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Ammon Bundy Reports Being Starved and Tortured in Prison (Video)

Sunday, April 17, 2016 11:08
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In the following video, you’ll learn that the ongoing situation over the people being held as political prisoners over their protest at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge just got personal with me. As I mention in the video, in recent weeks there has been a staggering amount of evidence uncovered about the parties keeping Ammon Bundy and Co. locked up without due process. Republicans and Democrats alike, they are some of the most corrupt and morally bankrupt people you can imagine… the kind of people that will keep political prisoners locked up in solitary confinement, without due process, and as you’ll learn… not feed them, as long as their criminal enterprise is permitted to continue operations. 


What I am referring to is evidence that congressmen, senators, various commissioners, members of the BLM, members of the Fish and Wildlife Service, certain judges and sheriffs, as well as others, have a well oiled machine for taking federal tax dollars, and lining their own pockets with them. The problem for these crooked “public servants” is that they’ve become so arrogant, they’ve gotten sloppy. 

I have individual names, dates, House Bill numbers, Senate Bill numbers, names of shell companies…  and how they all fit together to steal YOUR money, and keep it for THEIR personal use. It’s time to shine a light on what they’ve been doing, and expose the corruption in both parties… but I need your help…





A personal friend of Ammon Bundy, Jacqueline Shults, posted the following on Facebook a short time ago:

Can you help me spread something all over Facebook and in all the groups? 

Ammon wants everyone to know that God is still mindful of each one of them and is there watching over them. He shared with us an experience he had. Upon being transferred to Nevada he was chained to a bench for 24 hours. They didn’t feed him all that day. He was cold and tired and they didn’t put him into his cell until the early hours of the next day. When he did get to a cell it was beyond dirty and they left him chained to the bed all day without checking on him or feeding him. By night time he was SO extremely hungry the pain in his stomach was unbearable. He knelt in his cell and cried as he prayed. That God would please hear him and please show even a small tender mercy. He was there for several more hours. This was the night before court.

And he decided to start banging his shackles together to try to get someone’s attention to help him. For a long time he keep banging his shackles together until finally the guy in the cell next to him asked him what was going on. Ammon told him he was starving. That they hadn’t fed him for 2 days. The guy said he would try to get a guards attention. He got a guards attention and the guard finally came over and Ammon told him that he was starving. That he hadn’t received any food for 2 days. The guard said to him that the kitchen was closed for he night. Ammon kept praying. A little while later in the late night hours a guard came to his door and said your coming with me. The guard took him to his brother’s cell. HE TOOK HIM TO MEL’S CELL. and they were able to be cell mates for that night. Ammon said he was just praying for a small tender mercy but this was a HUGE miracle.

They have restricted any contact with his brothers and that night they were able to hug and to spend a whole night together. They cried together and talked for hours. Mel gave Ammon all of his commissary and any extra food he had he gave to Ammon so that finally after 2 days he could be fed. The next day Ammon had court. When he left he hoped that Mel would still be here on his return but knew that would probably not happen. Court was long. Ammon got back late and again went a whole day without eating. He got back after dinner and was facing another day and night hungry. When he got to his cell Mel was gone and had been transferred but Mel left Ammon his whole dinner that he had placed under some things so it wasn’t in direct view. Ammon cried and wanted everyone to know that even though it was only for a night that he got to share with his brother, he said he knows that was a miracle sent directly from God. He knows that God is hearing all of our prayers. It was confirmed to him 100 fold during this time.

This is the original link posted by Jacqueline Shults:

You can visit the Refuge Standoff Support Facebook Group for important daily updates on these cases. 


Oregon Wildlife Refuge Case Archives 

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Jack Yantis Case Archives


In the video below, Gavin Seim says enough is enough. It’s time that anyone being held as political prisoners, or as prisoners of war you might say,be released. They are being held by a lawless federal government that has declared war on liberty, the Constitution of the United States, and We the good people of this nation. In the video, Gavin discusses three things that those of us out here can do to help Ammon Bundy & Co. 

