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You Are Never Going to Believe What Is Sold Out in America (Video)

Thursday, January 12, 2017 21:21
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(Before It's News)

If there was ever a doubt that the mainstream media has failed in its responsibility to provide the American people with honest and relevant news, this ends that debate right now. In a time when virtually everything we see or hear on both social media or the news is held up for scrutiny to determine whether it is “real” or “fake” news, I truly wish what you are about to learn was fake. Sadly, it is not. 

For well over a year, many of the world’s leading financial experts, men like Bill Holter, Jim Rogers, Dr. Jim Willie, Peter Schiff, Jim Rickards, and countless others have been warning people about a coming global financial reset, the likes of which the world has never seen. One of those experts even refers to the coming global reset as something that will be so big, he says it will be remembered as the single biggest event in all of human history. So, we’re not talking about a minor economic correction by any means. 

Despite all the evidence that a major collapse is on the horizon, and despite almost 100 million Americans being out of work, our politicians and the mainstream media have been relentless in their effort to keep advancing the nonsensical Obama administration narrative that the country has been in a “recovery.” In the video below, while interviewing Ronnie McMullen (creator of, Ronnie shared with me news from an article on CNN Money that documents one of this past Christmas’ hottest items, one that sold out nationwide at the upscale department store Nordstrom’s. 

The article absolutely confirms that the mainstream media has not just failed at honestly reporting on political news, but it has utterly failed in keeping Americans informed on matters of critical importance. While the mainstream media’s talking heads go on insisting that the economy is getting better, in the article following my interview with Ronnie, thankfully at least someone is asking the question, “Why Are Wal-Mart And Boeing Laying Off Workers If The U.S. Economy Is In Good Shape?” Don’t expect an honest answer from the mainstream media on that anytime soon.

In my interview with Ronnie below, we discuss issues like the economy, corruption within the government, the recent phenomena known as “fake news,” the repealing of Obamacare, and some of the dangers that may arise during the January 20th inauguration of Donald Trump. Because many Americans today are facing serious struggles, we also discuss the need for people to become more self-reliant, particularly as it relates to their health.

It’s crazy to think people aren’t doing more to take better care of themselves and their families, especially when you learn that this year’s red hot, sold out, Christmas item at the high end retailer Nordstrom’s’s was: A Pet Rock (with Matching Leather Pants) that sold for $85. What is wrong with people?




Michael Snyder writes:

The stock market has been on quite a roll in recent weeks, but signs of trouble continue to plague the real economy.  Earlier this week, I talked about the “retail apocalypse” that is sweeping America.  Major retail chains such as Sears and Macy’s are closing stores and laying off workers, but I didn’t think that Wal-Mart would be feeling the pain as well.  Unfortunately, that is precisely what is happening.  USA Today is reporting that approximately 1,000 jobs will be cut at Wal-Mart’s corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas by the end of this month…

Walmart’s plan to lay off of hundreds of employees is the latest ripple in a wave of job cuts and store closures that are roiling the retail industry.

The world’s largest retailer is cutting roughly 1,000 jobs at its corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., later this month, according to a person familiar with the matter who was not authorized to speak about it.

The company is saying that these cuts are necessary because Wal-Mart is always “looking for ways to operate more efficiently and effectively“.  But something doesn’t smell right here.  You don’t get rid of 1,000 employees at your corporate headquarters if everything is just fine.

I have driven past Wal-Mart’s headquarters in Bentonville a number of times, and it is in a beautiful part of the country.  Bentonville and the surrounding areas had been booming, but it looks like times may be changing.

Meanwhile, there are signs of trouble out on the west coast as well.  The Los Angeles Times is reporting that there is going to be a new round of engineering job cuts at Boeing…

Boeing Co. has internally announced a new round of employee buyouts for engineers companywide, including in Southern California, and warned that layoff notices will follow later this month to engineers in Washington state, where the company has a large presence.

Management did not cite a target for the number of projected job cuts.

The news comes after company Vice Chairman Ray Conner and the new chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, or BCA, Kevin McAllister, warned in December of the need to aim for further cuts in 2017.

And according to Boeing spokesperson Doug Alder, similar job cut announcements are coming for other classes of workers as well.

So why is Boeing getting rid of so many employees?

Well, the truth is that Boeing’s business is way down.  The following comes from Wolf Richter

Business has been tough. In 2016, deliveries fell by 14 jets from a year ago, to 748. Net orders dropped 13% from an already rotten level in 2015, to just 668, down 53% from 2014. And the lowest level since 2010!

