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Trump Releases Second Hillary “Legendary Lie” Video; Leaves Her in Shock (Video)

Friday, July 1, 2016 5:29
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Hillary 16

While I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of Donald Trump’s new video making fun of Hillary, but it would be much more effective for his campaign if he’d run the second video below. The second video details Hillary Clinton’s life as a Career Criminal. This woman should be doing life in prison. If by chance you don’t think so after watching, then may I suggest the second video… it will curl your stomach how this woman is still out walking free. I’ll give you a HINT: It involves and unborn baby… 

Conservative Tribune Writes:

As part of his general election strategy against presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, rival Donald Trump has attacked her over 10 “legendary” lies.

Trump created a special website for “crooked” Hillary, and has promised to release 10 videos documenting her 10 worst lies. On Tuesday, Trump released the second video.

This video attacked Clinton over her claims that there had been no classified material on her email server. The video started with Clinton explicitly stating she never sent nor received classified material.

The video then jumped to a news report that stated “After review, there were at least 2,101 classified messages found on her server,”and pointed out that 22 emails had “top secret” information on them.

The video included a montage of news commentators talking about the Clinton email scandal and how it was very clear Clinton hasn’t been honest with the American people.

“We know Hillary Clinton has not been honest about this,” stated Ron Fournier, a political columnist for the National Journal in March. “There’s severe questions about her judgment.”

The video ended with a clip of Trump tearing into Clinton, questioning how someone being investigated by the FBI is an actual serious contender for president of the United States.

“And to think that she has a shot at being our president, Crooked Hillary Clinton, we can’t let it happen,” he stated. “If I win, believe me, make America great again, and it’s going to be greater than ever before. We have a chance to be greater than ever before.”

You can watch the full video here: 





Trump has refined his campaign style in recent days, taking a more standard approach to ripping into Clinton, including delivering a very straightforward speech against her, but he still includes some of his signature improvised attacks.

Trump is fighting to take down of the most corrupt and influential politicians in modern American history. He will need the support of all of us if he is going to survive to November.

H/T The Hill

This video examines the life of Hillary Clinton, Career Criminal! Brace yourself… WOW!




Regardless of which side of the fence you come down on when it comes to “Crooked Hillary,” I GUARANTEE this post has at least one, if not many details about the grotesquely sordid life of the Clinton’s that you were NOT already aware of. The focus of the sound bite below is on what happened to Suzanne Coleman, and who was talking about it. For those who haven’t heard the name Suzanne Coleman before, she’s was one of Wild Bill’s many alleged victims, and she’s dead. 

Suzanne Coleman “allegedly” died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the BACK of the head while allegedly pregnant with Bill Clinton’s illegitimate baby. I’ll leave it up to you whether or not you believe she committed suicide with a baby in her belly, and by reaching the gun around to the back of her head. The audio below is from a radio interview with Citizens United’s founder Floyd Brown, and it deals with Coleman’s death.

In the interview, Brown talks about the lengths Hillary used to go to just to keep Bill safe from the repercussions that would have resulted from all his sexual escapades. Apparently, Floyd Brown had his suspicions about Coleman’s shady suicide, as did many people I’m sure, and he was prone to talking about it on his home telephone. Well, Hillary illegally wire tapped Brown’s phone, and needless to say she didn’t like Brown discussing that issue because of the effect it could have while Bill was in office. 




I’ll let you hear for yourself what Floyd Brown has to say. For more on the Clinton body count, you might want to also check out an article from March titled: Another Clinton Associate Found Dead, Bill and Hillary’s Body Count Increases!






Hillary 3


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  • Can’t you find anything new? Do you need to keep publishing these old videos?

    • “Old”?
      Dude the USA Radio report is from May! And it’s June right now, isn’t it?
      Just turning into July.
      Maybe the Career Criminal video has been around for a while – but so has Hillary (and Bill)!
      And the video needs to be seen by as many witless Hillary supporters as humanly possible…

  • I think you forgot something !
    The Hillary belongs to the political class (a created class in this hierarchy, in this evil system) At-least Trump is not out of that, he is not the jester. Trump means business he is not coming forth to amuse the “gods” of this system.

