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Shocker: Hillary Email Blows Cover Off Massive Obama Plot to Promote Terrorism

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 13:11
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What a crazy election season it’s been so far, and we are not even a quarter of the way through the first round yet.

Expect what you once considered “unthinkable” as an American to become the “ordinary”, as the campaigns on both sides continue to progress. Allow me to explain why the news about Barack and Hillary’s plot to promote terrorism should not come as a surprise to anyone.

In addition to all the allegations being levied against the President in a Drafted Resolution Consisting of 48 Separate Criminal Charges Drafted For Obama’s Impeachment, it should have been obvious to everyone over a week ago when the news originally broke that Obama Defied a Judge’s Order and Covered For Clinton. This act alone should have landed him in the slammer, especially since it is the third time Obama has defied a judge’s order. 

It is significantly important that we fully understand why Obama is covering for Hillary. It is my belief that you would have to trace the Hillary email and personal server story all the way back to its origins.

It has been reported that within Washington’s inner circles it is well known that the devastating leaks about Clinton’s server came from none other than Valerie Jarrett. That means you KNOW the leaks were done with the full knowledge and approval of Barack Obama. 

Ask yourself something. Why on earth would Obama be leaking devastating information about the only viable Democrat candidate running? What could he POSSIBLY gain from that, because there is no way Bernie Sanders will win the presidency. 

That means one of two scenarios would play out. Most people would agree it is likely the House and Senate will remain under GOP control. So, by sinking Hillary, Obama is either

1. Perfectly willing to let a Republican president succeed him, and watch his presidency and his life’s work unwind almost within hours of his replacement taking office.

Think about it: Obama’s executive orders could be undone with the stroke of a pen, and the first day Congress is in session, the new president will have a bill to repeal Obamacare on their desk. When has Mr. “I’ll just go around Congress” EVER let something go, let alone his life’s work?

Furthermore, it CANNOT be forgotten that it was Obama himself who has personally put Hillary in this position with the leaks in the first place. So, we’re supposed to believe Obama would sabotage his own life’s work on purpose? PLEASE!


2. Sinking Hillary is Proof Obama Has No Plans of Leaving Office, and His Third Term Is Unfolding Right Before Us. People say that’s not possible. Why not? Obama can’t do that because it’s not legal?

Uh, when has that stopped him before? Neither is “going around Congress.” Furthermore, when has ANYONE, Republican or Democrat, EVER stood up to this president and seriously tried to stop him before? EXACTLY! Have you stopped and asked yourself why the Pentagon Says They Are Preparing For “Huge Civil Unrest in the U.S.?” 

Civil unrest? Over what? What do they know that we don’t? It might be time for you to think about these things. 

At this point, it has been reported that everyone from Obama’s OWN APPOINTEE for Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Flynn, to Four Star Navy Admiral Lyons, Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, Former a CIA Director James Woolsey, and Former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom, have all gone on record either directly accusing Obama of treason or implying as much, and then tomorrow the RNC votes on whether to take up a Resolution Drafted For Obama’s Impeachment Consisting of 48 Separate Criminal ChargesSo, tell me, if Obama wasn’t up to something horrible, why else would he be taking out Hillary, UNLESS he has a backup plan already in place! 

Keeping all that in mind, up until Obama Defied a Judge’s Order Last Week, and Covered For Clinton, it seemed pretty obvious which direction things were heading. Why the sudden about face?

As the author of that article points out, after leaking all this information and getting Hillary in THIS much hot water, what reason could Obama possibly have to reverse course and cover for her now?

Simply put, the author suggests, “The answer is becoming increasingly clear: what’s on that hard drive could possibly take down both Clinton and Obama, and it has to be sanitized and obfuscated before it’s released to the courts.”





The Right Scoop Writes:

The Free Beacon caught a pretty remarkable email that went to Hillary and recommended that she sparked fake protests among Palestinians in order to pressure Israel:

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton considered a secret plan created by her then-advisers to foment unrest among Palestinian citizens and spark protests in order to push the Israeli government back to the negotiating table, according to emails released as part of the investigation into the Democratic presidential frontrunner’s private email server.

In a Dec, 18, 2011, email, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering suggested that Clinton consider a plan to restart then-stalled peace negotiations by kickstarting Palestinian demonstrations against Israel.

Pickering described the effort as a potential “game changer in the region,” recommending that the United States undertake a clandestine campaign to generate unrest. Clinton requested that his email be printed.

“What will change the situation is a major effort to use non-violent protests and demonstrations to put peace back in the center of people’s aspirations as well as their thoughts, and use that to influence the political leadership,” Pickering wrote.