When the economy is doing well, air traffic tends to rise, and when the economy is doing poorly it tends to go down.




Needless to say, the fact that Boeing is doing so poorly does not bode well for the future.

In addition to Wal-Mart, another major retailer that is letting people go is Petco

Petco is cutting 180 positions with about 50 at its San Diego headquarters, the pet supply retailer confirmed Wednesday.

The company made the cuts across its workforce and include both existing and open positions.

Petco has about 650 workers at its headquarters in Rancho Bernardo. It employs 27,000 in the U.S.

My wife and I have three cats, and even though Petco tends to be a bit overpriced we have always appreciated the work that they do.

Unfortunately, when the economy gets tough spending on pets tends to be one of the first things to get cut back, and this current trouble at Petco could be a sign that rough sledding is ahead for the entire economy.

Of course your personal perspective on these things is likely to be very heavily influenced by your immediate surroundings.  Those that live in wealthy enclaves of major cities such as San Francisco, New York City or Washington D.C. may be wondering how anyone could possibly be talking about economic trouble right now.

But if you live in economically depressed areas of Appalachia or the upper Midwest, it may seem like the last economic recession never even ended.

There have been pockets of economic prosperity in recent years, and this has resulted in some people becoming exceedingly wealthy.  Meanwhile, things have just continued to become even tougher for millions of other families as the cost of living always seems to grow faster than their paychecks do.

If you are in the top one percent of all income earners, maybe to you it seems like things have never been better.  But most of the country is living paycheck to paycheck and is just struggling to survive from month to month.  The following comes from CNN

The rich are money-making machines. Today, the top mega wealthy — the top 1% — earn an average of $1.3 million a year. It’s more than three times as much as the 1980s, when the rich “only” made $428,000, on average, according to economists Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman.

Meanwhile, the bottom 50% of the American population earned an average of $16,000 in pre-tax income in 1980. That hasn’t changed in over three decades.

The workers being laid off at the companies discussed above are real people with real hopes and real dreams.  Perhaps many of them will be able to land other employment fairly soon, but the truth is that the job market is really tough in many areas of the country right now.

Finding a good job that will allow you to pay the bills and support your family is not easy.  You may find that out the hard way if you end up losing your current job during the economic troubles that will come in 2017.

Earlier today, I came across an excellent article by Gail Tverberg that detailed a whole bunch of reasons why a significant economic downturn appears to be imminent in 2017.  If you would like to read it, you can find it here.  She points to many of the same things that I have been pointing to for a very long time.

Even though economic conditions were fairly stable throughout 2016, our long-term problems just continued to get even worse.  So the truth is that we are more primed for a major crisis today than we have been at any point since the last recession.

My hope is that things will not be nearly as bad in 2017 as Gail Tverberg and others are projecting that they could be, but the warning signs are definitely there, and it isn’t going to take much to push the U.S. economy off the rails.




For those of you who are finally starting to realize there is major trouble on the horizon, largely as a result of the corruption within our own government and the 2016 election, the failure of the U.S. Dollar and Western banks, deteriorating conditions here domestically, or perhaps even because of nuclear tensions reaching all new heights, then I suggest you get your FREE GUIDE for how to survive Martial Law here, because if/when things begin to go south, by then it will be too late to do anything about it. 

For anyone with no idea where to begin making preparations, a very good, and very inexpensive tool to teach you how and what you should be preparing, is a book called “Conquering the Collapse.” Since I’ve practically worn out my own iPad reading my copy, in the following link I provide you with a review of the book: Be Ready For Any Emergency – The Crucial Guide For Any Family’s Safety (Videos)

If you do nothing else, you can learn more about the coming crisis in the links at the bottom under the heading titled, “If nothing else, these links are essential.” The writing is on the wall everywhere… I strongly suggest checking out the post titled, Start “Doubling Up On Your Prepping;” Countdown to Economic Collapse.



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  • LOL! I have been hearing this kind of talk FOR DECADES!

    Can’t you guys find Bigfoot??

    • been hearing about god for millennia,, nobody’s found him either :razz:

      • That’s because everyone is taught to look up into the sky for a male. God is female and she’s embodied as the earth under your feet.

  • I guess the other 1.5 million people that walmart employs nationally are seriously freakin worried about losing their jobs too. :wink:

  • So whats sold out?

    I’m not watching 30 minutes of these two idiots to find out.

    Everything looks stocked at my grocery store.

    More clickbait?

    • He’s now in Northern Ireland. Somebody should write a book called “Where’s Bigfoot?”

