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Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I Will Deputize Everyone and Arrest All Federal Agents!” (Video)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 2:34
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BRAND NEW 3/3: FBI Started Arresting Patriots For Opposing BLM Illegally Seizing Land (Video)

By all accounts, it looks like another standoff with Obama’s BLM is brewing once again, and some of the names involved are all too familiar. The major difference between this standoff and the Burns, Oregon ranch, is that one of the men Lavoy Finicum had a pact with to protect each other from federal agents has a nephew that is also the sheriff, and as you’ll learn below, the sheriff is threatening to deputize every man, woman, and child in the county and arrest any BLM agents on sight. 



The Independent reports:

Utah Attorney Todd MacFarlane actively supported ranching scofflaws Cliven Bundy, Wayne Hage, Mary Bulloch, and LaVoy Finicum. He now represents the Finicum family and, working with Smith, is engaged in a dangerous game of recruiting ranchers, miners, and other federal “permittees” to sign a pledge document to boycott paying their fees. 

LaVoy Finicum pitched the same cowboy revolt in November 2015, one that included the provision that when the federal government takes action, ranchers were offered a variety of militant services that would come to protect them during their own future standoff. […]


The federal government is only allowed to own Washington DC and military installations as per Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution. Furthermore, per Article I, Section 8, Clause 1, the BLM, FWS, Department of Interior, Forestry Service, and many other federal agencies are wholly Unconstitutional and disallowed. However, it is the two little words “general welfare” that have been misapplied and abused by DC legislators for decades which has led to the creation of such agencies; the same ones which exercise such egregious overreach and disregard for our rights, our families, and all Americans every day. 



With images of Finicum and the Bundys at Malheur, MacFarlane consistently returned to the term “critical mass,” a well-known proverb of community organizing.

What is critical mass? An excerpt from “Critical Mass Theory” by Pamela Oliver explains.

“The term ‘critical mass’ originates in nuclear physics, as the smallest amount of fissile material needed to sustain a nuclear chain reaction. As analogy or metaphor the term has diffused into popular culture and social science and is widely used to refer to any context in which things change after a certain number of people get together or enter a setting. … Social movement activists and scholars often use ‘critical mass’ in a loose metaphorical way to refer to an initial group of protesters or actors that is big enough to accomplish social change.”

For MacFarlane — and, at the time, Finicum — critical mass for Malheur meant a certain number of federal permittees who sign pledges to boycott paying for their permits. The exact number of ranchers to reach that mass is something they can determine.




Eight ranchers came out of the Cedar City Workshop having signed the pledge with two from other states announced the same day in a Malheur press-signing ceremony. On Jan. 24, LaVoy Finicum called these pledges “Emancipation Proclamations” and seemed quite encouraged by the news while indicating that the FBI was becoming more hawkish regarding their occupation.

On Jan. 25, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon said he had met with FBI Director James Comey, stating that the “virus was spreading.” This virus and increased presence very well could have been a result of this long-term strategy of continual untenable rancher standoffs being planned for and executed by Finicum, MacFarlane, Smith, and others.

On Jan. 26, the standoff at Malheur effectively ended, with the arrest of the command and the death of Finicum. A total of 25 people as of the time of this writing have been indicted for their involvement in either or both the 2014 Bunkerville and 2016 Malheur standoffs, and sources say there are current, sealed federal indictments that were filed Jan. 26 in Salt Lake City.


Understand that the legal requirements of administrative due process for enforcement action against a federal permittee for trespassing or any other violation takes time. It entails a series of letters and accrued penalties, then legal action, and finally judicial decision. This process can take years, over 20 in the case of Cliven Bundy. Finicum himself had just begun the process, his family now facing over $12,000 in penalties and fees.



Liberty Food


Because the administrative process for permit enforcement is a long one that must comply with the Administrative Procedures Act, land management and law enforcement agencies that have boycotting ranchers in their jurisdictions can expect to face years, perhaps decades, of individual Malheur/Bundy standoffs spread throughout the West — mostly in Utah, and it seems soon in Paiute County.

