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Hillary’s Legal Team in Total Panic Mode Moves to Block Deposition (Video)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 21:56
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Clinton legal team moves to block deposition in email lawsuit

Right on the heals of learning that the FBI Director appears to be connected to Clinton Foundation Corruption Slush Fund, which comes just days after leaning that an alleged FBI insider made claims that the reason there was no Hillary indictment had far more to do with the far reaching tentacles of corruption from the Clinton Foundation, than Hillary’s innocence of the crimes she was being investigated for. Now, it appears Hillary is still not out of the water. When Trey Gowdy skillfully outmaneuvered FBI Director Comey during his Congressional hearing as shown below, Gowdy more or less got Comey to admit Hillary perjured herself, and now some want perjury charges brought, but that’s not all… 

This is what is referred to as a ”SMACKDOWN…”





In a previous post titled, no charges on Hillary’s email Server, however what about the THREE other felonies, I covered three felonies Hillary was guilty of, even if she was let go for the email server, hence why I keep referring to her a serial felon despite not being charged on the server issue. In the post mentioned, among the topics covered in the article and the video by me include the admission by Huma Abedin in a sworn deposition, that on several occasions Hillary ordered Abedin to burn her daily schedules, so that no one would ever know Hillary’s whereabouts, or who she was meeting with on certain days, both of which are a direct violation of the Federal Records Act and a felonies. The following is the video I refer to… 





Politico Reports:

Lawyers for Hillary Clinton are going to federal court for the first time to block efforts to force her to testify in a civil lawsuit related to her private email set-up.

Clinton’s attorneys submitted a legal filing Tuesday morning in a bid to shut down a conservative group’s request for an order forcing her to submit to a deposition in the midst of her presidential campaign.

Clinton’s legal team said her testimony was unnecessary and superfluous in light of her questioning before the House Benghazi Committee last October and several State Department inquiries into the issue.

“Despite this public testimony and the various investigative reports, Judicial Watch claims that it needs to depose Secretary Clinton, a former Cabinet Secretary, about six purportedly unanswered questions,” the filing states. “The record, however, already answers those questions or makes clear that Secretary Clinton has no personal knowledge to provide.”

Judicial Watch has asked to depose Clinton in a pair of Freedom of Information Act lawsuits which have raised questions about whether her private email system was created in part to avoid making messages accessible under FOIA.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan has set a hearing for Monday on the request for Clinton’s testimony in one of the suits, a case demanding records about the arrangements of Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

In the filing Tuesday, longtime Clinton attorney David Kendall leveled a series of legal arguments against Judicial Watch, even offering the politically awkward contention that a general effort by Clinton to thwart FOIA would not be enough to give the conservative group legal authority to proceed with its case.

Kendall argued that a 1980 Supreme Court case that discussed the possibility of recovering records sought under FOIA but no longer in agency control “requires a close temporal connection between an official’s removal of records and a specific FOIA request.”

“That standard cannot be satisfied here. Judicial Watch’s FOIA request was submitted nearly four months after Secretary Clinton left the State Department, and there is no evidence that Secretary Clinton or anyone else at the Department knew that Judicial Watch would submit the request, let alone intended to circumvent it,” Kendall wrote, along with attorneys Katherine Turner and Amy Zaharia.

Clinton’s legal team has never previously intervened directly in the lawsuits, which name the State Department as defendant.

However, last year, Clinton did submit a declaration under penalty of perjury saying she’d instructed her attorneys to turn over all federal records in her possession to the State Department. Clinton said it was her belief that had been done.

The State Department also filed a legal brief Tuesday opposing the call for Clinton to be deposed in the suit before Sullivan.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called the resistance to a Clinton deposition troubling, in part because Clinton’s brief argues that her server was entirely her property after she stepped down as secretary of state in February 2013.

“It is no surprise that neither Hillary Clinton nor the Obama State Department agrees with our request to depose Mrs. Clinton,” Fitton said. “It is both significant and disturbing that Hillary Clinton now asserts a private ‘claim of right” over her email account, including any of the 55,000 pages of federal records she returned to the State Department.”



Hillary 3






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  • Ha, Ha. Caught You. You Moron.

  • Crime pays. Hillary proved it.

  • she should be charged with perjury because her not tstifying is guilt enough when she is using the fbi to question her she still gives a false statement it is perjury

  • See the Rat drowning. :cool:

    • She is not drowning. She is quite comfortable swimming around in the cesspool that is her and Bill’s life. It is the US drowning. Drowning in double standards, political correctness, greed and corruption. Bill and Hillary are doing just fine thanks to the millions of gullible moronic fools who would stoop to lick a Clinton foot.

  • All the big jewish banks are chuking money at Mrs Clinton so she is going to look after the banksters and corporations that they control so that puts her in the 1% camp and she will be pissing on Joe Public to keep wages and our rights down.