  • Had we stopped the shadow government in 1871 from existing we would not be in this trouble we are in now ! They stole our gold and silver . Our Constitution plainly told us that gold and silver was to be coined or made into coins and that it would stand for legal transactions . They stole our gold and gave us paper . Now they want the paper . They are setting up marks in their computers and say this is your money . When ready they will soon push a button and every person in the world will loose their marks in their computers . Then they will say they own you . Not so ! Our Constitution plainly states this action is Treason and it is to be dealt with , with death . We the people own them ! But if we let them bluff us they will do evils against us that are against our Constitution of the United States . We the people need to stop them ! We don’t need their system . We can trade off with our abilities for each others abilities . Like it was when America first started ! If money is desired then go back to what our Constitution states as being legal . What we have now is illegal and Treason !

  • Alert………….Here is what is going on……..

    Most People do not, and cannot comprehend the scope of what is actually going on, and prefer to be lied to, living in a bubble.

    Open Your eyes, All the USA infrastructure is being shipped out to China Government under the ruse that Chinese businessmen are buying it all up.
    The Current Upper Echelon Elite Dem-onics have been making back door deals for the Past 8 Years.

    Most do not Realize how huge the China Military forces are.
    The So called New Radical Activist, That the Current Admin invites to the House on the Hill was invented to destabilize, and infiltrate America.

    The New Radical Activist whom is funded by the Soros/Clinton Foundations, Will be the 1st to Aid the Enemy, they would be the 1st to run when the Massive wave of China Planes, come buzzing in – Strafing everything in sight. Do not turn your Back on the activist, Soros, and crew invented them to destabilize USA.

    Yes, The Soros, and other so called “foundations” Have been free to totally destabilize, to seed, and infiltrate USA at the Highest levels, down to the lowest levels.

    The Elites, and their Puppets, Like The Silicon Valley Sultans (SVS), MSM, Hollywood Jerk-Offs, etc.
    Oh, You Can Bet they have Main Head Quarters In China, and Invest Heavily into the Chinese mainland Structure. All along they Are Back Stabbing America.

    The SVS, Go around as if they invented some super Tech – Frigging BS.
    The are too stupid to use toilet paper, and have people to steal inventions, programs etc. While you get Micro-Shafted, Tward-Twitted, and FaceHooked, and more.
    A good example is the Smart Devices. The Smart Devices are made up of Old Technology, Just Smaller in size, re-packaged with a line of BS Hype.
    This Circle Group of Jerk Off will have you think they donate money to people for progressing, and creating inventions, to further education.
    What a line of BS, it is a way for them to Use their team/Army of Lawyers to track you, and steal your work/inventions.
    The Jerks are all in it together, and at their board meetings, they look at any new company, and fabricate schemes to Shut them down, so the jerks will Not have any competition.
    So you will be forced to purchase their BS products made up out of thin Air, and Be forced to sign thousands, and thousands Pages Of digital Contract Agreements.
    The Jerks (SVS) Call this “Your Experience”, or ” Experience for You”
    The Telecom’s, are in on it to, forcing you to purchase Bundle Products, and Or movie channels you do not want, or need, Another “Experience” for you.
    They also Use The term “Recommended for You” Taking away any choice you may have.
    They have Armies of Lawyers writing up Millions of pages of digital Contract data for you to digitally Sign/Agreement Button.

    These are just some of the Jerks Giving China Technological Information. Most all these SVS are connected to the Jerk Off Companies.

    Some of the Main New Computer, and Smart Device Operating System Software, is totally illegal, constantly stealing your information, and storing it on there servers, or some BS cloud.
    Then they say They Got Hacked, and everyone info has been compromised.
    Notice the timing of their so called “Hacks” in relation to their Computer Upgrades, and patches for Computers, and Smart Devices.
    Everyone’s Info is worth big Money way up there in the Trillions, Are they selling us out to China?
    These Patches, and Upgrades, turn back on the Privacy switches, and they have millions of web-bots that cobble up your personal data.

    Yes, for the past 8 years they have been allowed to get your data, and still doing it on a Massive scale.

    Yes right when you think you have some privacy, and set your computer functions, and Smart Device functions, The Silicon valley Sultans, Claim some big Computer Hack, and send everyone upgrades/patches deceiving you, telling you it is for your security—-
    You download, or it auto downloads installs re-boots, you again blindly Sign the Digital Contracts/Agreement button, Bing-Bing-Bing, all your privacy has been turned off,
    BING-BING they laughing all the way to the Bank with your Money.