At the Rural Caucus event, Sheriff Marty Gleave of Piute County stated that he told the U.S. Forest Service he would use his deputies to drive cattle for a permittee to their allotment if they didn’t allow the rancher to do so. Additionally, the January Piute County Commission meeting minutes indicate that Gleave threatened USFS officials with arrest if they took action to impound the cattle of an out-of-permit-compliance rancher.

In a radio interview last August, Finicum described how he, Cliven, and Piute County rancher Stanton Gleave made a pact to come to each other’s aid. Appearing to make good, Gleave is one who signed MacFarlane’s pledge in Cedar City. 

As with Sheriff Gleave, Stanton was also a speaker at the Rural Caucus on February 12th, waving a Skousen Pocket Constitution and saying, “They tell me there’s no law above that Sheriff of the County … so it’s very important we back the Sheriff. He can protect us and deputize every man and woman in the county if he has to.”

New BLM Standoff With Finicum Ally



PieNPolitics Reports:

PIUTE COUNTY, Utah — It’s the second smallest county by population in Utah, but Piute County is making a lot of noise in the Western Land Movement these days.

Longtime rancher Stanton Gleave is at the center of a conflict that includes the County Sheriff on one side and the U.S. Forest Service on the other. Gleave wore his cowboy hat and held up a pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution as he spoke with the Rural Caucus of the Utah State legislature on Feb. 12.

“These federal people have no right to be here if you follow (the Constitution),” Gleave said.

The Piute County Sheriff, Marty Gleave, (We’re told Marty is Stanton’s nephew) also talked with the Rural Caucus.

“We’re not taking no more cuts on the Mountain. I’ll deputize every man, woman and child in the county to stop what’s going on,” Sheriff Gleave said, referring to Monroe Mountain, where the Forest Service has taken grazing permits from Stanton Gleave and another rancher, Keith Anderton.

The Forest Service is working to revitalize aspen growth on Monroe Mountain. Seventy-four percent of the land in Piute County is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service. Listen to Piute County Sheriff, Marty Gleave below:

Sheriff Threatens to Deputize County To Arrest BLM



I have already documented in a previous post titled, The FBI Has Been Attempting to Shut Down All Forms of Alternative Media With Regard to the Oregon Standoff. Based on the FBI’s previous efforts, I have to assume at some point this post will be seen by Feds, and for that reason I will not say how I REALLY feel. I live in fear of what my government might do to me if I did say how I feel. It’s almost a given that Facebook will catch this post, and attempt to censor it by suspending me again, so please spread it as quickly as possible. 

I will go on record saying this: Those boys in Oregon needed our help… and we let them down. They deserved our help because they were willing to stand up and fight for our rights, even when many of the Americans who criticized them did so because they were too damn ignorant to see what is really happening all around us. 

As the article above mentions, one of the men Lavoy Finicum had a pact with is now under siege, and as many of you know, both Bundy brothers and Cliven Bundy remain behind bars so no one can hear them. In Oregon, “We the People” failed Ammon Bundy’s group by not showing enough support when they asked for it in Oregon. We let those men down by not standing with them, when they were standing for OUR rights. 




That’s as much as I’ll say, because recently I reviewed the current policy of the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Insecurity’s policy for what they label as “Domestic Extremists” these days. You won’t believe this! The following is from a post titled, The Department Of Justice Prepares To Step Up War On “Domestic Extremists:”

In a 2012 Department of Defense training manual, obtained by a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act Request, “Domestic Extremists” are defined as:

1. “Americans who are ‘reverent of individual liberty,’ and ‘suspicious of centralized federal authority’ are possible ‘extreme right-wing’ terrorists. 

2. The document linked above also lists people who embrace “individual liberties” and honor “states’ rights,” among other characteristics, as potential “extremists” who are likely to be members of “hate groups.”