Why should you help? Simply put, if you claim to be a patriot, and you value the liberty our forefathers fought and died for, then it’s your duty to help. It’s your duty to help because we no longer live in a nation of liberty. Frankly, we don’t even live in a nation of law anymore. The federal government has waged war on your rights, and they violate the law with impunity. 

When push came to shove, Ammon Bundy and Co. put their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the line to stand up for YOUR rights, the same rights that many Americans are too ignorant to even realize are being trampled… because it hasn’t affected them personally… yet! But it will… 

It’s time for those of us who are not in jail stop making excuses for why we can’t get involved, and help our fellow countrymen. As Gavin puts it, it’s time we either stand up for liberty, or we show our true colors, which is to say that we were never FOR liberty to begin with. You can’t be FOR liberty solely when it’s convenient for you. That’s not how it works. The good folks from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge are rotting in jail right now, and without due process. Because they are in jail, and because they are not able to provide for their families, it’s their loved ones at home who are suffering greatly as well, some just trying to survive. 




In the video, Gavin discusses three things we can do to be helping our fellow patriots who the government won’t release. If you happen to be one of those people who “takes issue with the tactics used by the group that occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge,” so that’s how you ”rationalize” not standing up and helping, then this is a perfect time to talk about Gavin’s first suggestion:


What “tactics” didn’t you agree with exactly? Here are the FACTS: The group that occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge did nothing more than engage in a political protest, so unless you object to the First Amendment, or you object to the Right to Bear Arms, then whatever “tactics” you think they used were a distortion of the truth supplied to you by the mainstream media. 

The group occupied the refuge, and their occupation included being armed for self-defense purposes only, NOT for preemptive strikes, a point that was made VERY clear to Sheriff Ward over and over. In other words, the men and women protesting were exercising their rights protected under the Second Amendment to protect their rights, which are to be protected under the First Amendment! To sum up the first thing we can do, start by GETTING THE NARRATIVE CORRECT, and then SPREAD the TRUTH to those still being manipulated by the lies. 


Obviously this won’t be possible for everyone, but if you are within a reasonable distance, start showing up. The group currently being held as political prisoners showed up for you when it counted, and look what it got them! It’s time we return the favor if we have the means to. and that means showing up at the prisons to visit, at local rallies, or even in the courtrooms. 


As I said already, It’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time we either step up for liberty when it matters most, when it’s under attack, or we demonstrate to the world that we were never FOR liberty to begin with. The group being held as prisoners put their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the line for you, so even those folks out here living through tough times should be able to spare a few dollars to ease the suffering of those held captive, and the suffering of their loves ones. 







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  • he’s too soft

    • Who’s too soft, Ammon?
      I am not an American nor am I living in the US, but I am very disturbed over the entire affair, which I have been following since it first started in Oregon, and the disgusting treatment of the Hammonds by the BLM, probably under orders from Hillary so she could get he hands on the uranium on the Hammond property. To me, Ammon and LaVoy are the true patriots, and for all the other American’s big talk, they are like sheep. By the time it comes to them, it will be too late. Do you remember this?

      “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.
      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out”

      Have you been in touch with Michele Fiore again, lately?

  • Whilst I certainly sympathise with the Bundys, they seem to be a good family of good people I am afraid the “praying” does not do anything for anybody. You now have entirely corrupted nazi usefu idiots running the country and that is exactly what they were protesting against. Why the hell do you think there is a push to take away americas guns, its so they can “control” everybodys lives and micromanage the country. The Bundys should have been the start of a revolution but they have been abandoned by their countrymen for fear of being hurt by the Government Nazis.

  • The problem is America no longer exists, and the oath takers are all oath breakers! They say they are oath keepers, but exactly how is that! YOUR OATH IS TO “UPHOLD, AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION”! And who the hell is doing that! Nope, America is gone! The military, and police, are an oath keeping fiasco! The feds are unconstitutional in most of what they do, and no one cares! Not the oath takers, and breakers, and not the people! Tyranny is now the law! A free for all! Kangaroo courts, for a kangaroo country!