“This is far from a sure thing, but far, in my humble view, from hopeless,” he continued. “Women can and ought to be at the center of these demonstrations. Many men and others will denigrate the idea. I don’t and I don’t think that was your message.”

Palestinian women, he noted, are less likely than men to resort to violence.

“It must be all and only women. Why? On the Palestinian side the male culture is to use force,” Pickering wrote, comparing the effort to the protests in Egypt that deposed former leader Hosni Mubarak. “Palestinian men will not for long patiently demonstrate — they will be inclined over time and much too soon to be frustrated and use force. Their male culture comes close to requiring it.”

Hillary simply asks for the email to be printed, but doesn’t say anything about it via electronic correspondence.

So this begs the question of what OTHER unrest the State Department might be sparking in order to pressure others to do Hillary’s will.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air adds more interesting but frightening possible consequences to this email:

Gee, I wonder how many other foreign protests were facilitated by the State Department? Were any others sparked against American allies in that region? One has to wonder after reading this how much the State Department might have had to do with some of the “Arab Spring” protests, too. (In fact, at one point Pickering says that the effort must be “just like Tahrir Square,” a mention that might interest our allies in Egypt.) This e-mail thread doesn’t indicate whether Hillary took Pickering’s advice, but she certainly appeared to take it under advisement. And while the e-mail itself wasn’t classified, it’s yet another example of how these kinds of communications can harm American interests when transmitted in the open. This would be enough to create a massive backlash among our allies, and in fact may still do so.

Consider one mystery in light of this new information – why was Hillary so insistent the attack on Benghazi wasn’t coordinated, but just “some guys walking down the street who decided it’d be a good time to kill some Americans”?

Now how long will it take for the left-loving media to actually get of their Obamas and ask Hillary about this? Don’t hold your breath.


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The Last Great Stand

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

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  • Obama The Last American President, Is Set To Announce New Government And Nesara; US Election 2016 Is Pretend; Galactics, Prime Creator And Zorra To Announce Disclosure Following World Currency Revaluation, Second Earth Now Being Populated With Old Earth Holdouts /alternative/2016/01/obama-the-last-american-president-is-set-to-announce-new-government-and-nesara-us-election-2016-is-pretend-galactics-prime-creator-and-zorra-to-announce-disclosure-following-world-currency-reval-3276770.html

    • PeoplePower

      Hillary’s Emails also uncovered the fact the earth is 100% Flat, which can be validated by using simple trigonometry. 

      Trigonometry is a good way at finding a missing side or angle in a triangle. 
      Trigonometry (from Greek trigonon “triangle” + metron “measure”)
      “Sine, Cosine and Tangent”

      In the video below just add an equilateral 60 degree triangle to the image of the suns rays and rotate the triangle and you can easily determine the depth and angle of the suns rays is not 93 million miles away, but the sun in fact is only 3000 miles away.

      Flat Earth Clues Introduction:

      The Earth is FLAT – The flight patterns of planes in the southern hemisphere prove this.

      • You say the sun is 3000 miles away? WTF! So your saying the sun is closer than a qaurter of America is long? What a fkn laugh! DELUSIONAL AMERICAN- IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE THAT ,YOU AND INDIAN IN THE MACHINE MUST BE FRIENDS- One scattered brain scratches the other? :cry:

        • 2QIK4U,

          No he is saying, you 2 are together, and been figured out :eek:

        • The Sun IS 3200 miles away and is 31 miles across but the earth isn’t flat.
          We are DEFINITELY NOT MOVING, not even a little.
          Try this experiment yourself.
          We are supposedly whipping through space at a mind boggling 2,724,666 MPH

          Take an ordinary domino and stand it on end on your the dashboard of your car, leave it the overnight ( or a week if you can ) Observe that it remains balance as long as you don’t move the car. Essentially the car is on “the dashboard” of the earth and the domino is on the dashboard of the car, right? Now very carefully try to drive to the store without tipping over the domino. You cannot.
          Now I’m sure you understand Newton’s First Law of Motion.
          I’m also sure you are aware that escape velocity is 17,500 MPH.
          So, in conclusion you would have me believe that I am interpolating a turn the radius of the earth in excess of 155 times escape velocity and yet the domino is totally unaffected by all of the complex circles within circles and somehow your 3 mph trip to the store was too much :wink:
          Yep that extra 3 mph that’s what did it, it can balance perfectly and indefinitely at 2,724,666 MPH but 2,724,669 MPH….thats is just too much :eek:

      • PP, You using Trickonometry, Ah, yes.

        Like Uncle Benstein K Augusta need a shave…………..

        We see your code.