    As you sleep, and unaware the SVS are totally re-routing critical Network/Internet infrastructure, and it is not to benefit you. This is for BS Bundle Service, and Thin Air products they will force you to purchase, as they are gearing up to limit, Meter every second of your Internet Use-Charging you huge usage fees, Of course This is to Better Your “Experience”



    For the past 8 Yrs the Admin Puppets following orders of The Elite “The Family, of Old Ones”
    Have infiltrated America, and seeding to destabilize, to weaken the core foundation.

    ALERT: The Chinese sending mixed Signals, and most likely have in place 1st strike, and invasion plans.
    For the past 8 years the Chinese Factories have been cranking out Military Hardware, on a huge scale never before seen in history.
    Thousands of miles long trains in China moving Daily military hardware, and Light Tanks by the thousands.
    These are the type of tanks that can be Air Dropped. They have been Totally at the up most speed for the past 8 years manufacturing the Military Gear, Hardware, Electronics, Planes, tanks, MLRS systems,etc,etc,etc, etc —-Non stop—–

    They have increased Combat Plane production exponentially at ever increasing speed.
    A lot of these, Thousands of these planes are Paratrooper & and Transport Combat Planes.
    The Chinese developed these planes to Transport their Massive Army Of Paratroopers for their Invasion Plans, These planes have heavy lift, and also carry Heavy munitions to clear the Drop Zones.

    The Chinese have also developed Disrupted Devices (EMP). Many different types to take out critical infrastructure, Command,Control,Communications links.

    ALERT: More Net News Coming In Developing …………..Red Dog Wun Niner…..
    Blue Dog Actual …..Break………Sitrep…..Over……

    Info Now Coming In:……………..
    The Current Admin turning a blind eye to the build up in the South China Sea, and The Massive Chinese Army (Military Forces), and Huge Invasion forces, that have had plenty of time to Plan, and Manufacture Military Combat Equipment, for Air,Land, and Sea Battle.

    Developing, More Incoming…….Hang On………..

    Yes, The Current Admin over the past 8 years has allowed the Chinese Government to purchase critical infrastructure, selling off America to the Chinese, using a Ruse, a Smoke screen as if it is Chinese business men buying up all the critical USA infrastructure.

    This alone has weakened America, and cracked the foundation to the Core, Thus setting off Massive Alarm Bells to The Real group Of Highly Secret People whom sole Purpose is to Protect America.
    Yes, The Founding Fathers Created this Highly Secret Group Knowing one day it will be needed.
    This group Has Mighty Power, although 8 years have passed, and the evil runs deep.
    Now China, and The Evil Upper Echelon Elite Dem-onic Admin, know the Alarm Bells, and sirens have sounds, and at Great speed America will have to repel these infiltrators.

    This is still developing, More News Coming In….
    Check Back for Updates.

    From the the chatter on the Net, things do not look good. The Elite Admin has sold America out to China, Factories,Farms, Cattle Ranches, all Types- Farms, Jobs, Power Stations, Ports, Solar Farms, Metal Alloy Factories, The List goes on, and on……

    Ah Yes, they have been selling out America, and making all sorts of back door deals, while feeding the Mass Public BS Smoke Screen About Hacking Email News, Wiki Leaks, Assange, Snowden.

    Although The Alarms have been sounded, And a New Admin Transitioning in to Protect America!!!! Check your batteries, and keep an eye out in the sky for paratroopers.

    Check your Batteries, and Foxhole Trenching tools, and remember, a good fox hole is at least armpit deep while standing in it, with a sloped floor, and trenched out at the end of the slope.

    Yes China has already Invaded the South China Sea.

    Know who is guarding the rear, and flanks.
    Only key the radio with short burst, otherwise they can triangulate your positions.
    Practice black out procedures, and use your purple vision at night.
    Use good passwords, and change them on a random basis.
    Do not get captured, and if you do the best time to evade, and escape is immediate, the longer you wait the less chance you have.
    Use good cover, and concealment, camouflage

    China is sending mixed signals, and ready to invade an unsuspecting country, Blitzkrieg style.

    Keep your trenching tools sharp, and hang tough out there.

  • What is sold out? I thought maybe the first paragraph might say something specific but it didn’t. What’s sold out?

  • The replies button is screwed up. My “Where’s Bigfoot” comment was for Pink Slime.

    As for what’s sold out, it is $85 pet rocks with pants. They give this in the text. You have to read, which I would rather do than sit through a video.

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