  • Prisoners of war! This is how POWs were treated in korea, and vietnam, and japan! Are we at war!? Is that the message!?

  • There’s time for talking and time for fighting, and there’s wisdom of knowing what time is it. If you are talking with Federal Beast Inc. you will find out that monster will talk until you are not on it’s cross-hair. Lesson No2, do not park yourself on Fed ground, they are not Santa Ana and you are not at Alamo, they control MSM and that’s the new high ground and final Lesson No3, hm, one setting ambush has 99% of survival chances of surviving actual shootout. :idea:

  • mitch51

    You’re not starving anywhere near as bad as the cows on your ranch. So, STFU.

    • Are you a troll? You sure talk like a liberal troll!

      • mitch51

        I’m not a troll at all, I’m his neighbor. It’s interesting reading all of this stuff about the Bundy’s when not one person here has ever met them.

  • please bring back the print button!!

  • So where is this email of hillary clinton threatening you? I can’t seem to find it. :eek:

  • Get in touch with Reverend Manning, he will run with it!

  • First and foremost is these men have not been convicted so they are considered innocent until proven guilt. There is absolutely no reason for them to be treated in this manner. Convicted murderers get better treatment.
    Rather you agree with their stand or not they protested for your rights too, including your right to be bias and insulting. They had the purest intentions and a strong belief in supporting the constitution. If you do not care about your freedoms then that is your choice. You are entitled to a different opinion, but not to demonize someone because their opinion is not to your liking. As far as the comments of rather it is true or not, since you do not know him that would be a fair question. All I can say is the Bundy family is honorable and his attorney and others support that this is fact. And one last point Ammon was not whining about his treatment he was sharing the blessings of mercy Heavenly Father showed him.

  • I don’t believe this story. It all seems unrealistic to begin with but what proves it for me is that a gaurd would relocate Ammon into his brothers cell, very unlikely but what is even more unlikely is that a meal was left for Ammon.

    In a jail or prison all meal trays are accounted for. After meal time is over, every trey is collected and counted to make sure that they have all been recovered and none are missing or being kept.

    This story doesn’t sound right at all to me.


    • You mean the same guards that are supposedly starving Mr. Bundy?

      Also, if they are up on the same charges (which they are) they would have to be kept separate to prevent them from collaborating together to fabricate a story (you know like the cops do when they break the law).

      No guard would risk being fired by doing this.

      Another problem with this is that the meals are usually served by inmates and not guards. No inmate would skip over a cell while delivering the meals. And wouldn’t Bundy have brought this up in court to the judge and his attorneys? Give me a break already.

  • The strange thing is, that when the big crooks and criminals are on
    display on the US and EU tabloids, the Editors only show pictures with
    a black bar across the eyes and the name of the criminal is then
    abbreviated with Ammon B. What the reason behind this is, I do not know
    the entire truth of. But fact is that Ammon Bundy is known all across
    the world with his picture and name. How about someone ponying up the
    full names and pictures of these prison guards ?

  • Duh! Where have you been the last 16 years!?

    Bush, Cheney, Hu, and Gonzales threw us off this slippery slope. Obama just jumped on the bobsled. 1 million Americans are in prison on non violent drug offenses! And many of them are starved, held in extreme hot or cold, beaten, raped, and psychologically tortured!

    Welcome to reality!

  • This is why you never let evil, government jackboots take you alive. Ammon Bundy should have been armed and when they attempted to take him, killed as many of the systems minions as possible. The only thing psychopaths fear/respect, is that someone might take away their own miserable lives. You cannot bargain or reason with these monsters, you have to use force and when overwhelmed, NEVER let them take you or your family alive. This country is toast, as long as citizens refuse to understand the situation we are faced with and not only get angry but get mean and merciless towards the enemy. Praying is a great and necessary thing to do, but once the prayer is over, pass the ammunition!

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