  • Just shows you how sic America has become with Americans still wanting to vote for Killery…..

  • How did killary become such a hottie?

  • The amount of time, resources and tax payer money used for the last 20 or more years just investigating Hillary Clinton should be sufficient grounds for her to be barred from running for any government office. Plain and simple, It just costs Americans too damned much for her to be in any government office. Everywhere she goes impropriety, scandal, lawsuits and even death follows. She is one of America’s biggest liabilities. Personally I believe that in the event that the democrats loose this next presidential election, measures should be enacted to make the media speak the truth or be barred from reporting. This, of course excludes any commentary. I also think that should the democrats loose in November measures should begin to identify liberals and have them all subjected to the truth about liberalism, Obama and the Clinton’s. Quite frankly there are too many people voting in this country who do not have a clue as to what they are voting for. Again, measures should be taken to insure that voters, all voters are competent to vote and at least have some knowledge of who and what they are voting for. The fate of our country is too important to entrust in people who literally don’t have any idea of what is happening around them. Fools voting, and a biased media, is exactly why our nation is teetering on the brink of collapse. One final thought. Political correctness should be made a crime and punishable by long prison sentences. If a problem cannot be identified for fear of offending someone then that problem will never be fixed and will only grow.

    • I support Heinlein’s form of a timocratic republic: everyone has a basic set of rights formed from natural law; in order to earn a franchise, one has to serve in the military for a minimum term. Say what one will about the US military and the government’s abuse of that power, people in the military usually have more integrity, a hefty dose of common sense, and strong convictions at a greater rate than the general populace. Might have a bit less nonsense if all the congress critters were required to have had a taste of the cost of war.

      Let’s call political correctness what it is, yet another arm of the Marxist octopus. The whole point is to make it impossible to accurately describe a problem and therefore arrive at the proper solution.

  • I don’t watch BINNED video. They’re Corrupted with a virus :idea:

    • I think some of them even have herpes :eek: :eek: like killery :eek: :eek:

    • Can anyone says Obama’s not the Antichrist?
      Everybody knows he is so.
      But spread the news if you want to be saved.

      • Oh bug off – tadpole!

        • Beware: the false christs lurking in the comments are trolls.
          People, you have to spread the news Obama’s the Antichrist or you’ll not get to heaven!
          Ignore the trolls who heckle here because they defend the Antichrist Obama.
          They’re mentally ill.

  • Obama tanking badly thanks to all the clowns around him like Loretta the Clown.
    Obama’s the Antichrist and those are his Minions of Satan’s Army.
    Thye’re the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
    They bring mayhem with them wherever they ride.

    • Your legal guardian still on holidays in sunny Côte d’Azur?? Can’t wait for her to slam you back into your cage and put your laptop ten feet from your reach.

      • I’m surprised the trolls lurking on my comments systematically defend the frauds.
        It’s suspicious why they defend Obama, Hillary, Loretta Lynch, the US gov.
        They’re not good Americans if they don’t criticise the people in power, that’s what the Founding Fathers said.
        I don’t understand that they defend all those people.
        There’s something deeply wrong in those individuals lurking my comments here.
        Madness is a strange and scary world unto itself. The trolls don’t live in the same reality.
        The false christs lurking in the comments are trolls.
        People, you have to spread the news Obama’s the Antichrist or you’ll not get to heaven!
        Ignore the trolls who heckle here because they defend the Antichrist Obama.
        They’re mentally ill.

        • Take your meds you lunatic frog!

  • Well since it now seems quite apparent that Hitlery Rotton Clinton’s husband Billy Bob HornDog Howdy has advancing dimentia HIS two biggest lies are “The check’s in your mouth…..and I promise not to cum in your mailbox” !!!

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