3. Finally, the document goes on to call the Founding Fathers, “extremists.”

Many Americans may not have agreed with the course of action Ammon Bundy chose to take, but as you read above, the process can take in excess of 20 years because of all the bureaucratic bullsh**, so my hat is off to him and his group. Would I have done what Bundy’s group did? No, probably not, but only because I’m not half the man Bundy is to have risked his freedom for our rights, while we all did nothing. I am however, man enough to admit that. Before the current crimes being played out by the Federal government get any worse, and Marty Gleave is forced to deputize ever man, woman, and child in his county, I encourage you to watch the following as you decide what side of the line you want to stand on:

Right To Protect Freedom







Mrs. Hammond Writes Letter to”The Oregonian”

Carol Bundy Issues Call to Arms For Militia to Join Them in Oregon vs. Feds

Obama Wanted War: Now 150 Armed Militia Have Seized a Federal Building In Oregon

Breaking News: Obama Orders Hammond Ranch Destroyed!

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Second American Revolution Requires Just One Bullet Be Fired

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Oregon Militia Confirms They Are Not Leaving; Ready to Die For Freedom

Bundy Militia Standoff: Ticking Time Bomb to Force Another American Revolution

FBI Attempting to Shut Down Alt Media With Oregon Standoff (Recorded Call)

Judge and 2 US Marshals in Route to Restore Constitutional Rule of Law

Oregon Situation Heating Up: Bundy Militia Suffers First Arrest Today

Waco/Ruby Ridge Style Shootout Inevitable at Bundy Standoff in Oregon? (Videos)

Bundy’s Militia: “Feds Are Pressuring DCS to Remove Our Kids From Home To Force Surrender”

Militia: “We’ll Fight Until Death To Hold Refuge” – Streaming Until Batteries Die”

Blaine Cooper: “Finicum Left His Firearms at Refuge the Day Police Killed Him” (Audio)

From Jail: A Statement From Ammon Bundy to the Public Today, Feb 4 2016

Shocking New Secrets on the FBI-Sanctioned Assassination of LaVoy Finicum (Video)

Martial Law in Burns, Oregon: Post Siege, Feds Terrorizing Local Citizens at Gunpoint

Treason 10


Email From Colonel Harry Reilly About Obama’s Articles of Impeachment Vote 1/13

Resolution Drafted For Obama Impeachment Consists of 48 Criminal Charges

Obama Caught Smuggling In Up To 100,000 Refugees Per Year on UPS Planes!

Four-Star Navy Admiral Blasts Obama For Treason, and Reveals Obama’s Plans

Top Obama Appointee: “President Knowingly and Willingly Armed ISIS”

Former FBI Assistant Director Risks His Life – Just Exposed Obama In Huge Way!

The Proof You’ve Wanted Regarding Obama’s Treason

Former CIA Director Unloads, Then Issues Severe Warning About Obama


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Liberty Food











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  • What if these ranchers file “Homestead” under the Homestead Act? Can the gov’t still take their land?

  • Is there an Amerikan who still believes in the constitution! Is there an amerika! I think not! Just a bunch of sissy girls running in the streets flying rainbows!

    Burns oregon was a declaration of war straight out of washington, so next time you girly men gather in the dozens realize they will gather in the hundreds, or thousands! And the gloves are off! They wll kill you! Did you see anyone on the fedgov side who wasn’t willing to kill you! We are there!

    At bundy ranch, they were authorized to shoot! At burns, they were authorized to shoot! From now on they will shoot! They have given each other the authority to shoot, and kill you! Does anyone f’n get that!!! The f’n feds have given themselves the f’n permission to kill f’n amerikans!!! Do you f’n get that!!! It’s hot! From now on it’s f’n hot!

    I for one will never get past an f’n government that talks about the “rule of law” all the while ignoring and violating the highest law of the land! What’s happening in portland is satans circus, and satan has a welcome home in washington! It’s the biggest joke in history! The feds talking about the “rule of law”! Our brains are so twisted, we will never come back! Giving themselves the authority to kill americans whose property they steal is the “rule of law”! Tyranny is the “rule of law”!

    Now go back to your tv, there’s nothing to see here! Suck from the trough, while there’s still something to suck!