      • Now hold on a minute!!! I may be a “crook”, give up top secret information, sell guns to Isis and kill an occasional diplomat (or two) for trying to rat me out butt… I have no affiliation to this ”PoopPower” clown, what so ever.

    • America must vote out all of the incumbent Republicans, especially the high ranking members with leadership roles, this is the heart of the Republican party. If American voters can remove these corrupted and treasonous men and women, there is a chance for America to heal, but until they are removed, America will have a one party system and nothing will change.

      • yes your on to something there, but if you look at who you can vote for it seems they are already picked by the people you want out or their handelers so with that said how would you suppose we get to put americans in the corporation that are for americans and not the corporations bottom line or the exspantion of the corporation? now you must have heard about the new world order , who do you think the un will let in and how could they do anymore then fallow un orders? we have been sold out by the us corporation to the same bankers that make the money we use. if we want sovernty we have to make and handel our own money like jfk was doing before they killed him and disband the corporation of the us and create a american goverment for america ,just as was done in 1776.

  • Take note that this reported instance is, yet, another example of divides being instigated. And this has been going on through history. And just because it’s been going on does not make it right! In summary, we’re looking at another variation of the divide & conquer game. NO, this/that people, race, country is NOT your problem. It is the ones pitting you against them…false reports, false news…one big, giant scheme to get YOU to destroy your neighbor.

    The ONLY thing they don’t know how to combat is LOVE. They simply do not know how to deal with those who align their thinking, feeling and willing.

    REMINDER: YOU are in a free will zone.

  • Treasonous offenses [1] were committed alongside with Dereliction of
    Duty in the Benghazi tragedy

    - The three CIA contractor guards who attempted to rescue Ambassador
    Stevens in the Special Mission Compound
    testified they were told to stand-down, not once, but three times.
    - A detachment of two F-16′s at Soudo Bay, Crete [2], less than 200 miles
    from Benghazi, could easily have reached the Compound well within the
    hour [3].
    - They also testified that a week before the 9/11/2012 attack on the
    Benghazi Mission post, they were warned that such an attack was going
    to happen.

    [1] Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment
    by Andrew C McCarthy
    Hardcover: 248 pages
    Publisher: Encounter Books (June 3, 2014)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1594037760
    ISBN-13: 978-1594037764

    [2] US Naval Support Activity Souda Bay Crete, Greece

    [3] 4-Star Admiral Accuses Barack Obama Of Treason
    by Newzvids , Published on Apr 26, 2015
    (at the 19 min mark)

  • I have been saying for a couple years now that Obama is not stepping down in 2017. A possible scenario is Hillary the Hag winning the primary and Obama sending his people to do an investigation on her and arresting her and locking her up. It will cause a big enough ruckus and Mr. Obama will declare martial law and stop the election. When martial law is called the sitting president and only the sitting president can decide when to call it off. Even Congress won’t have a say in it as if Congress would do anything about it anyway. So with no election in 2016 how would there be anyone to be inaugurated in January 2017? Obama would get his third term, he would have the hands of Congress tied, and he would be free to run the country as he desires. Anyone ever heard the term ‘dictator’? A huge blockade for him is the guns of the civilians, but he’s working hard on getting that done too. If and when he does we as a nation are done and in submission to him.

  • The usurper is not the last presidency since he’s just a RESIDENT breaking the law.

  • Odama fires rear admiral after he disclosed odama bought hugh villa home in Dubia Arabia, Saudis helped with the millions of dollars for this house. Speech tonight all lies and deceptions and promoted HIS evil muslim agenda invasion into our Nation.

  • They’re all guilty of treason. The article gave me the impression that the author believes Israel is a US ally…Maybe they are, on paper, but in reality there is no greater threat to the USA than the infiltration of Israeli first dual citizens and political parasites into the highest positions of power. The foreign aid program which sends Israel about 11 million US taxpayer dollars every day, is a direct violation of the Symington amendment, as Israel is an illegal nuclear nation which continues to operate an illegal nuclear facility without adhering to the non proliferation agreement and has illegally manufactured hundreds of nuclear weapons. This makes them a very real threat to global security. The so called USG might as well be called the American Knesset. In the words of former Israeli Knesset member Yossi Sarid, “We control US politicians like marionettes.” Signing the AIPAC loyalty oath has become a prerequisite for advancement in US politics. Israeli influence in western politics needs to be recognized for what it is, a criminal/espionage syndicate of Khazarian thugs. Send them all packing.

  • Obama’s the Antichrist. I’m the Messiah.
    We have to edit my Wikipedia page to update that.

  • Okey this is getting boring . So far there is talk about impeaching him but no one has done it yet . So WTH is the hold up .

  • barry the pimp and his whore Hillary.

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