    Just like our Tony Blair, She is above the law but will make a good puppet for Congress and we all know who they work for.

  • There will always be “Clintons” to deal with and they should be expected. What is so damned frustrating is all the morons who honestly believe she or her husband can do no wrong. Do these people have no common sense? Like I said, “There will always be “Clintons” but these self absorbed pathological criminals have no power if the people didn’t give it to them. It is the corrupt mental defectives in this country who are the real problem.

  • Zabwe

    Dereliction of duty while in office for failing to protect Government employees after repeated request for security should have been enough to put Clinton out of politics for life………

  • I am surely no expert but I would assume that if Hillary can blatantly lie to federal agents and not be prosecuted for it as the rest of us would be then she has done us all a huge favor. The FBI and Attorney General’s posturing has set a type of legal precedence. Anyone in the future being charged with lying to federal agents can easily demonstrate bias, selective prosecution and being denied equal provision under the law.

    The main point I want to make is that if the elite are not bound by the same laws we are, we then are not bound by rules that only apply to the lower hanging fruit on society’s status tree. That would be ridiculously ignorant! The law either applies to everyone or it is void and applies to nobody at all. We the people need to let this sink in. Of course we need to respect the law, it is the foundation in which civilized man can prosper, nevertheless the law and enforcement of it is trust based, there is no way a handful of ruling class can manage the mass unless they want to be managed. When this trust has eroded enough, however and this Hillary thing may very well catapult the disparity into public light, there will be no place these evil purveyors of human oppression of can hide. Not even behind foreign troops.

    As I’ve mentioned many times before, God intends to shed a light on all that hides in the darkness. The evil will be exposed and dealt with, no doubt in God’s most creative fashion. Be sure that when Christ arrives you, yourself are not still practicing the harlots doctrine. Truth is the lamp oil. Don’t be one of the women whose lamps have grown dark, the groom will not see you. If you believe in the trinity godhead, that you have an immortal soul, if you think you’re ascending to Heaven or burning in hell, if you practice pagan traditions such as Christmas, Easter or Sunday worship you have accepted the doctrine of God’s adversary. Don’t get all butthurt these are the earmarks of the harlot accept the truth or the consequences, that’s really what it’s all about!.

    I should point out in case you missed the memo, that it really, really matters what you believe and practice. False doctrine, wrong depictions of God, Christ or His plan for mankind is idolatry. If you arrogantly refuse to stop practicing it, if you wont repent of it then the wage of sin is death. You will not be able to partake in the inheritance, salvation isn’t possible. You will return to the dust from where you came. Please don’t allow pride to deprive you of one of the most rewarding relationships you’ll ever experience. The one true God has developed a miraculous plan to bring His Kingdom to earth and procreate. He is establishing the family of Elohim. The tabernacle of God shall reside with us, He as our Father and we following Christ’s lead His sons and daughters. Be there or be square! Free will is yours.

    A Student of the Word

    • Different stands for elite vs. poor slobs? Remember Geithner, Charlie Ringle Rangle, cases where they forgot to allegedly comply with laws and nothing happened? I think the Clint** Foundation had to refile some paperwork too? But, don’t U forget?

  • The false christs lurking in the comments are trolls.
    People, you have to spread the news Obama’s the Antichrist or you’ll not get to heaven!
    Ignore the trolls who heckle here because they defend the Antichrist Obama.
    They’re mentally ill.

  • Hilary is 2 Candidates in One , first she’s a candidate for POTUS and then She’s a candidate for the “ Deep State “ and this is where the problem with maintaining USA Sovereignty exists .
    The Deep State is who gave Hilary a Pass on accountability to the Civilians of the USA thus making US Citizens “ Subjects of the DEEP STATE !!!!!

    These 2 links give insight to the Concept that Hilary Clinton is 2 candidates in one ,

    This link shows how the DEEP STATE is Protecting Hilary Clinton ,

  • And here I THOUGHT that she would be indicted & quickly sentenced to prison. BUT, now it seems that this is gonna be dragged on & on & on… :twisted: & :evil:

  • lThis piece of filth is going to get voted in because, I suspect, many women will vote for her as the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! All these potential voters absolutely must be aware of her vile reputation, do they really not care what she has done – can they really overlook all the vile misdoings of which she is guilty and vote this creature into office. Years ago, America was always to me the epitome of Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Beautiful Clean Life, Justice, ….. What has happened . not only to the Government, but to the people of America – they seem to be just sitting on the sidelines, afraid of disagreeing with what is happening in their country? Worse, some prepared to vote for Hillary ‘whether she is indicted or not’ – what the heck isthat all about? How brainwashed are they all? I guess that about summarises it all – BRAINWASHED!

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