    • Not only were they giving each other permission to shoot and kill, they were flying armed drones, apache helicopters, and fighter jets! Even when it was down to just 4 guys! And they had hundreds of military cowards for a group that numbered in a couple of dozen, and ended with four! What kind of cowards are we dealing with! They also talked about an air strike in Nevada at bundy ranch! And they talked about an air strike at burns! This is how out of control the f’n federal government is! They are everything this country is NOT about! The federal government is as un-american as it gets! And every single one of them is a traitor! The “rule of law” is an absurdity coming out of the mouths of traitors!

    • And the constitution / law they ignore, is the constitution / law that is supposed to keep them from doing the things they are doing! The constitution / law is all about boxing them in! They chose to ignore it! They chose tyranny! They chose to ignore the law that binds them! They chose to be traitors! The reality is that we are way past fixing this! We have come full circle! We are 1776, only this time there is no winning! We can’t even afford to fight! Our enemies would be all over us here, and there! And it would be a perfect time for countries like Russia and china to remove our superpower status! There really is nothing we can do! Even if trump were real, there’s no way they will let him be president! We are headed into a NWO, whether we want to or not! However, there is one last fleeting chance, and that is with the states. The states could take back their rights and give the feds the boot, but that is the only chance, and it will never happen!

    • Anyone who touts the Constitution absolutely must tune into what Common Law is about and why it is necessary to enforce the Constitution. Otherwise, it’s like….”trying to shovel smoke with a pitchfork in the wind” (John Lennon).

      When one touts the Constitution whilst ignoring Common Law (and that it’s been pushed out of our reach), I stop listening to them.

  • And, do you think this war against domestic extremists includes liberals? Are liberals anywhere on the list? Of course not! The list was created by the splc! It’s all about conservatives, constitutionalists, gun owners, and Christians!

    • And every state in America damn well better give the feds the boot! They no longer deserve a place with us! Do it now while you still can!

  • If the sheriff makes it legal and he can, it will be a game changer for the Militia.

    The corporate US gov does not have the constitutional authority to give kill orders outside of due process and likely never at all as they are not sovereign like the people.

    The sheriff is the most powerful in the county and is a public officer unlike the fed who are corporations owned by the IMF.

  • U.N. Agenda 21 /2030 is global, not localized to the Bundy ranch.

    William Cooper – Amazing Lansing, Michigan Lecture
    (Their religion)
    (They are psychopaths and they do not know the human way 100%, remember they only simulate Humans)
    (There is a method to their madness, …you operating from a place of ignorance … you shouldn’t even be on the battlefield.)

    Wisdom, Faith, Hope and Love.
    The Greek word Sophia means “wisdom” in English.
    Sophia and her 3 Daughters – Faith, Hope, Love

    Pawns in a Game:
    We are all fools in a fools game. (All is preplanned, we can not follow their script anymore because that means suicide)

    Some Key history:
    Averell Harriman, Dictator of Russia 1942-1944

    “See, my lord, from this room – from this room I govern not only Paris, but China:
    not only China, but the whole world, without any one knowing how “tis managed.”
    - Michael Angelo Tamburini, 1720, General of the Jesuits (The Black Pope), Speaking to the Duke of Brancas.
    7753 – The Secret Behind Secret Societies / Total Onslaught Mini Series – Walter Veith

    Alan Watt – The Masterplan of the Elite (Darwinism for the people they of course are exalted gods)

    Hollywood Insider’s Full Disclosure – Illuminati Hollywood Exposed (If you bleed then you no God)

    The elite act and play like very late kings of Egypt, spoiled, mad rulers thousands of years after the great ages of the distant past.
    If they bleed then they are no gods.
    The real knowledge at the top is how to control the lower levels.

    Alan Watt on Alex Jones: The Endgame, A Worldwide Concentration Camp

  • I love it, the bastards have so corrupted this government it must be stopped.

  • Unfortunately we have an abusive, incompetent, fraudulent person, masquerading as a president in The White House. He is trying to destroy America and is trying to give our land away because of their incompetent fiscal polices in Congress. They can’t even balance a checkbook much less oversee any federal program in a responsible way. Most of them need to be fired and most of Congress needs to be voted out. We have a Congress who is out to lunch most of the time and not performing their duties and I hope we see a change soon.

