Transformations In The Flesh Into Our Higher Celestial Selves, The Stoney Heart Of The Righteous Melanated Hebrews Will Be Removed And We Will Be Given A Pure Heart/3rd Eye Of Flesh Without The Satanic Thorn DNA Of Rebellion Which Will Be Purged From Us, Remember The States Of Matter-We Will Transform Into Plasma Cloud Body Forms Like The Angels Who Are In Plasma Cloud Body Forms, The Catching Away Event Occurs For The Righteous Chosen Elect Melanated Hebrews Of The 12 Tribes Of Israel And We Get Caught UP To The 3rd Heaven At The Trumpet Sounding Of Mars-The Destoyer-Gabriel’s Trumpet-Gabriel’s War Chariot During The 7th Seal Opening Event, Many Who Are Wicked And Unrepentant Get Snatched Away Or Raptured-Removed From The Presence Of The Righteous Elect Melanated Hebrews As They Enter The 5th Dimensional Vibration/Wilderness During The Final Separation Of The Tares From The Righteous Wheat, Righteous Melanated Hebrews-Negros Who Are The Chosen Elect Get Taken Up-Caught Up Into Safety To The Garden Of Righteouness Where Enoch Is Currently Located As The Faithful Scribe/The Wilderness-The 3rd Heaven-A Pristine Earth 5th Dimension Located Behind The Protection Of The Sun/SON, But First The Saints Who Had Been Waiting In Paradise located in the heart of the earth Who Have Finally Received Their Glorified Bodies-White Robes-Celestial Light Bodies Go Up First Through The Eye Of The Needle-The Straight & Narrow Gate-A Main Portal Which Leads Into Upper Heaven Where The MOST HIGH Is, The Great Tribulation Begins At The First Trumpet Sounding Event As Mars-The Destroyer Is Torn-Blown Apart From Within Through Major Electro-Magnetic-Radioactive Internal Heat Stresses Caused By Ultra Electro-Magnetic PLUTO-The Horrible Star-The Horned Star Which Has The Metallic Rusting Weakened Body Of “Mars-The Destroyer” In Its Final Death Grip, The Rain Of Fire Upon The Earth Is Very Catastrophic From The Ultra Intense Break Up Of Mars-The Destroyer, Around This Time The Other Heavenly Bodies Also Make A Very Energetic Close Approach To The Earth Assisting In Fiery Catstrophic Plasma Arc Lightning Bolt Destruction Below & Further Movements Of The Foundations Of The Earth Due To Electro-Magnetic String Connections To The Heavenly Bodies Above Which Have Also Become Highly Unstable But Will Finally Acheive Atomic Order/Stability At The End Of The Great Tribulation When The New Heavens & New Earth Finally Emerge, Remember As Above So Below, The Heavenly Bodies Move Which Makes The Earth Move Accordingly. This Cycle Of Earth Changes Will Be The Most Energetic In Known History. Please Don’t Take This Lightly.


THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE ALL OF THESE MAJOR EARTH CHANGES DURING THE FIERY ASCENSION CYCLE OF COSMIC ENERGY FACILITATED TRANSFOMATION-REPLENISHMENT IS THROUGH ISHI, HOSEA 2:16, THE MELANATED GLORIFIED MESSIAH/SAVIOR WHO DIED FOR OUR SINS AND RESURRECTED ON THE 3RD DAY Which Forgave Our Sins & Made Us At One With The MSOT HIGH. However, We Have To REPENT And Seek The MOST HIGH With A Righteous Heart Because Sin Separates Us From The Love-SPIRIT-WORD Of The MOST HIGH. Please, Let’s All REPENT-Turn Away From Sinning Before It’s Too Late, Hosea 2:16, 1st John 1:9, John 3:16, Saint Luke 17th Ch., 1st Thess. 4:13-18. Time Is Very Short Indeed. SELAH

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  • Really BIN you let this be published? New low in standards.

  • Boo

    If you were to ask a South African, American Reservation Indian or someone living in the Australian outback how 90% of these events would effect their lifestyle they might reply … not much. Most of these events are stumbling blocks for sure but recoverable if people keep their heads during the reset. Much of the world’s population has been and still are struggling and maintaining under these worst case scenario’s lacking modern amenities since time began. So if we we’re temporarily knocked back to the 1800′s would you find ways of putting a quality of life back together even under those conditions? The Pilgrims did it.

  • This is fake news since the Gog Magog War happens AFTER the thousand year reign of Christ.

  • What happens when you drink too much coffee and not enough doughnuts. :lol:

  • Whoa…..sounds like we better take our umbrellas and galoshes that day, huh.

  • Jeez, would it kill you to use a period or two??? :mrgreen:

    • It would actually kill him/her/it to actually think without being completely manic. I bet the author has 10 cats and yells at her television.

  • And my Epicly Long Title is still longer than your.

    FAIL. :mrgreen:

  • I looked up “bad writing” in an encyclopedia, and the only text there was a URL to this article!

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