  • I have a bad feeling that things will be very ugly! The feds need to stop their nonsense!

  • Agreed!

    The Democraps and their illegal negro Africkan sodomite are going waay too far in who they think they are. Which is being white and Christian haters who don’t like that America is the greatest freest country in the world!

  • Gee, I wonder if the Sheriff will put you know on the County “domestic terrorist list?”

  • Man

    please continue with your sobbing and crocodile tears, dabu. i savour them!

    you had your chance in doing something meaningful in Oregon but they all sat in tarp and being all butch with guns. You need brains and balls. which all of them lack other than just crying incohirently about your rights being stamped on.

    i guess being angfry on the internet is the only confort you have

    • Man,
      Everyone here is witness to your false sense of security. Without even making a comment, can you at least be honest to yourself. You sound like someone that is unknowingly being manipulated, and used.
      With all the global events going on, all the goons/shills will soon be out of a job anyway, they do not owe you anything, and could care less about you. Your a mere disposable asset.
      Now after bleeding America dry they are now moving into china to bleed it dry. They will leave the USA in ruins, poverty, and hunger is around the corner.
      Apparently your not even American, or hate America, or both.
      Plus WWIII could start at any moment. Maybe you do see what is going on, and you actually enjoy the carnage, although no one is immune, just ask one of the millions of migrants.

      • That one (i.e. Man) never brings anything to the conversation…is just here to tear people down.

    • Well man! You don’t know me, or what I do! So, GFYS!!!

  • This is the banksters .
    And they won’t stop till they are hanged .
    Or to quote their motto.”we won’t stop till the short drop and the sudden stop”
    And since they run the game ,I don’t see this financing of our enslavement ending till we the people’s find a way out of the money magic system.

    So if the pull the plug on the money supply we have friends and neighbors that will freely give to the common people time and work. We might consider ubunto or contributionism.
    Everyone chips in time and skill.

    We need to get along or we are all dead.
    That’s what the banksters are pushing us toward.
    Maybe we will show the banksters we love our children.

  • Try listening to this about FEMA, legal person, and Fundamental/inherent rights as a man.
    You still have rights, YOU let THEM take them away.
    Words, servitude!
    Citizens are duped.

  • Yesterday, I posted this on Twitter…was attacked by all liberals. FYI: I am not conservative or liberal; do not belong to their collective.

    Personally, I believe a few were paid shills. In a nutshell, the attacker wants victims to be defenseless; just give up, submit and get in line. They do not want anyone waking up to the fact that Common Law must exists for teh Constitution to be in force. No Common Law, no Constitution.

    Common Law was pushed out of the way- unknown to the public -beginning in 1845. The British Crown and Vatican used BAR members as their “foreign agents” to infiltrate the united States of America. Those who might dispute this have not researched what is contained in the oath of a BAR member. The strategy is straightforward: INCORPORATE the country, creating a false layer that can be held up as the real thing. To complete this, people needed to be turned into CORPORATE FICTION. And this is indicated in a number of ways, one being that one’s name for legal documents is in ALL CAPS. Because most have existed within this phase of the scam throughout their life, they don’t see that it is wrong; know not what the intention is like…or what that would be like.

    Once the country became USA, Inc (and not “the united States of America” *Note spelling), they adopted the jurisdiction of SEA. (The jurisdiction of LAND was chucked.) This made Common Law mostly unavailable. That was the goal. Effectively, they have moved in a false government.

    But here is the kicker…all of this is based on CONSENT. That’s right. People must consent to all of this. And they do based on ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, ego et al. Most love their slavery. However, they do not like the word “slave.” So, don’t remind them of their reality. They just want to live like animals; consume and satisfy base desires.

  • Some people are waking up to the wanton lawlessness, hope they are awake to boot HRC out in November, if the election is even held or not fixed? WAKE UP AMERICANS! NO MORE CLINTONS!

  • History lesson on how to confront “Bad” EVIL with “Good” EVIL. The only way anyone can stop Bad Evil is with Good Evil! Otherwise, how can your enemies be stopped, unless you go back after them? I highly suggest this be placed at the very top of the list to stop Evil in any so called “honest” government.

    I remember the FBI sent out hit squads against Pablo Escobar back in the Day. People – do you remember that? Didn’t Pablo start to murder all the politicans and officials as they started to crack down on him? Remember the chaos and blood in the streets? Well, how did the local Government, including the US very own FBI and drug agenices do in the foriegn nation? What did the “Good” Evil do back? They started to dismantle Pablo’s Family Members AND those who protected him one at a time; in the dark, and without warning! (Doesn’t the Black US Gov do this today, and how they remove those whistleblower enemies of the NWO?) This way, the “Good” guys used the exact same tactics back; in the dark of night; while alone, so remove the top leaders off one at a time. Think that will slow the criminal Black Gov once their families and their supporting associates? Now what kind of message will that send to the criminal Black Gov? Think they may slow or stop their actions to destroy our nation? So where are all these so called fake high level officials who are willing to give up their lives, as in their oaths, for our nation? Their very lives are more important then that to protect our nation and constitution, so they are fake oath takers! How can they be a honest oath taker when they refuse to give their lives for their country?

    So why can’t not a single so called “Patriot” start to “Dismantle” those in power today like they did in Pablo’s case? You see, you will never win by just being sitting ducks. How can you defend yourselves from those use who black ops war weapons to slowly rid the good citizens whislteblowers on our very soil? You can’t and the only way is to use the same tactics back to stop them. Anything less, you can’t stop them.

    So military General DUMFORD, oh Dumsh_t. Why don’t you order it? Could it be that you were HAND SELECTED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA HIMSELF, to single handedly run the military? Do you readers really think your President will hand appoint an enemy Against his Agenda to Destroy the nation? This is a High Treasonous General, who needs to be tried and hanged on the streets for his failure to use his power to remove this “domestic enemy”. Why not order your Army helicopter who lands on the WH lawn, and order them to crash, or plant a fake copter maintenance person to make it crash? Or why not with AF One, who the Air Force flys the President all around the world? Imagine who simple it is! But you are high treasonous and will not save our nation. As a War Vet myself, I look forward to deficating on your grave. You have dishonored your oath, and our entire dead veterans who died for our nation, yet you have the power in your hand, and refuse to take action for your nation. May your spouse and children suffer before your eyes and you can do nothing to ease their pain. That is the payback you deserve for your treasonous failure.

  • The federal government has become a criminal organization, and nothing more.

  • Ron Wyden, that dam Jew is just another reason that this nation suffers but the leftist Oregonians love him as he has been in office it seems forever.
    He is the virus infecting America.

  • I say you can not fight all this by yourselves and it is global, stall if possible. We all must make a difference, it is about courage and timing, hmm and knowledge take out the head and we win this fight, but if this happens then we inherit their problems, some of them like overpopulation, immigration.

  • At-least we do not have to fake it 60% more power.

  • Keep on making your mind public, lead to discussions, never bad.

  • Up yours! The silliness you display knows no bounds! There is no reason for you to be attacking me! But, by all means lets all go to our corners, and come out fighting! That’s going to get us far! Did you happen to notice the lack of unity in oregon! That is the first problem! A good example is all the youtubers that have all been attacking each other to the point of “it’s freak’n silly”! Are we not on the same side, with the same goal! I’m a bartlett pear, your a bosc pear, she’s an asian pear, he’s a anjou pear! We’re all pears! Unfortunately, I can’t join your cause, because they are shooting you guys like dogs! You’re at the top of their lists!

  • The comment this is in reply to is gone, and this is now out of context.

  • Man

    “I can’t join your cause, because they are shooting you guys like dogs!”

    wow those balls are small….great to see another armchair revolutionary

  • mitch51

    Do you realize! That you used an “!”! After every single sentence! Of your comment! Wow! That’s a lot of “!” !

  • Man

    “I can’t join your cause, because they are shooting you guys like dogs!”

    wow those balls are small….great to see another armchair revolutionary

    Says the queer behind the keyboard!

  • Man,
    Dabu would rather have small balls than to have MAN Chin Nuts :eek:

    ““I can’t join your cause, because they are shooting you guys like dogs!””

    “wow those balls are small….great to see another armchair revolutionary”

  • Man O Man
    Alert Alert, there is a ball inspector in da house!!!!
    How do you just go about exactly measure the the size? Oh wait, you better not explain that one, eeeeee, Right, that was prob a mouth full for you, eeeehhhhh
    Do you also Grade Them, would you say, they are Grade A?
    Did you go to College for that degree, and how much do get paid as an inspector?
    Did you have to perform field work prior to being hired fulltime?
    Do you also weigh them, or is this just a visual type inspection of yours?
    Just how close do you have to come, while you inspect this stuff?
    Do you use, any type professional protocols?
    You sound very experienced, must of performed a lot of field work.
    You must be very proud of yourself, bet you got all kinds of awards, and medals, and desk top objects all over the place.
    Bet your superiors lay praise on you all the time.
    Although, when performing your inspections, are you usually accompanied by many of your fellow workers, or are you a stand up inspector, and go uno uno while you inspect?

    ““I can’t join your cause, because they are shooting you guys like dogs!””

    “wow those balls are small….great to see another armchair revolutionary”

  • Man

    Yes, daboo is an inspiration to everyone. Being a true the American Bin laden. Hiding in his cave, spewing hatred on the internet while egging others to die fight for his cause

    Now that is a true patriot

  • Man
    Check your History Book,
    Bin Laden was on the Payroll, after he was used up, he was not needed, just like all other tough guy assets.

  • Daboo is a Gov shill, pushing the NWO agenda. This was exposed 1-2 years ago. He started out legit, when he had a normal job. Then he was harrassed, cried to the FBI, and he was offered and accepted NWO $. Next he quite his job because the NWO started to fund him, he opened a website like Alex Jones, and now does this full time. He is a high treason pile of dog dodo. Go back and fact check…

  • Man

    Let me guess, you all going to grab your guns and shoot the FBI or are you going to sit in the same hole, comforting each other while the government is out to get you?

    this is some flaccid patriotism.

    You guys are more scared of the FBI than wanting to do anything about it. That is a great start for a rebellion

  • I have no need to go there, but sounds like you do. You said a mouthful there! Worthy of a visit by law enforcement to see what you’re all about!

  • Man! As mentioned above, spilling blood is a foolish idea, and there is no need for it! Civil war or even serious civil unrest would give our enemies an in to attack us. There is no need! There is no need for battles of any kind outside of the written word. Look how fired up people are over my comments. That is what we need! Written words. Ideas. The idea here is how out of control the feds are! And, that the states have the power to take control back. The constitution is the law of the land! The feds are a very small part of it! They are very limited! By law! It is simply time for the states to enforce that law (the constitution)!

    That is what I do. I write. I write everywhere I can. War is not an option for me! Hurting others is not an option! And it should not be an option for you! Armed revolution is a fools solution in modern America! You would not last 5 minutes! And there are solutions that avoid it!

  • Man & sitrep,

    More than you have! By far! Don’t see your big worthwhile comment! Don’t see any comment worth reading, from either of you! Just a couple of sissy girls running in the street flying rainbows! Bet you are SPLC!

  • Man

    said the sissy girl himself

  • Good one “man”. What a comeback! “Man” can’t be literal, so I’m assuming “man” is wishful thinking! Or, “man” is short for “the man”.

    Truth is, you and sitrep are feds trolling for mentally handicapped you can take advantage of, and then entrape in a setup! Yes you are trolling in every sense of the word! The “you guys are more scared of the fbi” above is a dead give away that you are trolling for someone who will respond to that!

  • Armed resistance will most likely be the only way. Armed bad guys never give in to unarmed good guys.

    If we are armed they might not start shooting at us but if we are unarmed they will not hesitate as has been demonstrated time and time again.

    Threatening to call the criminal corporation that you refer to as law enforcement on people who understand this does not bode well for you credibility.

  • Man

    You want to start a revolt but you don’t want to participate in it because you are afraid of the consequences.

    You don’t even deny it.

    A great example of armchair patriotism. America is proud of you. A worthy defender of the constitution

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